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Thread: Meanwhile on Rubi-Ka

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    Meanwhile on Rubi-Ka

    Figured it's about time this got rolling again, plus it has use now events are running again. The old Rimor thread can be found here and the Atlantean thread here.
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    Raising her hand slowly she brings her fingers to the bridge of her glasses, pushing them to the top of her nose. With a perfect posture she sits there silent, her face softly illuminated by the glowing datapad as she reads the report just given to her.

    A frowned expression creeps onto her face as anger begins to slowly take over. No, she must remain in control, exhaling through pursed lips she stands; her hand tailored uniform falls graciously to her admirable shape. She turns and begins to walk, with each step a sharp click resounds through the office. But this isn’t just any office, this is her office. Naturally it comes with the technology, décor and functionality that you expect of an Omni-Tek office, but this is different, this has been made to make a statement, a statement of authority, and those who came in it, were made to feel it.

    As she paces, she begins to question herself, asking what to say, how to proceed, calculating what would provoke the best response. What would he say to her? She always respected Deputy Director McKinstry, so she always tries to follow in his footsteps. He was collected and rational; yet clearly held the authority of his title, and as any Senior Omni-Tek Official can he could destroy a person with a single look. She pauses at the window and gazes out across the district of Rome Blue. Calm, ordered, in her mind perfection, and what every Omni-Tek city should be like, and the reason she chose Rome as the location for her office.

    Spinning on her heels she walks back to the desk, coming to a stop behind her chair. She places her arms at either side and slowly raises her head to bring her eyesight with the two in front of her. Staring straight into their eyes she analyses them, noting every subtle change they make as they uncomfortably fidget. Both are looking nervous, very nervous. They should be, and they know it. As any Omni-Tek employee can attest to, being summoned to your superiors office can only be described as hell. More so with this office, almost as infamous as her; who would have thought a room could be so intimidating?

    She notices that one of the two has begun to breathe so deep that it now breaks the dead silence in the room. The nerves are getting to him; this isn’t what he was expecting, why isn’t she shouting? Why is she just stood staring at them? This is worse than he ever imagined, he cannot contain himself any longer, and he stands up. “Ma’am, if you just.”

    With one swift movement she turns and faces the Officer directly, lowering her glasses to the bottom of her nose, and stares into his eyes with such authority that he stops midsentence and resumes his seat. She raises her right arm, slowly extends her index finger, and wags it. Left, right, left. With a look of sheer dread he quivers in fear, she has that much authority over him that a simple hand gesture and reduced him to nothing, and for a brief moment she allows for a subtle grin to appear on her face, she knows her reputation, and she loves it.

    She begins to pace the office again, running her fingers along the edge of the wall as she begins to talk. Her tone calm and soft, “Now, unless I am mistaken, the two of you work for Intelligence within ATU, correct?” A quick and synchronized “Yes Chief” follows. Nodding, she continues, “You were both placed in charge of the last shipment movement?” "Yes Chief” She stops just behind her chair, “Then we have a problem.” She takes off her glasses and places them on her desk.
    In an attempt to calm herself and collect her thoughts, she lowers her head and looks down at her desk. The datapad, still illuminated catches her gaze within the corner of her eye, which only reminds her of what she was given just a few moments ago. Her lips begin to purse once more, and with each of her breaths you can almost see the anger and venom inside of her. Becoming infuriated she fights to control it, but no more!

    Her gaze turns to the two in front of her, her eyes filled with fury she hollers across the office, ”Then how the hell can you lose not only an entire shipment, but all of the accompanying personnel with it!? Where is the intelligence!? Where!?”
    She pauses and collects herself, her tone returns to that of a calm one, “You have 45 minutes to get that shipment back and to its intended location or we’re all done for.” With that she spins away from the Officers and with a dismissive wave they swiftly leave.
    As the door seals she looks up at the roof and exhales slowly, closing her eyes she begins to think of solutions, a way out, how to spin this away from her.

    A soft beep comes from her desk:
    “Chief, he is here and wants to see you right away, he does not look happy.”
    “Thank you, you can let him in”
    “Right away ma’am. Oh and Chief, good luck.”
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    He stood there as Chief Geers finished his introduction to the gathered officers and recruits. He never saw himself in this position. A position that pretty much removed him from most field work unless it was a dire emergency. On the other hand, he would be able to mold these raw untrained recruits into something he could be proud of.

    "Officer Shalex...." Cora said looking at him sideways. "Are you with us?" She smirked as she realized he was day dreaming. "Yes ma'am! Sorry ma'am!" He said snapping to attention with some embarassment. He stepped forward looking over all the people standing before him in nice organized rows, their faceless helments staring back at him.

    He stops in the center of the raised dias facing them "Thank you Chief Geers for the introduction. It is an extreme honor to be given the oppertunity to not only train our existing officers, but also any new recruits we get. I plan to start our training drills and exercises as soon as all the red tape is cut through and all the i's are dotted and T's are crossed. I will warn you now, recruits, i'm not as soft as my nanomage body looks. I didn't make it this far in omni-pol for no reason or because of any favors owed. I earned my promotion through hours of training myself, and from many, MANY, field missions sucsessfully logged. I expect nothing less from any of you, just as I would not put you through any drills or training I could not do myself. You are the future of Omni-Pol. We are the main line of protection for our Omni-Tek employees. Under my guidence and the continual support of the higher ranking staff, I expect us to rise above all other departments. Failure is not an option."

    He turns his head torwards Chief Geers and nods, turning and walking from the stage without even waiting to see a reaction from any one.
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    "Blaaah, old, old, boring, old, boring, old..." Julia shuffles through news-articles. Opening a new pop-up holoscreen, she yawns, reads through the articles, and stops. She smiles, bites her lips together, chuckles and last, bursts out in laughter.

    She gasps for air and wipes the tears off her eyes, as Gunfytr walks into the room.

    "Ohhh my god-, Gun-, ya gotta- see this!"

    She points on the screen, and drops down from the chair, still laughing on the floor. Gunfytr takes the seat, and reads; ".....Letting pet flamingos into a barber shop..... What?"

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    Now that my /RP partner is back, I'm sure stuff will pick up a bit. <3
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    When Obatsu looked up from the computer monitoring system, he witnessed a clash of patterns as the warped energies of Timespace rippled around the entire lab. What started as a sort of experiment ended up almost becoming a full time job. Towerblock had left instructions on the monitoring of the apparatus they had built together, which took almost an entire year to build, and only two years to be destroyed.

    A large climax overcame the primary transport deck and the lights in the room flickered, and died. The sounds of of a massive reboot to the system, starting with the deep rhythm of powering down, followed by the emergency lighting system. The liquid crystal data core of the apparatus made noise similar to a loud pop, before a grey cloud overwrote the interior inner glass housing. One generator off behind him also made a loud popping noise and became silent, while another began the power cycle.

    The experiment eventually failed. Obatsu looked down at the readout and adjusted his eyes. Reacting after a brief moment of silent, he lifted a small transparent plastic cover on a numerical pad, punched a few buttons and re-engaged the system. The lights went from dark to bright again, only this time in a red hue.

    "Damn," He spat in his heavy Nippon accent. He shook his head twice, and a final arc from the timespace warp fizzled into nothingness. The archway over the transport deck stood silent for half a moment. He moved to another readout panel, and over the screen the words 'System Error Code 1205#. System Error Code 42#. System Error Code 684#.'

    He dropped his head towards the ground, closed his eyes, and bowed towards the transport pad.

    "Goodbye my friend..." were the only words he could summon. Behind him, the power returned to normal, and the readouts from the various interlinked devices rebooted. However, the liquid crystal core did not clear. The reaction chamber lay dormant, possibly forever.

    A few moments later, something sparked in the ether of blank space. Without so much as a warning, a few streaks of magnetic energy escaped from several meters off of the transport deck. The pattern of energies was wild and un-contained, sending various non-secure pieces of apparatus around the room. Obatsu turned to face it, his eyes recognizing a familiar pattern in it, but one that was only known to other Metaphysical scientists, like himself. Expecting the worst, he began to engage in a disciplined ritual of channeling, racing in time as the anomaly dilated. Arcs of bright light and sound escaped from the emergent fissure, sending one towards the closest computer. It flickered and flashed as it collided with the terminal, destroying it with all the violence that supernature can conjure.

    As the fissure opened, Obatsu raised his shield to defend himself from flying debris. Bits of glass and thermoplast bounced off, and the fissure closed as quickly as it had come. A large figure of a man dropped several centimeters and sprawled across the floor, covered in ectoplasm and shivering as violently as the science that manifested him.

    Gritting his teeth, he unceremoniously dropped the shield onto the ground with a thud. He raced over to his friend, who placed a single elbow onto the ground to try to help himself up. Writhing, Towerblock managed to turn himself over but was wracked with terrible hypothermia. The hue of his skin had turned a pale yellow.

    "I think.. my m-math.. w-was off" Towerblock spat.

    Sidereal put a giant finger to his mouth, shushing him down without even showing the slightest emotive reaction. "You are experiencing something only a handful of others have lived through. Do not move. I must take you to the medical bay." Looking about the wreckage of the lab, he spied the remains of a First Aid Kit that had smashed open. Inside he removed a package from it, broke the seal and produced a metallic thermal wrap from it. He moved over to Towerblock and covered him with it, quickly. He tapped on his comm, and a trauma team of two entered the room.

    "What the hell," The shorter of the two asked out loud to himself. The other looked around at the smoky remains of the power core and hurriedly moved to the two Atrox on the other side of the room. A makeshift levitating medbed was placed under the deeply chilled engineer. But before the two medical techs removed Tower from the room, he reached out for Sidereal's arm in protest.

    "D-did... else - m-make it?" His teeth chattered as he visibly fought to speak.

    Sidereal shook his head logically, "You were the only one to come through. If the others made it, they did not emerge here. Do not trouble your mind with this right now. It is fortunate that you were able to return here at all, much less intact." Towerblock's eyes studied his lab partner, then closed solemnly as he laid his head back onto the bed.

    Sidereal looked to the two medical techs, and nodded at them both. They removed the shivering Atrox from the room with little effort. Turning around on one heel, he looked around the lab. Leaning down to pick up one of the intact sensor devices that had been knocked around during the fray, the metaphysicist raised a single eyebrow.

    It read several other local space anomalies, but not what kind.

    Sidereal dropped his head in supplication, and silently prayed.
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    "Yes sir, i realise the severity of the accusation and am aware of her commendations and work for the company; but my job is to look past that and investigate any threat, i believe she may be one."

    "With all due respect sir, i've already forwarded this onto Internal Operations, i felt the threat to great to leave ignored. "

    "Yes sir, Omni-Tek protects!"
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    -What a lovely pair of shoes!
    Lise looked into the shop window.
    -Lets see if I can affor...
    her com bnuzzed

    Well.. I guess they have to wait
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    "I don't care if it's their home! 7 through 10 needs to go; evacuations were supposed to be complete yesterday!"

    "I don't care if they've got children! This is a Corporate city, under Executive-Grade security, get it done! If they refuse to move shoot them and have local pick them up at reclaim for obstruction of police duties. If they can't afford insurance, then it's their own damn fault and should be quite the incentive to comply. You have your orders!"

    Cora sinks into her chair and begins to massage her temples with two fingers. She looks at her desk and through her neural implant she interfaces with it, bringing up a holographic display.

    "147 public complaints, 320 police reports and 5 urgent messages; all before 1PM. Great. Display feed in order of priorty. Prioritize any reference to the Borealis Freedom Fighters or the CEO"

    The office springs to life. A number of additional displays activate across the desk relaying feeds from camera drones, and an alert signal shrieks through the building. "Alert: grade-2 explosion detected within Borealis sector 5, Officers under fire."

    Cora vaults over her desk and sprints through the office, closing the distance between her and exit in seconds. She taps her comm

    "This is Geers, squads 1, 4 and 5 i want Borealis on lockdown now. Get everyone off the streets, anyone not flagging up as Omni shoot them. Everyone else, have your city on highetened alert incase this is a distraction. Ops, notify AF and have them on standby, if this is the freedom fighters contact Deputy Bahirae immediately. Contact Reform... we're going to need another PR release from OTPC."
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    The man looked at Lucy coldly with his one good eye.
    “Whadda you want, punk?!”

    Lucy frowned a bit, but decided to disregard his less than inviting attitude.
    “I heard you might need some help, some surveillance perhaps?”

    Lucy looked around as she said it, hoping no one heard or even noticed her talking to this strange man.
    The man was silent for a moment, then continued in a low voice.
    “A girl, I know, could possibly use some firsthand information on some of those Omni-Tek Notum sites..”

    He looked up at the red haired woman standing before him.
    “Care to hook me up with some of that?”

    Lucy nodded; her mind already at work. Now where did she last see one of those notum operations?
    “I will be back soon”
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    Stanimr sits savoring his cold beer. Well holding it to his head and savoring the relief from his throbbing temples at least. The sudden trip to reclaim had caught him uaware, and he was paying the price for it now.

    What a day!

    The sick feeling that had started when he heard Zora utter the words "have the Damocles array target Tir" was still there. Not to be confused with the after effects of the secondary explosion that took him out along with many other people who were too busy fighting each other to realize the import of what they had just witnessed. Yeah, he had read the Omni notice that Zora, Rosuma and Lonare had been killed in that initial explosion. But what if what ever had gone wrong.. hadn't? How many more would have been in grief tonight, with what ever amount of damage would have been rained down on Tir?

    He had kept a fairly low profile in that crowd. His days running as a Sentinel were evident by the fact he was still wearing the armor, though minus the signature helmet. He had managed not to get embroiled in the inevitable clash that occurred as opposing forces took their frustrations out on each other. But, what was going to come of this day? Did Zora have OT backing when he issued the order to target and attack Tir? Or was he just one man going crazy and on the verge of starting a war? Only time would tell. Stan downed the now luke warm beer in one gulp. He could only hope for the later at the moment, but he wasnt stupid enough to discount the first. He issued another deep sigh as he contemplated the grim possibilities. Looking up as he heard the door open to the bar in the Happy Rebel.. he could only smile as he saw who walked in.

    "Hello Elle, long time no see....."
    Stanimir Borgeski (203/30/48) - General in Clan Stronghold

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    Oh, I didn’t see you there. Are you here all by yourself? The female behind the bar smiled.

    Cathleen looked around her at the empty room and with a smirk on her face she replied: Nope!

    I’d like a beer and maybe you could tell me a little about this bar? She smiles nervously.

    The bartender reached into the cooler and grabbed a XXX-Plumbo Beer Can, which she handed Cathleen.

    There you go, miss. What would you like to know?

    Cathleen opened the beer and took a sip. How was she going to go about this best, and not reveal her real agenda. She took another sip to calm her nerves.

    Well, anything interesting you can tell me really. I’m a sucker for good gossip.
    She grinned nervously.

    Well.. The bartender began.. This is The Happy Rebel bar, one of the Clan's most famous bars. Did you know that Simon Silverstone himself comes here sometimes for a drink?

    The bartender looked at Cathleen as if hoping to see the awe in her eyes by the mentioning of Silverstone’s name. When no reaction came she continued.

    Cute guy! He comes in here and talks to me sometimes. You might actually meet him if you wait, but I can't make sure of that; he does have a pretty tight schedule.

    Cathleen takes a deep breath and decides to pretend to be the gossip seeking girl once more. She put on an overly eager smile and speaks fast.

    Wow, do you really think I could meet him? When does he come here? What does he drink? Where does he sit?

    It didn’t work.. The bartender looked at her su****iously.
    I'm not an info booth here. If you want to know about the man so much go ask some of the Sentinel guards. Though they might not like talking to a stalker...

    Cathleen sighed.
    I’m not a stalker! And … I’m sorry I asked.
    She placed her beer on the bar and took off.

    Once outside in the rain, she picked up her com link and sent off a message. A message stating: He comes here. That’s all she would say.
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    Zawar takes a slow walk around the streets of Borealis. He had been in the city briefly earlier in the day, and almost walked into the midst of a firefight then. But that was nothing compared to the destruction that descended on the city shortly after that. Terrorist, Omni, and even alien forces engaged, had been battling it out in the streets.

    The evidence of the violence was everywhere. Bodies still liter the street where they fell. Cracks in the walls of many buildings, if not outright chunks of them littering the street.

    Slowly he moved. Documenting the damage, the bodies on his data pad. Those in the city seemed to be moving about in hushed tones. His eye for nuance, was telling him many of those he passed by were in a state of shock. Yes, Borealis had always been the hub of confrontation. Of political protest. Of outright riots. But this went beyond that. This was a war zone.

    Quietly he walked and worked as he documented the results of the events that had been set in motion. That one woman could have such an effect in such a short time, left him with almost a grudging respect. She had planned well. What ever the motive behind her actions, the result was obvious. This city looked at least to be in a state of war. Soon, the whole planet could be engulfed in war. Even other corporations were taking notice. He had seen reports that seemed to indicate that the corporations were already moving on the news of the events on Rubi-Ka. They appear to be moving their forces to prevent similar eventualities on their own planets. He was a student of people under stressful situations. Part of him was actually excited by the possibilities.

    He wished he could say more. He wanted to booster the spirits of those who were trying to remain loyal to a corporation, in the face of being declared traitors. As Ms Geers had so eloquently stated to him earlier, when he was sitting talking with her.. "declared traitors by a traitor”. But there was little he could do but try to document independently of any official channel what was happening. And the results of it. Devoid of any outward expression, save a slight shaking of his head, he disappeared back into the grid.
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    Bencher sat with his back against the wall and took a deep, long breath. The air lacked the familiar metallic bitterness of nano-filled air making Bencher bitter.

    "Yes mate, tha's right... bitter," Bencher mumbled to himself. "Twice in the same sentence in your own narrative. And you wonder why you didn't pass the Crat entrance exam with your friends..."

    Bencher shook his head and the thought away. Leaning back so as to take advantage of the blue glow from Borealis city sign on the wall above him, Bencher opened the small backpack.

    Laying each item on the ground around him, Bencher took inventory.
    One very poor First Aid Stim, clearly not company property... and it is leaking. Brilliant.

    One rusty Krutt Assault 219: modified. Nanofeather trigger pull, enhanced muzzle brake. Fundamentally good shape, needs breakdown and a proper cleaning.

    Forty-six shells of suitable gauge for aforementioned Krutt.

    Lastly, Bencher unfolded, for what felt like fiftieth time in the past twenty-four hours, an official Omni-Tek Transfer and Assignment Form TAAF-390X.

    The special operations group to which he had been assigned had been wiped out to the man. The report from the gridfeed was vague, but Department of Investigations and Omni-Pol stated it was over some vacuum packed armor popular amongst desert wanderers. Bencher knew their equipment situation was dire - he was the first Courier to be assigned to a SOG in decades. This was another level of absurdity, indeed.. Had Omni-Tek personnel become so craven? Were the Clanners waging such an effective war on supply lines that even SOG personnel were forced into off-book raids in neutral territory - where they killed each other over the meager bounty?

    Bencher had a lot of questions... and forty-six shotgun shells.

    As he bitterly...

    "CLANNIT! That word AGAIN!"

    ...angrily slammed the shotgun shells into the receiver on the Krutt, Bencher walked toward the Borealis subway and thought to himself, "First some tools to clean this weapon. Tomorrow: answers."
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    Tamara looked back at the command console watching as the glowing icons of active units and agents shifted across the holographic topographical map. All mapped in real time, the activities and status of each individuals current assignment, and time till completion was almost mezmorising. It was working like clockwork.

    Time went by and she was vaguely aware of a shift change taking place. She ignored it and continued to watch the unfolding pattern infront of her.

    This planet which had once been the jewel in the corporations eye, had under her careful guidance and continued prodding slipped into rebellion. The plots she had instigated, assassinations, sabotage, planting of misinformation and leaking of classified documents had caused such uproar that the populace were doing exactly what she had wanted them to do.

    Bite the hand that feeds them.

    A number of markers changed from orange to green.
    Objectives completed.

    Operations staff around the command room immediately began sending co-ordinates to pilots and units in the field.
    As more and more markers blinked from orange to green she felt the increasing satisfaction of the contract that they had been working on for two years coming to its point of fruition.

    One of the staffers looked up and towards her. “Ma’am. All agents are reporting as assignments completed. Only 16 remain in the field awaiting extraction. Echo-131 and 82 report that their objectives have been completed and are returning to base. Their dropships should be aboard in 30.”
    Looking round she noticed the stares of a few of the senior operations staff, trying to read her face, work out her response, was she happy? or what? With an inward smile she raised her voice and says.
    “Excellent. Well done everyone. I half expected us to have more problems during this final phase.” Let them keep on guessing, she thought.

    Turning to her right she locked her eyes onto a junior at a nearby desk “Mr Daniels. Have you detected any communications from Sol Banking as to what their planetary ceo is going to do?”
    Raising his head above his work terminal quickly he stuttered for a second before getting his words out. “Y..Y..Yes Ma’am. He has just requested formal orders to evacuate all remaining loyal employee’s off-world and relinquish control of the planet to the rebels.

    "Sol regional command board, have given him the go ahead and they’re abandoning the planet.”

    Another junior took this moment to stand up and address her as she was still chewing over this latest development. “Ma’am. I’ve just intercepted orders being transmitted to the Sol battleship group in orbit. They’re to target the armaments production facilities and destroy them. Stopping all production here.”

    Tamara smiled for a moment before walking around the holodisplay as the green markers rapidly began to disappear up into the darkened ceiling.
    Approaching the far end, she climbs a series of steps and sits down in the command chair which rests there. Looking out she can see across the whole of the operations command floor.

    Tapping a button she engaged the privacy filters. muting all outside noise and obscuring her to anyone who was looking in her direction.
    After a few seconds she taps in a subspace frequency and waits for a response to come through.
    A blue form appears on the emerging holo receiver before her. The silver crest is visible on his left breast, just above the heart on his otherwise black suit.
    “The contract is complete. I take it you’re verifying that for yourself as we speak?”
    The man looks away for a moment off to Tamara’s left into the opaqueness of the privacy field.
    “Yes, our sources are confirming that Sol Banking are indeed terminating all corporate action and responsibility for the planet and are permamently offlining their production facilities on the surface. I offer you our congratulations on the completion of this contract.”
    “Thank you. Now if you would be so kind, there is the matter of payment.”
    “Ah yes. What you have requested is being approved as we speak. I wish you luck with this new endevour of yours.”
    “Good day to you Ms. And remember, Omni-Tek is your friend.”

    The bald man with his black suit blew apart into motes of blue dust which faded away into nothingness.

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    Terrorist. Permadeath.

    Cathleen couldn’t even get the words across her lips. All of her senses seemed dull, almost paralyzed. The disposable Comm Unit slipped out of her hand and onto the desk in front of her with a bump. A sound that would normally have made the black haired woman jump in her chair and look around, but at this moment she seemed unable to react, unable to think or move.


    Wasn’t that usually someone who betrayed the trust of someone they agreed with? Was she really a traitor? Had she ever agreed with the violent ways of The Sentinels? No, definitely not. But that’s how they see it. Traitor and terrorist.

    Cathleen shook the dullness from her body and picked up the Comm Unit, scrolling to the NewsWire message from the leader of New Dawn.

    ‘Keep them safe. Or everything is lost.’

    Safe. I hope she is safe. She said she would be. She has to be! Or this will be for nothing. She sighed deeply and felt how her body shook violently.

    Sudden movements in the corner of her eye made her look up. A familiar figure stepped silently out of the shadows; it was her newfound partner in crime Eeio. He walked over to her slowly.
    Everything alright?’ He asked.

    How could it be? Terrorist. Traitor. No, everything was not alright. She looked down at her shaking hands.

    I guess.. If being a wanted criminal is alright.’ Her voice almost broke.
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    At the edge between dream and waking she heard his voice.

    She had been so used to hearing it before, saying “Be careful, there have been reports of Duster activity in your area” or “Happy birthday, Ruth!” which exploded in a shower of rose petals that landed at her feet.

    Now that voice was silenced forever.

    When she heard him now she knew this was just a trick of her brain believing it was awake while it really was dreaming. She welcomed it though. Because for that one moment when she heard his voice she felt safe again. She felt whole again.

    “Good night, Xeavier.”

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    Mary sat in the RUR office and looked at the news.
    -Omni-Pol have never existed. Does that mean that we don't have to pay any of our tickets?
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    Captain Jonothan Townsend wiped the sweat off his brow and looked at the document he had been trying to write for nearly an hour.

    Borealis calls you!

    Said the text on the screen. Townsend looked at his work triumphantly. It wasn't much, just the title, but it was the beginning, the first step. Now, to the first stanza...

    His comm beeped suddenly.
    “Yes?” he asked. The trooper on the screen saluted.
    “We have identified the suspects, sir. Riot specialists are on their way.”
    “What?! You get there before them, understood?”
    “But sir...” the trooper looked reluctant.
    “You have your orders.” Townsend cut the connection. Now he could only wait for the news on who won this deadly race...

    He pulled up the document again. Now for that first stanza...

    On this grim day Borealis calls you...

    Fit his mood right there. Grim.

    The comm beeped again.
    “Sir!” the trooper saluted at him. Townsend nodded in response.
    “We got there first. But it turned out to be a dead end. No targets, just a group of hackers. They're being rounded up right now.”
    “Good work, Corporal. Townsend out.”

    That was close.

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    Busker yawned and stretched. He reached out and pulled on the slats covering the window and peered bleary eyed through and into an alleyway outside. The sunlight bouncing off the wall opposite made him screw his eyes up and blink. He let go the wooden slat and it snapped back in place, a cloud of dust motes sparkling in the air briefly as he was once again plunged into semi darkness.

    He hummed a half remembered tune, " oh yeah, baby take this pain away, mhm, let me live again another day, mhmhm", he coughed loudly, "I need a drink" he said loudly to the room.

    He jumped out of bed and walked slowly to the shower, feeling the cold air on his naked body. Pulling the screen aside, he stepped into the cubicle, the sensors picking up where the bacteria was concentrated most on his body. It sprayed neutraliser over his body and began it's programme.
    Thirty seconds later, he stepped out and walked past his Bongos and his Banjo, casually pinging the strings as he went by. Absentmindedly he thought over the previous nights events. He'd sang a song to a beautiful woman in the street in Borealis, she was an Omni Officers' wife and out shopping. tipping him some creds he'd let his hand linger in hers and her eyes had met his. They looked hopeful, so he'd sang of romance and love, how life is worth looking for lovers in the mist.

    Yeah, he thought, she might prove useful, we'll see.

    Leaning over the edge of the bed he flicked a switch on the datacom resting on the floor. The unit hummed to life and gave a soft blue glow as it connected.

    "Code 348230ght#" He said softly

    "Confirmed" read the screen. "No further instructions at this time". The blue glow faded as the unit closed itself down.

    Looking into the distance, Busker hummed a couple of bars, "mhm, that's the way it goes baby, waiting on the line mhmmm" He sighed. "Yeah".
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    She was standing by the window, looking at the street below. It was pretty quiet, the time of day when most people were either at work or at home.

    She couldn't stop thinking about Loriah and Eeio. She felt guilty for dragging them into this horrible thing, but she didn't have any other choice. These were the most genuine people she had met.

    Now they were thrust into the nest of vipers. Bahirae sympathisers, people who just automatically obeyed the CEO, Sentinels trying to cover up everything even if it meant Bahirae wins, and the others... people who seek personal gain and glory no matter the cost.

    She hoped Loriah and Eeio were fine... She hoped the Sentinel watchers started getting used to her standing in this exact spot at the window for hours... She hoped they were getting tired of checking the window every day after she went to sleep.

    She had patience... But she was worried Eeio and Loriah were running out of time.

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