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Thread: Item Value in Tooltip

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    Item Value in Tooltip

    I'd like to see some information about the value of an item in its tooltip or information page. In particular:
    1. Shop value. The value that an item if you were to sell it to a shop.
    2. GMS value. This one is a bit trickier, but even a somewhat inaccurate would be helpful. The lowest current(ish) sell order would be a good value. Or the average value of actual sales.

    This would help with eyeballing the value of the many items that quickly pile up when mission or dungeoning. Of course, these both could be options in the option menu, for those that like to do things the hard way. This will hopefully prevent newer players from not looting (or selling to a shop) a valuable item, because it looks exactly like countless other low value items. A good example of this is instruction discs: most are worthless, but a few (Grid Armor) are very valuable. this is a screenshot of Eve Online's item valuation tooltip. It's based on the market, as there are no shops in Eve Online. this is a screenshot of an addon doing a similar thing in WoW. Items in WoW have a vendor value in the tooltip by default, but an addon adds the market value.

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    I think the npc shop valuation should be easy, it can even be based on your comp lit as the code is already in place to calculate this (cuz shops)

    As the market in AO fluctuates extremely wildly, I don't think having a market valuation is necessary until the economy is more stable.

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    Option 2 would require tooltips to open gmi connection. Slow and tedious proces..

    Option 1 however great thinking. I used to run all items through Itemsbot to check shopflooding value. Maybe some org bot module has that already?
    Quote Originally Posted by Michizure View Post
    This'll be fixed for the next patch

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    I think that an inaccurate or out-of-date GMS value would still be useful. Just seeing a sufficiently large value would elicit some research into its actual value. A noob wouldn't know a GA disc is worth a lot, but seeing its value would allow them to assess the situation in an informed manner.

    I'm not sure if the data for information pages are stored on the client or server, but people/bots can make their own pages, so there's some server side transfer of data. I don't imagine a cache of (say, updated weekly) GMS values would be hard to implement or slow anything down.

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