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Thread: Operation Deep Strike

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    Operation Deep Strike

    The Following is brought to by the Omni-Tek Hypercorporation's Reformation Department

    Dropping down into an air duct, two rused agents clad in nomadic armor collide with the metal floor.

    See, what did I tell you?” One of the agents asks to the other as he rolls his balaclava up and off his face. “Omni-Tek has grown so large that the holes in their security are big enough to walk right through.”

    The other agent can be seen rolling his eyes behind the visor of his full head helmet.

    Roll your eyes all you want. Bottom line is it was as easy as I said it would be. Now, radio command and let them know we’re in position.”

    The helmeted agent taps his NCU briefly and begins to speak on the now secure channel.

    Command, come in. This is Deep Strike. We have successfully infiltrated the target. We are awaiting our next order. Over.”

    Deep Strike, this is Fredricksson. We read you.”

    It’s good to hear your voice, Commander.” The bareheaded agent says into his conferenced com unit.

    Likewise, Lieutenant. We were worried that the defenses were going to be overwhelming; considering we heard that Omni-Tek is working on a secret project at this location. One which even Zora himself is not aware of.”

    What are we to do, Commander?”

    We suspect that they’re developing a new weapon system. Since it is being developed in secret that means they want the ICC’s nose out of. No ICC involvement means it’s not a weapon to be used against the bugs. Your objective is to locate the weapon, capture surveillance and get it back to us without being captured.”

    Yes, Sir, Commander. We don’t let you down.”

    You better not. Command out.”

    With a nod, the lieutenant points to a series of grates at the end of the air duct, “We should take up a position down there. The blueprints indicate that we should have a vantage point on the entire facility.”

    Yes, sir.” The helmeted agent replies as they begin to slowly sneak down the ductwork.

    Coming to rest at the end of the duct the agents each remove their backpacks and begin to remove their holographic cameras.

    Sir, do you hear that?”

    That sounds like - drums?”

    Turning together the agents look out the grate to the right of them. Standing shoulder to shoulder, in three tiers are Omni-Tek Armed Forces soldiers wearing full dress uniforms. Rising out of the sides of the ranks, a series of horns begin to play along with the drum beat.

    Suddenly, in unison the remaining members of the ranks begin to sing.

    ♫ He was just a rookie soldier who had barely made the grade,
    ♫ Now he’s stationed on rock so very far away,
    ♫ Little does he know that he's about to save the day,
    ♫ And they ain't gonna fight no more!

    ♫ For glory, glory, we were lighting up the skies!
    ♫ With rockets, mortars and our rifles by our sides!
    ♫ Glory, glory, we were lighting up the skies!
    ♫ And they ain't gonna fight no more!

    With a look of puzzlement of their faces the agents turn back toward one another.

    A choir? Inside of a munitions facility?” The helmeted agent asks.

    That’s not all…” The lieutenant adds as he leans forward, over the other agent’s solder to look out of the left grate.

    Displayed proudly over a brightly lit stage filled with actors reciting lines from a musical with the name “Springtime for Zora” written on the cover is a banner with says “Emancipation Day 29487: Thank you General Zora for fighting to preserve humanity’s 17,358 years of freedom!”.

    This is madness.” The lieutenant says with a huff. “Get command on the horn again.”

    Right away, Sir.” The agent taps his NCU and continues to speak, “Command, come in. This is Deep Strike. Requesting immediate contact.”

    Anders, I hope that you good news for me.” Fredricksson voice responds.

    Yes, Sir. We’ve discovered their secret weapon. They’re planning on deploying thespians.”

    Interesting. Interesting. So they’re planning on turning our women against us.”

    Anders looks up at his comrade whose face is buried deep into his palm.

    No, Sir, thespians.” After a pregnant pause Anders continues, “Actors, sir?”

    What? That’s preposterous. There should be arms research going on there. What else would they be doing at a munitions depot?”

    Sir?” A voice of an aide can be heard a small distance in the background. “That says musicians


    Musicians, Sir.” The aide continues. “It’s a Musicians Depot, for the academy choirs.”

    Right, of course it is.“ Fredricksson snaps. “Anders. I want you to film as much as the festivities as possible. We’ll make sure to release it a day early and spoil all of the Omni’s Fun.”

    The com link does silent after a few seconds of obnoxious laughter from Fredricksson.

    So, do you think it’ll be as easy getting out?” Asks the helmeted agent.

    Let’s find out.” Replies Anders and we nods his head in the direction which they came in from.
    OTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTO|||||||||||||||||||||Serve Omni-Tek

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