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Thread: Mustarotta's Foreman (Biomare) Service for Hire

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    Thumbs up Mustarotta's Foreman (Biomare) Service for Hire

    Quote Originally Posted by Hopeasaukko View Post
    Service will be unavailable soon due to account being frozen in near future.
    Won't say exact date but lets say its quite soon. This of course means I won't be able to offer service when that happens.

    I'll be closing this thread but I will probably open it again when I get my paid account back which probably doesn't happen soon. Paying subscription fee is currently too expensive for me.. Gonna play froobs when that happens.

    I'm doing Foreman services with my paid Bureaucrat Mustarotta.
    My crat is able to solo any Foreman mob, including Captain "Rik-Rak" Jones, T.I.M. and Lab Director; he can escort you to wanted mobs & loots and help with quests, including quests for Alpha Clearance, Collar of Amplification and also Biomare Elite Daily mission.

    Foreman has level range of 1-100.

    This service underwent some changes in some areas; prices (lowered), level ranges for prices (removed), separate price list (removed) and few other things have changed too. I hope these changes makes this service more wanted than before. Please let me know if I should change anything else.
    Changes were made in Sunday, 26 August 2012, 10:54 UTC.

    Here are some examples of prices:

    These prices have 10m price cap (excluding YesDrops). For example 2x CDR + TIM scope + Recapture Beacon + Collar = 10m (instead of 11m).

    YesDrop items
    • 100k each (without farming, see below for farming prices)
    • Excluding Grid Armor I (5m), Nullity Sphere (10m), Grid Armor II (15m) Instruction Discs
    • If you want me to farm YesDrops (e.g. at Floaters, Bloaters, Alpha Bio, Beta Bio, etc.) then it is either 40k per killed mob or 1m per 10 min (time starts once we arrive to place where you want to farm). Please note that there are some mob groups (such as Bodyguards) which takes quite a while to spawn compared to time it takes to kill them. Please do not ask me to kill such mobs for YesDrop item farming.

    Escorting Service
    • from Alpha Zone to Alpha Zone, 50k
    • from Alpha Zone to Beta Zone, 100k
    • from Beta Zone to Gamma Zone, 100k
    • from Alpha Zone to Gamma Zone, 200k
    • from Gamma Zone to Delta Zone, 200k
    • from Alpha Zone to Delta Zone, 400k
    • These prices are from one place to another, not 'around Foreman'. You need to know exactly where you want to get escorted. Default starting spot is first room in Foreman.
    • Other services (such as NoDrop lootrights) already includes escorting fee. This service is used if player doesn't need kills, loots, quest or daily and only wants to travel from place to another inside Foreman.

    Other items and services are agreed individually.

    Important things to remember:
    1. Try to avoid going afk or at least tell me before you are going to do so. Try to avoid longer than 10-15 minutes afk. If you get ld during service then I'll try to wait for you about 15-30 minutes. If I crash or get ld during service then I'll try to come back in 5-30 minutes if possible.
    2. Having Clearance Card doesn't affect on prices but they make service faster and easier for you so please let me know whether you have one or not before we start. It also affects on amount of calmed and killed mobs during escorting.
    3. Listen to Team Channel. If I tell you to wait somewhere then you also should wait there. Follow instructions and everything should go fine unless something unexpected happens.
    4. I'll take payment after you have got what you wanted. Tips are allowed but not required or needed.
    5. You must not have PvP flag running on your character when teaming with me. This is PvM service and if you want to participate PvP actions then you can do it either before or after you have used my Foreman Service.
    6. Those with low Computer Literacy (for grid) can get fgrid from my fixer so you can go to 6L fgrid exit in The Longest Road. Do NOT use my fixer as taxi service!

    /tell Mustarotta
    /tell Mizufluffy
    /tell Hopeasaukko
    or post here what you need and which toon I should contact. Also time zone or when you are available would help.
    Note: Forum posts don't get increased priority over in-game messages but they do last longer compared to Offline Messages that are sent to me. If I happen to be online then in-game /tell might be faster.

    Please feel free to give feedback about my service if you like it or don't like it and how I should improve my service. Also questions about service and my crat are very welcome.
    Lack of proper feedback might lead to closing service if I feel people don't need this Foreman Service anymore.

    Events, Price changes and such:
    Last edited by Hopeasaukko; Nov 6th, 2012 at 11:10:27. Reason: Added note of future sights for service.
    Mizufluffy (220/30/??) MA # Hopeasaukko (216/27/??) NT # Mustarotta (100/10/28) Crat
    Mustarotta's Foreman (Biomare) Service for Hire (unavailable)
    Some of my froobs on RK2: Neuzoire, Denzyr, Hinami, Hinachan, Zetblanc, Dalanope, Chenin, Reandway (I'm more active on characters with yellow name)

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    good and fast service
    Eyesnuke (220/30 NT, Nano) - RK2
    Eyesxp (220/30 CRAT, Nano) - RK2
    Azubi (220/27 MA, Opi) - RK2
    Azuber (220/22 DOC, Nano) - RK2
    Eyesengi (214/25 ENG, Nano) - RK2
    Eyesburst (210/20 SOL, Atrox) - RK2
    Zortinor (190/16 TRA, Soli) - RK2
    Eyeslinf (155/21 ENF, Atrox) - RK2

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    Fast and reliable!
    He even helped me with ado progression quest too

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    Hi, I would like to buy LR to the HUD upgrade scope and also the collar of amp mission from the start for a level 40 Character.

    /tell Uberwild0, /tell Imxpstick /tell Scaryroar in game thanks.

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    I concour. This player knows his stuff. Fast, affordable, honest and reliable service.
    We solve the whole crime, we find the whole person.

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    EXCELLENT service - 5/5 for sure

    I ordered the complete Collar quest and also a T.I.M HUD Upgrade item

    I started L40 with slow/medium Run speed and the whole process took barely over 50 minutes

    In this time i recieved both items, got 10 levels! Yes 10 LEVELS in the process and some freshly made coffee all for the very VERY reasonable price of 15M.

    Really good service and very simple to follow even if you've never done foremans before

    Thank you again

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    Thumbs up Fantastic service

    Great service!

    Very professional. Got my tank armor in just a few minutes and some coffee to go with it. I definitely recommend.

    5 stars *thumbs up*

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    If u stil run this servicer, 1 collar quest.

    The toons to contact me on are in my sign, the toon that needs it has never been to foremans.

    ty for the fast service, went smooth and fast.
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    Excellent service! 10/10

    Calmed way to the director extremely quickly and problem free, used a nice array of scripts. All in all a very professional service!

    Great value if your lazy like me

    Highly recommended, i will be using again.

    Thanks, Biggy
    Biggy is noob, forever

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    Excellent service. I have used him twice and he delivers with a smile! 10/10 ~ 5 stars!

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    Excellent service, have used him a couple of times, very quick and extremely helpful 10/10

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    Exclamation Discount Event!

    During incoming weekend, 16th - 17th June (2012), full Foreman service price cap will be temporary lowered from 20m to 1m! (I think this is 95% discount?)
    This discount starts at 16th June 6am (to make this easier, it is 12 hours from date of this post) and lasts until 17th June 6pm GMT+3 (Finnish Daylight Saving Time). All other rules will still remain same, including rule: "GAI/GAII IDs aren't included in price cap".

    Get your character to Foreman! Need two CDR, TIM stuff, Collar quest, Gamma Clearance + other stuff? During discount time all that is 1m! One player has rights to use only one discount. No two, no three and no more than one discount per player!

    Important Note, to get this discount you can either:
    1. Send message in-game (/tell) to me when I'm ONLINE. Offline /tells aren't unfortunately counted. (Short note; If I'm offline when you send message, you can wait until I come to online and then you can try again. Offline /tell doesn't consume your one time discount chance.)
      -- Or you can --
    2. Send message to forum thread during time frame and tell what you would need and for which toon. Messages that have been sent to thread during time frame have one week (from posting) time to get used before discount for that message will be expired. In-game messages don't get this benefit.

    For example,
    1. You send /tell in-game while I'm online during given time frame and ask for Foreman Service, price is 1m and service starts immediately if I'm not doing service for another player.
    2. You send /tell in-game while I'm online during given time frame and ask for Foreman service, price is 1m and I'll put you on queue because I'm doing service for another player.
    3. You send /tell in-game while I'm offline during given time frame. When I log on, I'll discard your request for discount.
    4. You send /tell in-game out of given time frame, I'll discard your request for discount.
    5. You send post to forum thread during given time frame and are able to use my service with discount price when we both are online and less than one week has been since you posted message to forum thread.
    6. You send post to forum thread during time frame and unfortunately we can't see each other online during that one week, discount price will expire.
    7. You send post to forum out of given time frame, I'll discard your request for discount.

    You are still able to use my Foreman Service during time frame without discount price if you want or if you already have used your one time discount.

    If you have questions about this discount event then please post on forum so everyone can read your question, some other people might want to know same thing.
    Last edited by Hopeasaukko; Jun 16th, 2012 at 07:44:12. Reason: BBC was added for two lists
    Mizufluffy (220/30/??) MA # Hopeasaukko (216/27/??) NT # Mustarotta (100/10/28) Crat
    Mustarotta's Foreman (Biomare) Service for Hire (unavailable)
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    Excellent service, great prices. Quick, easy, reliable. A+

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    Exclamation Discount Event has ended.

    Discount Event 16th - 17th June has ended. Price cap has been returned back to normal, 20m. If there are posts coming to this thread after this post then those players don't get 16th - 17th June 2012 discount.
    Mizufluffy (220/30/??) MA # Hopeasaukko (216/27/??) NT # Mustarotta (100/10/28) Crat
    Mustarotta's Foreman (Biomare) Service for Hire (unavailable)
    Some of my froobs on RK2: Neuzoire, Denzyr, Hinami, Hinachan, Zetblanc, Dalanope, Chenin, Reandway (I'm more active on characters with yellow name)

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    Very professional! A++
    Dagger 220/30/70 Shade // Attempted 219/24/?? Enforcer // Canidae 180/0/0 Adventurer // World 185/26/32 Meta-Physicist// Cramp 150/20/35 Engineer
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mamman View Post
    Give shades love or we will stop buffing people!!

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    Super fast service, had my CDR in less than 15 mins. Will definately use again very soon.

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    I would like -

    Assualt class tank armour (enfo thing)
    Collar quest and full gamma etc access
    Kill TIM mission


    /tell uberwild00
    /tell uberengi

    WIll be online in roughly 5-6 hours

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    Exclamation Help request, offering discount as reward!

    I'm offering two (2x) 5m discounts for my service for people who are able to provide correct (and confirmed) information about level ranges on Collar quest & Elite Daily Mission.
    1. Collar quest level range information, 5m discount for Foreman Service Quest is most likely for level 40+ toons.
    2. Biomare Elite Daily Mission level range information, 5m discount for Foreman Service

    • Provided information should cover min & max level ranges when quest/daily can be get from npc/agency.
    • One person can provide both informations and get 10m total discount.
    • Only first person who provides correct information can get 5m (or 10m) discount.
    • Discount does not expire and it does not have to be used all at once and not even on same character.
    • If level ranges are found as false information later, but before discount has been used, then discount can't be used. Same happens if level ranges are changed by Funcom before discount has been used.
    • Information should be posted on this thread so others can double confirm it if needed or report it as false. This also lets me (and others) know who has rights for discount. Private /tell messages in-game are not accepted. Remember to provide name(s) of toon(s) who wants to use discount (you can add them later by using Edit function if you aren't sure about names when you are providing information).
    Last edited by Hopeasaukko; Jul 17th, 2012 at 08:37:05. Reason: Quest is most likely for level 40+ toons.
    Mizufluffy (220/30/??) MA # Hopeasaukko (216/27/??) NT # Mustarotta (100/10/28) Crat
    Mustarotta's Foreman (Biomare) Service for Hire (unavailable)
    Some of my froobs on RK2: Neuzoire, Denzyr, Hinami, Hinachan, Zetblanc, Dalanope, Chenin, Reandway (I'm more active on characters with yellow name)

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    A great service, definitely recommend.

    Very speedy and cheap!

    Will use again in the future for sure

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    Great help, proffesional and nice . Will use that service when ever i need something from foremans

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