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Thread: Special offer on Funcom Points - This week only!

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    Funcom employee Special offer on Funcom Points - This week only!

    Throughout this week only we have a first time ever offer for FREE Bonus Points* when you buy Funcom Points!

    • Buy 1200 or 2400 points and receive 10% of the sum as Bonus Points.
    • Buy 3600 points and receive 20% extra as Bonus Points.
    • Or go the full way and buy for 6000 or 9000 and receive a full 25% extra as Bonus Points.

    Bonus Points can be used towards all in-game purchases.

    This offer is available until April 2nd 2013 only, so act now to avoid missing out!


    * Bonus Points are valid for 6 months on the game account you purchased the points on. They are spent like Funcom Points. If you have both Funcom Points and Bonus Points on your account, Bonus Points will be spent first and can be used in combination with Funcom Points. Offer not valid for purchases via "Pay with Mobile".
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    Funcom employee

    I do have an apology to make to you. We weren't quite ready for this offer on Anarchy Online, so if you buy points today you will get the bonus points but unfortunately you can't spend them yet!

    This offer is slightly unique in that its available across all our products. Normally we wouldn't put out an offer until it is fully ready.

    We're working on a new version of the item store at the moment to address this. Its a large update because we're bringing the code in sync with the Conan/TSW store. Our aim is to have it ready before the weekend.

    Technically its a big improvement over the current AO store, even if it looks quite similar.
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    Funcom employee

    Good news everyone!

    Bonus point spending in the item store is now live
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