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Thread: Rubi-Ka Nature Society is founded.

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    Rubi-Ka Nature Society is founded.

    Tired of the war and chaos on Rubi-Ka?
    Want to calm your mind and body in nature?
    Love interesting places and interesting company?

    Join the Rubi-Ka Nature Society!

    Open for stressed out clanners, omnis and neutrals alike!

    Weekly expeditions out into the wildlands of Rubi-Ka. This weeks theme: The GIANT Flowers of Clon****!

    Next expedition will be held on saturday 21.7. at 21:00 (( GMT )). Expedition will form up at the pipeline trailer. Jorney time is expected to be aproximately one hour.

    (( Free-form improvised RP Go on follow, enjoy the views and chat if you feel like it Everybody joining are on R&R, but you can bring with you your omni, clan or neutral views! ))

    Tour 1, 21.7.2012
    A forest full of beautifull flowers!

    But beware the big ones!
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    When you set up a tour of the Outzones I'll def be there.

    +1 for getting back to nature
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