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Thread: Disharmony

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    Tricks to replace disharmony sounds cool.

    But, for all we know the rebalance ISN'T goign to hit live.

    Much better approach to relay specific issues and hope the dev's can make an intermediate adjustment.

    FACT: MA is a DPS prof.
    FACT: MA's get OD'd badly by Shades, Engies, Crats, NT's
    FACT: In the most recent adjustment to any prof, MA's disharmony line got heavily nerfed (to the tune of roughly 40 000 damage per minute)
    FACT: EVERY OTHER PROF GOT A BOOST in damage based on add dmg affecting procs+perks.
    FACT: MA's PVM damage, in an endgame setup, rivals that of some support profs at level 216
    OPINION: MA's Disharmony line could use a boost to bring MA's back up to PRE-NERF, PRE-OP-Boost levels. Alternately, it could use a boost to PRE-Nerf levels (big boost).

    Small boost ~20000 - 30000 dmg per minute
    Big Boost ~ 30000 - 50000 dmg per minute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McKnuckleSamwich View Post
    Agree - and fixed for you.

    IF you can have more than one proc on any given white damage hit, the chance is 32%

    If it is impossible to have more than one proc on any given white damage hit, the chance is

    0.32-(0.25*0.05+0.25*0.05+0.05*0.05+0.05*0.05*0.25) = 0.32 - 0.028125

    =0.29 or 29%.

    which is still very high. However I disagree that you can't have more than one proc on a hit. so I'm inclined to say 32% proc chance all in.
    I am quite positive that those procs cannot fire simultaneously. If you look carefully up to the attack bars, you can see the nano cast attack bar flashing as they execute. The trader procs USED to fire simultaneously, resulting in procs firing upon their own hits, sometimes even triple firing.

    Now, one mistake i did in my previous post...

    Quote Originally Posted by Shareida View Post
    It's a flat out 25% chance, 624 damage, subject to nano damage modifiers. Returns 81% aka 505 HP, which is subject to heal modifiers.
    I hopped on my trader, and it seems FC changed perk damage modifiers.

    The perk is now modified, as stated correctly earlier, by +damage.

    And it seems conclusive that MA's have trouble keeping up DPS in raids, I was a whooping 200k above a 220 MA in an org S35 raid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazy View Post
    it's written in the bible.
    Matthew 23:13 "and the trader hath casteth bulk trader at the young age of 14. and it was good. and so he hath an extra 260 comp lit and he hath equippeth better ncu's. and it was good too.
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    ya shareida, good points.

    And I'm willing to bet a MA trader setup will significantly OD a MA MA setup as well.

    Trader can get so many more procs (135k DPS worth of procs on my last calc) vs 0 on MA.

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    bump this again. I have a MA friend, he is geared to the max, has 10 years AO experience, dd granddady of old killteams before raid interfaces were introduced... As such a man epicly good at Ma, he routienly overperforems other MA's by about 30%, never have I seen a MA close to him. Yet crats, engis shades beat him easy. Judging by our top dd runs he is missin 50-90k damage per minute. To match the best shades crats. And guess what disharmony was nerfed about 50k. Just bring it back and let us have competitive fun.

    If MA was unbalanced, why are shades, crats, engis, nts not unbalanced? Was healing from proc to high? Then nerf healing part. Damage however must stay. MA's strugle to come anywhere close to dd profs. Even in a setup that totaly nerfs survival MA is still not close to even crats let alone shades.

    So bump this.
    Quote Originally Posted by Michizure View Post
    This'll be fixed for the next patch

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    Why should MAs be close to shades when it comes to damage? If they ever get close, nobody in his right mind will ever invite a shade for DD, because a MA that does the same damage, also has active healing. And by the way, MA is still by far the best DD profession for aliens.

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    If you want pure DD, invite a shade.
    if you want high DD and CC, invite a crat.
    If you want highest DD on aliens, invite a MA.
    if you want highest DD on RK, invite an engi.
    I want my shade to OD engies on RK because oh my oh my, my profession is a pure damage dealer that gets ODed by 100k/min by an engi that's pushing 2 buttons.
    Professions in AO have changed and will continue to change. Adapt and stop asking for ridiculous changes, especially when rebalance is coming.

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    I dunno if you are testing your stuff out properly bro.

    Talk to boah about shade damage. I don't think anyone on the server can beat him, whether its RK, aliens, inf mish, pande, lotv, whatever.

    I am in a DPS setup on my MA and I'm getting about 285-315 k DPM (RK). last dumper I saw with boah on it he was hitting 450k DPM and that was on a lotv.

    So, imo, if MA's got a 50k DPM bump, it's still not even going to come close to the pure DPS shades pumping out right now.

    maybe after you include the extra 7% crit for a team... you might be getting in the same +/- 100k ballpark, but... I dunno man, your argument seems a bit far fetched.

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    Stop comparing stuff with Fadedboah. He is wearing suicide spirits and no perks in def. No regular shade would wear that setup for anything besides epeen in pvm dumpers. We did inf hard with Fadedboah and Jeonas(best DD crat on the server) and he outdamaged him by 2.000.000 points. But that's using MA setup, no acrobat, no CiB, just DD perks.
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    meh MA's are far from best Alien dders. Tried and tested. Crats just ftw pwn. Ma's would be pretty fine, if everything else gets nerfed. Right now most smg soldiers are better than most ma's. And that is a worry. Also leveling shades do double, to triple leveling MA damage. Disharmony would help that a lot.
    Quote Originally Posted by Michizure View Post
    This'll be fixed for the next patch

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    Can i have my disharmony back please? Why do i get a useless perkline? I hate you

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