Created in January 2013, Fatal Error is one of the newest neutral orgs.
Composed of experienced players, the guild focus mainly on leveling new toons, and the high level pvm contents.

Org Cities and Aliens, Raids.

Our guild (Fatal Error) currently has a small city offering aliens raids for everyone in the org (high levels or twinks) and the best bonus for your characters (Nano Skills).
(Note: The city will be upgraded to a LARGE Plot once the server merge happens.)

The Fatal Errors's city can be found in 4-Holes at Plot 2e.
Upkeeps are paid by monthly by the Director and/or free org bank donations made by members. However, there are NO taxes. You are not forced into anything.

Members in Fatal Error have also successfully killed every boss on Rubika and Shadowlands.
Biodome, HI, Pande raids aren't rare and can be organised quickly when someone in the org needs a special item.

Who are we looking for?

We are currently looking for old, and new player's.
There are no level requirements so everyone is free to join!
Mature behaviour is required as well as keeping a low drama profile.
Since our members come from all around the world, you have to be able to speak english to communicate with everyone on the guild channel.
Of course you must be ready to help your guildies and respect all of them.
For more details, please visit our recruitement forums:

Thank You,
- Dapimp.