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Thread: [NEUTRAL] Shattered dreams is open for recruitment.

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    [NEUTRAL] Shattered dreams is open for recruitment.

    For your information, ‘Shattered dreams’ is open again for recruitment.

    Who are we?

    Shattered dreams (SD) is a neutral role-playing friendly organization, originally from Rimor.
    Formed way back in the mists of time, we are under new management and (after a long hiatus) we are building up the org again.

    SD is a small dedicated neutral org, primarily interested in enjoying our time here on Rubi-Ka.
    We are mature and helpful and suffer from bouts of chattiness that may, on occasion, be amusing.
    We try to work together as an org to help players e.g. through teaming, quests and advice and have an AI city in Serenity Isles.

    Do you PVP?

    SD is a PvM centered org and we do not generally take part in tower wars.

    Do you raid, or is it all chatting?

    We try to do all the fun AO stuff. That’s what we do. Org teams are encouraged but people also just do their own things in their own time.
    We are interested in building links with other neutral orgs to try to form a good community of neutral players, and retain friendly relations with all sides.

    What do I need to join?

    1) A helpful attitude and a sense of humor.
    2) Be neutral! Having other sided characters is fine, obviously. (Leave any sided drama on the sided character though!)
    3) Froobs and sloobs (and even occasional noobs) are accepted.
    4) RP is welcome, but could you leave your pack of drama Llamas at the door please?

    To discuss joining SD please contact any of the following advisors;

    Rifttrader (Prez), Guifei, Fhinn/Countinn (all EU timezone)

    For general chatting/questions you can /tell us in game or contact us through these forums.

    Generally we hang out in Borealis or in Newland city (under the radar dish beside the whompahs) and,
    provided we’re not too busy (heh!) we will happily chat about our org and what we are all about.

    Thank you for reading, see you in game!

    'Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.'

    Fhinn, TL7 Neutral Gunslinger // Countinn, TL5 Neutral Trader
    Sleekitt TL5 Clan Fixer

    Shattered Dreams, of ye olde RK2 Recruitment thread

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    Bump for SD - they're fabulous peeps!

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    Two new recruits joined in last week. C'mon, join in the fun!
    'Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.'

    Fhinn, TL7 Neutral Gunslinger // Countinn, TL5 Neutral Trader
    Sleekitt TL5 Clan Fixer

    Shattered Dreams, of ye olde RK2 Recruitment thread

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    Bump for friendly bunch of weird role players
    Awikun 220/70/30 Ranged adv - my Main that I hardly ever log
    Awisha 220/70/30 Shade - Can solo 95% of all bosses
    Cratawi 200/70/30 Crat - S7/DR Solo farmer
    Awiken 220/70/30 Eng - Pvm Eng
    Nukiwa 200/70/30 NT - almost forgotten (awaiting retwink)
    Awidoc 200/70/30 Doc - 200 fun pvp twink
    Awix 200/70/30 Fix - 200 fun pvp twink
    Awienf 220/70/30 Enf - tanked every single boss (and still lives)
    Soldawi 220/70/30 Sol - Pvm Sold
    Awima 150/xx/xx Ma - best S10 MA farmer
    Doctorawi 220/70/30 - Pvm Doc
    Awienfo 200/70/30 - Atrox with Pande red belt and 2xQL300 hammers
    Macierewicz 220/70/30 - Pvm Crat
    Zlakobieta 220/70/30 - max complit +top tradeskiller

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    Qianjin | martial artist | neutral | rubi-ka | shattered dreams (link!)
    Guifei | bureaucrat | neutral | rubi-ka | shattered dreams

    and a few more lowbie alts

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    Hi there!

    Shattered dreams seems very interesting and I will try make contact ingame.
    Feel free to send me a tell too if you wish. My active toon is an MP named Makaber.
    Proudly since 2001 when Anarchy Online was released.

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    Are you mainly EU timezone?
    The Union - Neutral Org.
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    ... Gizmocraft ... - Neutral Nanomage Engineer
    ... Clobbercraft ... - Neutral Atrox Martial Artist

    The Company - Omni Org.
    ... Boomcraft ... - Neutral Solitus Trader
    ... Blitzcraft ... - Omni Opifex Fixer
    ... Ragecraft ... - Omni Atrox Enforcer
    ... Traumacraft ... - Omni Solitus Doctor
    ... Voodoocraft ... - Omni Nanomage Nanotechnician

    More videos coming soon on YouTube: BlockAndLode

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    Yeah, mainly, and a couple in US timezone.

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