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Thread: [CLAN]Open Invitation from DI and TNET

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    [CLAN]Open Invitation from DI and TNET

    Hello dearly beloved orange dots ,

    Merge has hit us all completely by surprise , and while we would have liked more time to prepare this announcement , we are all very excited about the mega fun that is to come !

    That beeing said , DI leadership ( myself , Pharexys and Wonthealu ) have succesfully and completely agreed terms with TNET leadership , and are more than excited to work together with these great guys over on the new server. We would like by means of this post to invite each and every one of you into TNET and assure you that we are extremely confident it is the best way to go forward for the whole clan faction.

    I am not gonna waste words on everything that has happened before this between CU and TNET. All I will say is this : We are not only impressed but excited to have met the RK1 people and have spent so many hours talking with them over the past days , we believe them to be great guys (and gals ) and great leaders , and when we combine efforts the whole of Clan side can only benefit.

    I will now proceed to bring you some specific facts about how we are moving forward with TNET:

    a) Leadership :

    The TNET leadership will be split between the two servers in equality , and we will move forward as one unit on one server , since the first minute of merge live there will be no more RK1/RK2 leaders in our minds , only clan leaders;
    The persons taking on the initial roles will be as follows :

    • Pharexys
    • Rhapsody
    • Humlebien
    • Soul

    • Lyledesol : Bot owner and developer of TNET;
    • Bobbafett : Bot owner and developer of Nippontech;

    As for all other Admin/Leader roles :

    We will all work together to ensure that the best , most experienced and active people on both sides will have access to these roles if they so wish it. That beeing said , there will be no restrictions on the number of admins/leaders from either server. All who are able and willing will have a chance to take on such a role.

    b) Points in TNET ?

    All points in TNET will undergo a full reset upon merge. Everyone will start equally! As for earning and spending points : TNET will award points for TL7 wars and Tarasque. TNET raiders will have the possibility to spend points at Tarasque and Sector 42.

    c) TNET stance on PvM bots ?

    TNET is a PVP bot. While we will run the occasional S42 depending on demand , TNET fully encourages everyone to raid their PVM however way they want and in whatever bot they want. You may raid S42 with TNET and you may also raid it with another 3 bots at the same time!

    d) Technology in TNET ?

    As you may have already read we have successfully negotiated to bring over the best techonology available into TNET. We will be working together with the best people and best tools available to bring all out war to the omnis who are already getting the shakes reading this

    e) Does Rhapsody eat babies ?


    See you all tomorrow amongst a pile of omni bodies!

    I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome all the new guys that came over to DI yesterday , FURIA and not only. It was awesome having 26 PVP-ers online. And DI is still recruiting respectable clan pvpers!
    Dear Omni, gather up and clean my ...base

    President Spiritual Guru of Devil Inside


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    in for responses from the rk 2 clansunited pvm crowd

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    I can't code in better leadership for the Clan faction.

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    Bump ! Welcome
    NO U

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