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Thread: New Suggestion Summary

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    New Suggestion Summary

    Summary of suggestions from the AO community.
    That,1--> Are of benefit to all AO players2--> Everyone agrees withThese are suggestions collected mainly from reading the forum section and talking to people in teamspeak. Some of these suggestion may seem a little "out there", that is why i phrased most of them as being an option. As long as you still have the option to have it the old way its all good. Any changes should not be made default for current players, but if FC wants to make any of it default for new players, that is out of my hands. Any suggestions that are opinion based, very long or simply vague as hell, will probably end up as a hyperlink at the bottom of the list. To quickly jump to whatever subject of interest use Ctrl+F to search for key words. If you want to contact me for anything regarding AO make sure u have caller ID on and calltel: 31 62 4463 895 (from outside europe, if you inside europe look up Dutch code)and let it ring only once so it wont cost you anything, and il check forum messages and hop on teamspeak as soon as i can, most likely europe primetime.
    Top 3

    • Much bigger inventory, without the need for bags.
    • portable mail terminal roleplay?
    • Make it easier to give your own characters a buff from one of your characters of the same account.

    • Chat
      • sound effect on tell message / (BS)invite, or a visual effect thats hard to miss, hotkey to turn it on/off. Can be turned on even if AO's other horrible sounds are turned off.Also would not mind customizability, like auto activate after 10min afk, setting exceptions such as friendslist only. (ignore option already exists) Also an option to activate only on certain key words.Give option to redirect all tells to ur current online toon. If possible, compatibibilty with the program that lets u chat without being logged into your actual character. high priority
      • option to make tells/mails shared among all toons under the main account, so any tell/mail sent to one of ur toons can be picked up by any toon that is currently online
      • options to give a sound effect on particular (de)buff almost running out, for example charm/AMS/DoF/DB3buff , must be able to it turn on/off ofc. see GUI/ncu section for more.
      • have autosubscribe to channel actually work from the first time, for private channels. Not just after 20 times. high priority
      • option to make all chat behave like a tell window, as in not having to type enter twice in order to keep typing. see GUI section for information.
      • give us 1 global-OOC channel and 1 zone-OOC, the system atm is too confusing.
      • automaticly spawn a chat channel of the users native language, and show this chat channel by default, along the other important channels ofc. Also show a "A new Polish/Eqyptian has joined AO" message to everyone of the same origin in that channel. What country a person is from can be detected just like in teamspeak. AO has one of the best player communities, it would be a shame not take advantage of it with only a few lines of code. Most will eventually learn english anyway because its pretty much required to get teams/loot/buffs. With enough players FC can even advertise AO in non-english websites etc.
      • portable mail terminal
      • option to give each channel his own color, each new channel will get a new color by default aswell, when all colors kinda run out start with different font styles
      • Global chat channel for omnis, clans and neuts combined, there will be an icon next to your name showing what side you are
      • remove the limit of maximum friends, and let us group them and name each group as we wish
      • let us log all tell messages online and offline, and access the log in-game.
      • option to share friends list on multiple characters of the same acount
      • show ignore list, and let us add or remove people
      • R-Click options in chat
      • Allow arrow key use in chat.
      • Allow numpad use, when numlock on , it types numbers, when off it changes view angles.
      • Built-in calculator
      • double click a word will select that whole word
      • make Ctrl + A work
      • filter profanity by default, can be turned back on in some way. high priority

      • 99% of the people click Play after starting AO, for the 1% that clicks the settings button, make a different executable.

        • 1 paid account = can dual log another character for 2 min to give urself a buff, with a 15 minute lockout
        • 1 paid + 1 frozen = can log 1 any character regardless of which of the 2 accounts it belongs to. can dual log another character for 2 min to give urself a buff, with a 15 minute lockout
        • 2 paid accounts merged = can dual log any combination of 2 character regardless of what account they are one, and log a 3rd character for 2 min to buff thier own characters.

        high priority
      • tell everyone where the new hidden prefs folder is so people can copy paste and fix it
      • make arrow keys scroll trough account names while still keeping the type cursor in password be default.
      • speed up logout time and the cant-zone-after-login ALOT high priority
      • let us log out even when under attack, but use the old 30 second "character remains attackable" for in-combat-logout to prevent abuse.
      • lessen the cant-zone-on-login preferably, or as temp fix make the RK/SL recall beacons not lockout right after logging in.
      • option: Esc cancels all popups(bags, descriptions etc, whatever's in settings) and bring up settings window, its default button for menu/settings is most games.
      • show quit to login also under actions

      Account management
      • "cancel account" reworded to "cancel automatic payments"2 choices of payment methods
        • 1: single gametime payment (default)
        • 2: automatic repay when gametime runs out.

      • pending/failed payments should not affect playability as long as there is still gametime available.
      • "Cancel payment" button , otherwise people who change from 12 months to 1 month, you get charged with both payments.

      Map and Directions
      • give a button that makes a waypoint at the toons current spot, can upload+deupload to team aswell just like an inferno mission. Must work inside missions aswell for marking lifts.
      • show all members locations across the world, and just the pf when all in same zone. Does not apply to raid members outside the team
      • clearly show the buttons and thier functions by default

      NCU Window
      • option to make certain buffs/debuffs always show on top of the list, in our own or on nano-target ncu. So they dont get swarmed by other less important ones. Include drop down menu, to toggle between important-buffs-only or show all. will be client side effect, so will affect only that 1 player, not everyone
      • option to create sound effect on buff-almost-run-out for any specific buff/debuff.
      • option to make debuffs red and buffs green in your own ncu window
      • lock ncu button, if u want to choose not to recieve outside buffs, for example like reflect shields
      • option to show all hostile programs running on a mob, including LE procs etc, combined with picking certain debuffs appear on top of the list will prevent flooding.
      • option to make Ncu window automaticly become larger and smaller depending on how many buffs/debuffs are running

      LFT Window
      • option to see use more specific lvl range searches, including, All/teamable only/Custom lvl range search (if we ever get big player base)
      • option to set default order method for LFT window
      • option to also show your alts on lft, tell message automaticly goes to currently online character. See Chat section for more details.

      Agg Deff Bar
      • Show the point where ur weapon is barely at full speed, and make that point clickable as well as keyboard commands to switch between them
      • There are third party programs that put your slider to full agg only the moment u cast a nano and back to normal after. Either implement and alow this feature /ban it/prevent it from being used.

      Team Window
      • When main leader goes LD/afk for 5 minutes, the second leader gets pop-up window asking if he wants to become leader. If even second leader goes afk, random non-afk member gets the pop-up window. This prevents loot rotting away.
      • team members alphabetized by default
      • Show current hp numbers in both normal team window, RI-pulled-out hp bars, as well as in the big RI interface itself.
      • Hp numbers must show regardless of a person being damaged or not.
      • Enable alot more people to be in the same raid interface.
      • When someone goes link dead they should not be kicked from an instance, and be automatically be sent an invite when logged on.
      • enable right click person and make assist macro
      • maybe keep players in team when they go link-dead. is difficult in terms of coding, the option above is probably easier to implement.

      Nano Window
      • ability to sort nanos by nanoline
      • show what nanos of a nanoline you have, and dont have yet

      Combat GUI
      • a button that switches off "all" GUI "everything", for taking screenshots.
      • Give us 2 GUI modes we can toggle through by pressing a button, 1 Normal mode: current one, all GUI is visible and clickable2 Custom mode: Some of the GUI disappears, user can decide which ones those are.

    • Loot+Reference Window
      • a button that deletes all references, button must show on both loot window aswell as reference window.
      • enable selecting multiple items in loot window like in Microsoft Windows, ctrl+click ctrl+a mouse-square, and right mouse click and create reference of all selected items. Can also put a select all button on loot window.
      • a button that posts all current references in last used chat window. This button will show on both loot window as well as reference window.
      • clicking an item once only selects it, double clicking will loot it. This prevents accidental looting when checking items.
      • the moment a corpse has only 1 minute on timer, it becomes free for all and whoever was holding loot will be forced to stop holding loot. If someone really wants the loot to rot they can of course stil delete it before last minute starts. high priority to chat.

      Missions Window
      • add a new column so we can sort missions by zone name

      Intuitive GUI
      • An actually working "New player tips" When hovering over any clickable button with in the gui, show what key is bound to that. Wether its for opening a window or for activating perks or actions in bank and gmi. However dont do this with commands that are obvious or already clearly shown, such as WASD to move and anything that is already visually shown already.
      • When opening the GUI allow easy and quick jumping from one window to any other GUI windowm like in Deus ex 1 and 3. For example when viewing skills window, show buttons to go to inventory or wear window or map or mission window.
      • make default keybinds that actually make sense, cntrl+shift+r+F5+u etc is too complicated.
      • make nano/fight/perk/item bars moveable
      • Scaling - *Everything* needs to be resizable.
      • Locking - *Everything* needs to be lock-able, to avoid accidentally moving it.
      • Fading - *Everything* needs to be able to fade in/out under certain conditions.
      • when shift left clicking someone, also have "send tell" , "org info" , "start duel" and "inspect ip distribution"
      • when adjusting agg deff slider as new player give a tip to keep it at full agg for the time being.
      • option to set multiple perk points in a line at the same time with one click instead of 70x2 clicks
      • a button for "delete all references"
      • option: Esc cancels all popups(bags, descriptions etc, whatever's in settings) and bring up settings window, its default button for menu/settings is most games.
      • sign up for Battlestation from anywhere at any time

      Mail Terminal
      • hovering over a mail will instantly show its what item/creds + what the subject is
      • right clicking a mail will open the mail and loot item+creds from the mail.
      • a button that deletes all mails that have been read and dont contain items/credits.
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    • New Item Management System (bank)
      • New item management system
      • allow us to select multiple items with a mouse square, like in Microsoft Windows. Same with cntrl+click.
      • 1 "bank" for all items for all characters of that (merged)account, nodrops will show up only on that particular character.
      • let us stack all items of the same type and quality level. If its an equipable item, simply 1 of the stack will equiped on right click.
      • allow the same ammount of items to be placed in the bank but without bags needed
      • bags should basicly no longer be needed, however should still exist for whatever reason
      • save the bank server-side and client-side, and only when u insert/retrieve item from the bank does it actually have to access the bank, less server load and people can check the banks content even while offline. Maybe syncronize update on every login.
      • alphabetic and ql sort options in both list and icon mode, add a detailed search option to the bank, will search even while typing, like item assistant ., also with alot of ways to sort it in search window.
      • take or deposit item or multiple items with a single click/button combination, no more dragging
      • up credit limit to 10/100bil (Lazy's's suggestion)

      The New inventory

      • New item management system
      • MUCH bigger inventory high priority
      • allow the same ammount of items to be placed in the inventory but without bags needed
      • let us stack all items of the same type and quality level. If its an equipable item, simply 1 of the stack will equiped on right click.
      • allow us to select multiple items with a mouse square, like in Microsoft Windows. Same with cntrl+click.
      • a one click loot-all action, for example hold down a button and press right mouse button. While loot all button is held down mobs will not obstruct it, only corpses will be clickable. (see Big inventory for more info)
      • keep a log file of traded items and creds server side, that can also be seen by the player.
      • There will be 2 different inventories besides the new bank, each can be opened up with GUI buttons or keybinds.
      • Personal Inventory:
        • Only items that the player finds important enough to have access to at all the times will be shown. All items placed in here can be put on hotbars and can be hotswapped, meant for stuff like, garden keys, lockpicks, bullets, stims, attune devices, warp items, SL protection gear etc.
        • when only Personal Inventory is shown on screen without all the other trash, its much easier to find regularly use items and important items.
        • hold down rightarrowkey or D then mouse clicking will take the item out of your personal inv and put it in your Big Inventory. See Big Inventory and the schematic picture for more info.

      • Big inventory:
        • Unlike the personal inventory, everything u get by looting/buying/retrieving mail/tradeskilling comes in here first, and can then be sent to the bank/personal inventory.
        • items in the big inventory will be visible by all characters of the (merged)account, except nodrops ofc
        • When this Big one is full, any items that come in after that will automatically go to the bank.
        • The Big inventory will allow you to select groups of items and then perform an action with them, that can be sending to the bank/trading/deleting. You can even tradeskill a group of items, with another item, or even another group of items. It will simply try to combine everything of one cluster with everything of another cluster. You can choose if u want a cluster to start with the highest ql of an item type or the highest ql first. Selecting only 1 cluster and hitting the combine option will simply combine every item in that cluster with every item in that cluster. Each click will do only 1 mass combine, for example 1 press combines crystals filled with the source with the complete patterns, the next click combines the result with the novictums. You can spam a button/mousebutton to make the process go faster. There will be a warning message the first time you use this command explaining how it works.
        • hold down leftarrowkey or A +clicking the item will put that item in the Personal Inventory, rightarrowkey+ mouseclick will make it go to the bank. What direction determines where the item goes, see the schematic picture for more info.

      • GMI & Mail
        • GMI+Mail integrated, a switch will be shown on the new bank+inventory, when the switch is turned on, hovering over any item will automatically show GMI search results of that item. Right clicking the item will let u select "make sell order" and instantly type in the price and press enter.
        • when the "hovering over pricechecking" is turned on, the highest buy order for that item of the same ql or lower, is saved in a colum and items can be sorted by that price. Also highest buy order of that ql or higher, lowest sell order for that ql or lower, and lowest sell order for ql or higher. All these numbers are saved in colums in which people can sort the items with.
        • mail system integrated, right clicking an item/group of items, u will be able to select the mail option. Mails should able to mail multiple items at the same time, and it would be nice if the mail travels a bit faster

      Other items suggestions
      • enable to modify what default slot an item goes into when its right-clicked
      • reduce equip times for most non-weapons to 0,1 sec high priority
      • portable mail terminal high priority
      • BEING FIXED: remove unique tags for all items that only have 1 equipment slot high priority
      • greatly reduce the cost for low lvl armor/guns/imps in shops, / increase cred reward. newbies have it tough cred wise, it makes em leave game early
      • right click garden key will warp u to that garden if u have SL recall beacon in inventory or bank, drag and drop in hud1 will equip it. This doesn not force us to unequip hud1 for using garden warps.
      • when fgrid is cast alow to fgrid items be used without being near a terminal. The template used to filled the data recep should also spawn in every team members inv, instead of having to give data recep to fixer then back again.
      • Enable using of lockpick on the hotbar when a locked door/chest is targeted.
      • recall beacons should also time out when not logged in high priority
      • make most Ma attacks tradeable.
      • if u get a unique item in Collecter that u already have, u should get a new box.
      • Sell the old treatment and nano kits, or replace the "teammate cant be fighting" requirement with something less crippling, like "cant be in line of sight" requirement. high priority

      Playfields and Monsters
      • put some small missing barriers in the grid so u no longer fall off a floor by accident
      • make garden saves require to click an item, to prevent accidental saving while when just running trough
      • let subway and totw nodrop drop outside RK aswell, like foremans loot
      • Sort neutral implant cluster terminals in order of shining, bright then faded
      • option for even 1 person to keep instance, no more losing instance by accident cause of LD, u can hold instance urself anyway with froob dual log.
      • lower Comp Lit requirement for west athens grid from 131 to 81, since its the first place u end up as clan
      • make players not appear in front of omni-trade grid exit after using grid nano, either in middle of grid or near lift.
      • always enable zoning with APF shuttle in ICC, reduce the time shuttle flies in the sky if your worried about it not making sense.
      • add grid exit to APFs and xan, APF where u pull Le missions, Xan of course 201 locked. high priority
      • Funcom please make up your mind if items are tradeable or really nodrop. The "nodrop" atm means you can still buy it, it just takes more time to get it. The current nodrop tag is a meaningless inbetween stage.
      • either put the rome daily mission agency in rome green OR, put the jobe wompha in rome blue
      • instead of the "general" billboard outside fair trades and basic shops etc, make more specific ones that stick out.
      • add bank terminal next to each GMI, as a temp fix untill new Inv Management System is done.
      • fix laggy DB3, 2nd floor, sometimes the entire raid dies all instantly from an instaflame.
      • when the gms building is gone, keep a bank terminal somewhere in the city
      • sell med suits in neutral Fair Trade
      • Instance 42, but with the same difficulty.
      • give players the option to make a new instance for their own self/team whenever they enter a static dungeon.
      • more save terminals and more garden statues
      • tie rewards to existing questlines/content to motivate people to do them , quests ----possible rewards that can be tied to them
      • make the city cloak automaticly go back up after an hour high priority
      • sell superior shop nanos in fair trades
      • profession specific items that are essential to their toolset , should be a little bit easier to get, such as NanoCrystal (Nullity Sphere MK II)
      • give casual players a chance to get gauntlet loot because its impossible for them to catch the very narrow window of opportunity.
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    • Gameplay
      • recall beacons and Db codes should be real life timers, instead of playtime. high priority
      • pet stance: pet assist owner, basicly pet automaticly attacks what player attacks, its already possible with keybindings, but it requires you to change keybinds everytime u want to change pets behaviour.
      • make pets remember latest stance, even after zoning, also allow pet stance to be changed when not having pets spawned, high priority p.s. pet attack is not a stance and should not change the pets stance in any way
      • add "guard"button in pet info, next to attack wait and follow
      • show mezzed eremites
      • let us use /stuck while sitting in a crack, even if the game is still telling us we are not sitting,
      • when 1 research line is complete, automaticly select another
      • option to use doublepress as a keybind.
      • option to use hold button as a keybind.
      • queued perks should not be fired and timeout if the mob is already dead
      • allow us to use items while perks are firing
      • allow us to fire specials and instacast nanos while running
      • allow crats to free individual charms
      • enable typing numbers with the numpad
      • option to make weapon reload automaticly after each full auto, the current "automatic reload" take much longer to activate then it should
      • increase max xp pool from 200 mill to much much higher, its far to easy to cap and lose xp
      • make xp pool convert to SK pool with the 1000 to 1 ratio
      • make LE proc firing not have a cast time, it interrupts casting of normal nanos , specially for init debuffed people
      • allow us to pull an LE mission without needing a team
      • allow us to bind all action to keys we want, even the "fixed keys"
      • allow Beacon warp to warp people from SL to RK, and allow SL recalls to recall people from RK to SL.
      • a command in actions section that shows last saved spot on map aswell as in text
      • alow us to instantly pop out a new pet as soon as old one dies, not having to wait 10 secs for it to disappear from the pet info window.
      • make engies+crat pets instacast, but let them choose between instacast-lockouttimer-MP style or the classic long cast time shell make nano
      • using items, or casting nanos should not interrupt auto attacks, but only pause them.

      Client server
      • give option to save prefs and equipment locks of a toon at server side, or at least the the ones that dont take alot of data. high priority
      • option to save 2 setups for 1 toon, for example 1 pvm, 1 pvp setup. Basicly an option to make a copy of your toon at a certain point, but preventing items from being traded on that character. That or make us not need to perk ai tech to hotswap items.
      • when making a new character allow us to import most pref setting from a list of existing characters

      Item shop
      • put the jetpack back in the itemshop, free , or as quest reward high priority
      • keep homestead pack in itemshop and remove the individual portable GMI/bank. Or just lower the price of the portable GMI/bank so that it makes sense
      • portable mail terminal high priority

      • add hide back item
      • option to turn off dying animations for faster looting, or make them lootable while they are dying, (after RNG and servers are fixed)
      • option to hide your own polymorph visual effects
      • option to show your character running slightly diagonal when running forward+strafing, would just look more natural.
      • option to make the visual settings adjust so that u always have a minimum frames per second.
      • option to hide shadow rifts (the yellow boxes in RK missions)

      Anti Exploit
      • what is an exploit is opinion based and will therefor be in the hyperlink section

      • make LE procs not cancel on zone high priority
      • cannot upload nano, if u already have it uploaded.
      • option for: cannot invite flagged player
      • option for: cannot cast on flagged player
      • let us choose which buffs should cancel on zone, like offensive auras/ pet reflect shield when flying over tower sites
      • let us cancel buffs running on pets manually aswell

      The New Targeting system
      • players can choose for either hold a button down for mouse-look, or press a button once to toggle on and off. Both buttons will exist in keybindings and can be binded to whatever key the user wants.
      • option for nearest-mob-center targeting. All mobs will have a hardly visible small circle at thier center. When clicking the mouse it will select whatever mobs' center is closest to the mouse compared to all other mobs centers. It makes it easier to target something in large groups of mobs. Play mass effect 1 too see how it works. To select nearest mob instead, tab will still work as usual.
      • a button that does start attack only, and doesnt stop attack if clicked twice. By default: Hold down the button 0.5 sec to stop attacking. If already fighting a target and a new target is selected, it will start fighting the new target by default. The old start attack button will also still exist next to the new one, but by default the new one will be on "q" button for new players. Both options will appear in the attack actions in the GUI. high priority
      • when using melee weapons: option to automaticly run to enemy when starting combat.
      • all hostile actions including specials/Ma attacks/all perks, can be used on either current fighting target, nano selected target or the mouse-over target.
      • option to make the camera not center on the player but a bit above and to the side, like most 3rd person games.
      • Selected Target
        • "Selected-attacktarget": when the left mouse button is simply clicked while on a target, it will select that target.
          From then on, everytime the left mouse is held down + any hostile action is used, it will go towards your mouse selected target. The nano target ncu window will show this targets debuffs be default.
        • "Selected-healtarget": when the left mouse button is simply clicked while on a friendly, it will select that friendly, and remember him as the heal target. While at the same time also remembering the selected attacktarget from before.
          From then on, everytime the left mouse is held down + any friendly action is used, it will go towards your "Selected-healtarget". AO will remember both last selected hostile and friendly target at the same time, and will send hostile/friendly actions to each accordingly.
        • Tab will still work as normal and will override any mouse selected target.

      • Mouse-over Target (FPS mode)
        • when the left mouse button is hovering over a target without clicking it, and any action is used. The action will go towards that target without losing the selected target. This will work the same for both hostiles and friendly, but for friendlies even team window or RI-pulled-out hp bars will work. This will save you from having to switch targets all the time between adds and boss, or main tank and other members of the team.

      • Fighting Target
        • Same as it is already

      The Classic Targeting system
      • the functions of hovering and clicking the mouse buttons are reversed. Using any action while not having the mouse button held will make them go to selected target, while using actions while having the mouse button held down will make it go to your hover target. This will keep targeting the same as it was , except give an extra option to use actions on additional targets while still keeping your main target selected.
      • for everyone who already has AO installed this classic mode will be default. Which mode should be given to new players by default is up for debate, but thats up to Funcom.

      The New Hotbar
      • every slot will be able to hold multiple actions/nanos
      • every slot will have multiple sections aswell, for example,
        if the main heal hotkey is pressed once it casts the heal nano, when pressed twice in a row it casts the heal nano+ bio coon, when pressed 3 times in a row, it wil cast the heal nano+ bio coon + bio regrow.
      • also inside each section they must go in the right order.

      • allow leaders to promote or demote members which are not in vicinity (or offline). Alot of org presidents have told me this would be essential. high priority

      Low priority
      • rename "abilities" to "genetics/whatever"would make more sense
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    • Veteran Tips
      • if u cant use /stuck , sit and press Alt+F4 twice, then log back in after 2 minutes. Then use /stuck right after u have logged in.(before even moving your character)

      List of feedback threads where the original post contains less then 10% non-constructive/trolling/flaming.
      Ordened by author.

      These links are to threads that are opinion based or simply too vague to be a bullet point.
      If u want me to add/change/remove any of your links or have something for the list above, send a forum message/ shout in teamspeak europe timezone.

      Traderjill 2nd
      Traderjill 3rd

      Funcom's Record
      • FIXED: GMS, when u buy let it be warped/mailed to u, running/flying to shops is a 100% anoying thing.
      • FIXED:Faster respawn time on mantis queen(not my idea)
      • FIXED: Using instant grid while in cant-zone-on-login should not give the cripple effect
      • FIXED: make ur own player shops location visible(not my idea)
      • FIXED: add more specific descriptions to the LE procs
      • FIXED: give us more GMS space in shop, we can already do it by making alts and making shops on those toons, just make less anoying please
      • FIXED: stop giving froobs the illusion they can actually use GMS
      • FIXED: make GMS show if someone has multiple items of the same type and same price or, a tip telling u to change prices of same items by few points, so they show up as seperate.
      • FIXED: put commas or spaces in between big numbers, for example 50,000,000
      • FIXED: Fix edge of tara dropping in crappy qls
      • FIXED: when u click sell button it should select the highest offer by default high priority
      • FIXED: fix the SL dungeon 4 -staircase room making pets and people on follow get stuck
      • FIXED: At the end of a mission, spawn clickable exit warp item. high priority
      • FIXED: Update the /help. Like /tell %t, how to make assist macros, and anything related to chat and commands thats not in there yet. include a search option and a link to certain forum sections, if players want to know more about something specific.
      • FIXED: let us combine the ado scuba gear into another item like a ring, so people dont have to unequip thier twinked on reanimator cloaks. Pen glasses and inf boots may also have the same problem for lvl 160-185 characters(185minimum to loot sector35 convert units)
      • FIXED: show numbers in fgrid floors so u dont have to count
      • FIXED: always sell ql 172+ clusters in superior shops. high priority
      • FIXED: let us see somehow if our character is immune to vortex, or make sure the crystals dont despawn when used, or just remove altogether.
      • FIXED kinda:uncap research at level 220, or allow capping multiple lines at the same time. Basicly anything to prevent SK from going lost high priority
      • FIXED: instacast pet warp, maybe with lockout if you feel its overpowered. high priority
      • FIXED: a 1 year subscription tradeable item, maybe 3 months and 6 months too.
      • FIXED: show numbers in fgrid floors so u dont have to count
      • FIXED: option to sell/trade/buy with one button or button combination high priority
      • FIXED: make AI technology 3 not require perk points, or let us save 2 setups for 1 character.
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    Garden keys can be bought from the key locked garden vendor in case you have deleted your key.

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    c/p'ing the post i c/p'ed from my old thread good luck..

    Quote Originally Posted by cheolis View Post
    c/p'ing my old thread, hope it helps,

    1.when a trade window is open, send items to the window by right clicking them. (just like diablo, but maybe not when trading with other ppl)

    2.add an option to save our backpack settings and apply them to every new bp.

    3.dont close bps after zoning

    4.add an option to save our toons' gui setup, and when creating a new char, add an option to implement that setup. (this can be done via copying prefs folder but an option could be more convenient)

    5.allow to ts in backpacks.

    6.allow to group our friends

    7.move omni daily building to rome green OR put jobe whom pa in rome blue.

    8. allow to loot to backpack

    9.right click on garden key, teleport to garden. (when the recall beacon is in inv or bank, so we dont have to swap our hud)

    10.the tower targeting mission is a pita. so instead of specific towers, make us find 2 different turret type towers, one guardian type, one battery and a control tower. and not in order.

    11.gui takes up alot of space on laptops and such. resize it depends on the resolution or add an option for it. a mailbox near every gmi.

    13.add an option to change color of channels (especially group chats are annoying to see, thyre white)

  6. #6
    Wow, this needs rooting ASAP.

  7. #7
    Sorry I reply again.. I think it's worth mentioning a few facts:

    1. Orochi, has always worked on his suggestions after careful evaluation with a bunch of people.
    2. Most of his suggestions have the entire playerbase backing it up due to the research spent on it.
    3. Orochi has a PVM mindset but has never underestimated PVP needs.

    If you ask me.. when this guy says something, .... there's good in it

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    Read almost whole list and there are quite many great suggestions.
    Especially in following categories:
    Gameplay, Playfields and Monsters, GUI

    I hope at least some of these can get into AO someday.
    Mizufluffy (220/30/??) MA # Hopeasaukko (216/27/??) NT # Mustarotta (100/10/28) Crat
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    Major debump for:
    -Meeping disabled for anyone attackable. That's the whole point of meeping.
    -Forced-reload after FA. This screws PvP swap-alphas for soldier and agent, and possibly fixer if they ever want to go back to it. Weapons auto-reload as it is if you want to be lazy about it.

    These are not agreed on by everyone, and I very heartily flame them.

    Minor debump for:
    -Account-wide inventories. I don't want to see Engi inventory on Agent.
    -Multiple saved setups per character. This defeats the point of getting into your setup and using that setup as opposed to other options.

    I gently flame these.

    -Local map interface desizes when you select the show buttons option and doesn't resize afterwards. Neither of these should happen. I dislike the show buttons option because it takes up too much of the screen, but when I do want to use it for a waypoint I have to readjust my GUI.
    -Make LE procs execute instantly, a la Absolute Concentration. They still block casts when they execute, and for an initdebuffed person it's really bad.
    You gained 96 PVP Solo Score.
    Angelyna: (03:55) Srompu forces your NCU to run Feet of Stone...
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    [Theater of Tragedy] Johnnykay: he deserved to die

    Quote Originally Posted by Raggy View Post

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    i can see what u mean, i will fix it right away.

    also added cheolis points that werent already in the list
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    Garden keys can be bought from the key locked garden vendor in case you have deleted your key.

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    oh and btw, when icc grid exit is close to newland than the newland grid exit, u know u are doing it wrong

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    ive added some more bullet points, but i would like more people to send some of thier own suggestions. in private message or just by reply in this thread.
    Garden keys can be bought from the key locked garden vendor in case you have deleted your key.

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    Thought I'd add another small suggestion or two here; the ability to dump the contents of a NPC's loot inventory to chat without having to R-Click>Reference>Link in chat items one at a time.

    Also one for docs, but it applies to other profs as well, I would really appreciate being able to see the debuffs from my procs in my target's NCU, inits, dots, etc.

    Few random thoughts.
    Doctrony - 220/30 Doctor
    Neurix - 100/10 Nano-Technician

    "The best of leaders when the job is done, when the task is
    accomplished, the people will say we have done it ourselves"
    - Lao Tzu

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    Fix the sorting on various terminals... Not hi-priority but still bit annoying with stuff...
    Ekarona 220/30 Female Solitus Engineer, long term member of Northern Star and proper "poor" gimp.
    Ekaslave 220/low Female Solitus Trader, FLAT(TM) pricing TS, almost all can do!
    Ekaros almost there/almost there too Male Solitus Martial-Artist.
    Ekadv gimp/gimp Female Opifex Adventurer

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    cool guys, but look like its a dream or u are dreaming..... dont think so FC have funds for all that changes.... means AO funds.
    But bamp for it, great work!

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    I doubt at this point we could get a misspelling fixed in the database.
    The continued search for an ideal community possessing a perfect socio-politico-legal system.

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    a function where u can look in bags while people are in trade (for example i trade somthing in a bag to (person b) person b can see wots in bag before he finishes trade off.. bit random but just an idea

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    if they implement the "New Inventory" there will be no need for bag trading anymore
    Garden keys can be bought from the key locked garden vendor in case you have deleted your key.

  19. #19

    how about making it actually work

    this is awsome for all us paid players for all the downtime on the server, we pay yet we can never play....great job

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    sector42 instanced ^_^

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