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Thread: Fatal Flaw

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    Fatal Flaw

    (( This is a short story, written from the perspective of my doctor, Irna ))

    I was warned countless times before: fear the wrath of a Xan Lord. I used to think I know what they meant. I was arrogant and ignorant.

    I was a fool to think I knew better.

    It started when Lord Vanya gave me the assignment to kill Redeemed Cama. I prepared myself for a hard battle, this was a Xan Lord we were talking about after all.

    I battled the Venerable Ecclesiast Cama Bela, I met my ally Ardent Gulu Van who would trick Empath Alyssa into appearing before me and after this short interruption my target appeared before me. This was it. It would be a long and difficult fight. I would have to give everything to be able to finish my assigned mission, to kill Redeemed Cama.

    It was a long fight, but to my surprise, it was not a hard fight. I could easily heal any wound dealt to me. I was almost disappointed, were it not for the reward I would receive from Vanya for my mission. I would finally get the key to his sanctuary. After so many times risking everything for the Sacrosanct, I would be rewarded with access to Lord Vanya’s most sacret garden, and when Redeemed Cama died, I received the key.

    This is the point where I fell victim to humanity’s most fatal flaw: I became arrogant. Fighting Redeemed Cama was almost easy. I would help Lord Vanya defeat Redeemed Cama. I would ensure Lord Vanya’s victory. I would help win this war, the war that had started before there was life on earth.

    My idea was simple. I would force Redeemed Cama to appear using a blueprint crystal created from the blueprint pieces that can be found on the many avatars Redeemed Cama has. When Redeemed Cama had appeared, I would try to taunt and anger the Lord and draw her, slowly and steadily, toward Lord Vanya’s temple. Once at his temple, I would defeat Redeemed Cama, this time being close enough to Lord Vanya’s followers, close enough for them to trap Redeemed Cama’s soul. The war would be won.

    The summoning of Redeemed Cama went as planned and I could even get the ancient being to follow me. It went as planned. I, no, we would win!

    It was only when Redeemed Cama died that I truly felt her power. She would not be bound, not be trapped. Instead, on her final breath, she took with her several Sacrosanct soldiers. Ancient beings, guarding Lord Vanya’s temple even before humanity had mastered fire. Their souls were ripped from their bodies and were forced away by Redeemed Cama.

    It was this point in time that I would come to understand the warning “Fear the wrath of the Xan Lord.” He did not even bother appearing before me. I heard his voice with a calmth that still chills my heart when I think about it.

    “How dare you, human. The loss of these soldiers is your fault. Every single one of them was more valuable than you will ever be. You will die a hundred deaths for each loss you caused me.”

    I do not remember each individual death. What I do remember clearly is the power I felt with each death, and how, even after my foolish attempt to win this war, Lord Vanya lovingly embraced me back to life time and time again.

    I will never doubt the Sacrosanct again. I will fight for them, I will die for them. They are eternal.
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    ((Like it. +1))
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    ((ooooh. I like it, especially the menacing touch of the Lord at the end! ))

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