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Thread: Omni sneaking into Clan cities

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    Angry Omni sneaking into Clan cities

    I was trying to log onto GMS the other day I was real suprised when I saw they had changed...

    I was sure my taxes went to my fellow Clan members. When I later came over an announcement by Omni-Communications and Omni-Trade departments of Omni-Tek Rubi-Ka, announcing that they was changing it. I was real oposed by it. My hard earned creds seems to be going into those allready full pockets of Omni-Tek. Then I was then wondering who's been letting those omni laceys into our butifull cityes constructing this.

    I'm now trying to find someone that is able to hack into those new terminals and stop this flow of creds running from claners into Omni pockets. Might even trnasfer the cred flow back to the players cityes. Like it was in GMS. This new GMI is not suited for the needs of Clan members. They should either be hacked or boikoted.....

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    It may surprise you, but any Brand Name item you buy from the Vanguards puts credits into Omni-Tek's pockets as well. Have you ever wondered where all this high-tech stuff comes from?

    Omni-Tek Transportation and Shipping controls all imports to Rubi-Ka. Omni-Tek then sells these items to Neutral brokers for a profit. The Neutral brokers then pass the costs along to the Vanguards. The Vanguards then pass the costs along to you.

    Omni-Tek also holds the patents to Reclaim technology. Who do you think gets your insurance fees at the end of the day?

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    (But then again since we Fixers allready know how to hack into omni pool suply channels, it should not bee too hard too hack into the new GMI and divert tax back into org cities) is Lynelmer thinking.

    "If there only was someone with high enough B&E around to fix this" someone can hear him mumble

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    You can stand still..and turn around to find me back to back behind you.

    I will be right next to you, in you city, in your bots.

    And if it's not's a thousands like me.

    It's called Notum WARS.

    "Omni protect you"

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