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Thread: Week of April 12th, 2012: SALE ENDED!

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    Funcom employee Week of April 12th, 2012: SALE ENDED!

    This week in the Anarchy Online In-Game Shop!

    Lottery Tickets: 20% Off!

    Audentes Fortuna Juvat!

    Roll up, roll up! Anyone can be a winner this week with the Standard Lottery Ticket, now available for twenty percent off in the Anarchy Online Item Shop! For one low price, this wondrous item contains all sorts of fascinating stuff for your character to enjoy - Perhaps some new social gear? That leet pet you've been looking for? You might even hit the jackpot with one of our massive Token packages! No matter what no one goes home empty handed and every ticket is a winner! Test your luck with a Lottery Ticket today!
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