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Thread: Omni Dominance!!

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    Omni Dominance!!

    I am Eltorro, President of Peaceful Solutions Inc. It is my understanding that with the new great migration of Rubi-Ka that all our towers have been wiped out and are open once again to all.
    Dust off your gear, oil your weapons, and grab your friends, EPIC worldwide battles awaits. Omni Dominance is imminent!

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    WhyCantWe "Belp" BeFriends
    Hate "Belph" Shade
    "Belph0" Mk2
    Care "Calming" Bear
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    I think your cute <3

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    I think your cute <3

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    Lol when the ego's of RK 1 and RK 2 omni leadership collide I'm gonna wish I had an omni that could actually witness it. Hope the clan orgs don't end up having to fight over all the tower sites.

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