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    18.5 Known Issues

    As we become aware of issues and problems with the current 18.5 build on Testlive, we will be posting them here. Please note that you do not need to report these items!

    This list is supplemental to the unintended updates in the Preliminary Test Live Patch Notes.

    • The application file names have changed with this update. They are no longer "Client.exe" and "Anarchy.exe" and are now respectively "AnarchyOnline.exe" and "AnarchyLauncher.exe".
      You will need to update any shortcuts/create new ones. Please start AnarchyLauncher.exe

    • Disconnecting and reconnecting to an already-ingame character uses default prefs, not the character's prefs. For this to occur, the client needs to show the box saying "There is already a character logged in..." with the timer bar, and you must log into that character instead of waiting for the bar to time out.
      Logging out the full way (waiting the 30 seconds), restarting client, and logging back in will present the correct prefs.

    • Trading does not properly close the trade window for the recipient of the trade (the person who did not open the trade window).
      The trade still goes through properly; the trade window staying open is a client-side problem. You may safely close it at any time after both parties click Accept: The [x] button, Esc (if enabled), or moving away from your trade partner.

    • By default, the option "Always decline invitations to private groups" will be enabled. This will prevent joining chat-bots.
      To disable: F10 -> Behaviour -> Behaviour Settings -> Uncheck "Always decline invitations to private groups"

      This will be updated to default to off in a future update.

    • Every zone change, the connection to the chat server resets.
      This causes the "Welcome to Anarchy Online (Testlive)" message to show after every zone, and ejects players from private groups (aka chat-bots) on each zone.

    • Self-cast buffs off target casts (ie Drains) are not properly casting back on the caster.
      This is known to occur with most/all trader nanos, Sneaking Health Drain, Sacrificial Shield and Take the Bullet. If you encounter this with another profession's nanos, please file a bug report.

    • Adventurer wolf auras do not show in NCU or skills window.
      The aura is working properly server-side, however the client does not see the buff nano or the skill increases. These are still being applied and used for combat/damage calculations.

    • Characters in the character select screen will appear naked until you log in to them.
      This is not a bug and is a byproduct of how character data is stored.

      Resetting preferences will reset the character select to showing a 'naked' character, but will not affect the character on the server.

      Using multiple computers may result in the character select screen showing old gear until that computer has logged in to that character.

    • Show Others Effects setting does not update until after changing zones.
      This causes the night vision effect from Night Vision Goggles, Advanced Scent Sensor, etc to not deactivate until after zoning.

    • Energy effects (such as from Blades of Boltar or Kyr'Ozch Energy Rapier) do not appear in the character select screen.

    • Some research procs are improperly affecting the wrong target or not functioning at all.
      If you encounter a proc not on this list affecting you and not the enemy (when a hostile proc, or vice-versa if friendly), please report it.
      • Doctor:
        • Astringent
        • Atomic Blight
        • Dangerous Culture
        • Inflammation
        • Muscular Malaise
        • Pathogen
      • Bureaucrat:
        • Social Services
        • Wait In That Queue
      • Fixer:
        • Fish In A Barrel
        • Luck's Calamity
      • Meta-Physicist:
        • Diffuse Rage
        • Nanobot Contingent Arrest
        • Sow Doubt
        • Suppress Fury
      • Shade:
        • Shadowed Gift
        • Toxic Confusion
      • Trader:
        • Accumulated Interest
        • Deplete Assets
        • Payment Plan
        • Refinance Loans
        • Unforgiven Debts
        • Unopened Letter

    • Damage Over Time nano effects currently benefit from the full effect of +Damage on each tick.
      This is not intended and will be altered at some point in the future.

    • Using a beneficial AoE perk, action, or nano near same-sided city guards PvP flags the user.
      Known to occur with:
      • Bio Rejuvenation
      • All 4 Battlegroup Heals
      • Improved Pet Attention
      • All 4 Bureaucrat vicinity deroots (Corporate Leadership: XXX)
      • Courage of the Just
      • Some shadowbreeds:
        • Misery (Neutral Nanomage 3)
        • Rain of Light (Clan Opifex 3)
        • Hope (Clan Nanomage 2)
        • Life (Clan Nanomage 3)
        • Tunnel of Light (Clan Solitus 2)
        • The Choice (Clan Solitus 3)
        • Shield of Light (Clan Atrox 2)
        • Fortress of Light (Clan Atrox 3)
        • Misery (Omni Nanomage 2)
        • Death (Omni Nanomage 3)
        • The Choice (Omni Solitus 3)

    • [Testlive Only] The item shop is disabled on Testlive. This is intentional.

    A big thank you to the Council of Testers and all players who report problems as they encounter them. Without you, we wouldn't have found half of these!
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