What is this forum for?

This forum is for discussing topics related to the 18.6 update series: Any other topics will be moved to the appropriate location or removed/locked as appropriate.

Discussion should be kept to a single thread on any given subject: Multiple threads on the same topic will be merged together or removed/locked as appropriate.

What is this forum not for?

Reporting any bugs or issues that are not directly related to this update series: Bugs should always be reported via our forums, using the Report a Bug forum available at the above link. If you believe you have information regarding a potential exploit in the game, please submit all relevant material and information via the Report an Exploit forum.

'Bumping' threads: Any 'bump' posts will be removed from threads on this forum. If you don't have any further details to add to a report please do not 'bump' or 'sign' threads. These posts are considered "spam" and may be removed/result in an infraction on your forums account.

Making any game suggestions not directly related to the contents of the patch series: This includes posts like 'please put XXX into 18.6' - Posts such as these should be made in the Game Suggestions forum or emailed to feedback@anarchy-online.com