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Thread: Restore ICE (CRU) in APF loot tables

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    Restore ICE (CRU) in APF loot tables

    Prices for armor went up ridiculously. All bot prices went up, prices for CRU went up. And people are giving up.

    So please consider restoring ICE (CRU) in the S10 loot tables, and add it to other Sectors too, S7, S13, S28, S35 mobs too.

    BTW I'm not asking for the bounties to be restored, I'm just asking for CRU to be restored in loot tables.

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    Restore bounties too, 101-150 battlestation is dead . I miss that bs it was so much fun. I use to have a blast being hella stoned in s10 just listening to music running around killin stuff and collecting credits, I got my 1k token board via bounties too. Now you go into s10 and everything is just standing still with a snare aura in it's ncu just standing there waiting to regain honor for it's alien leaders by slaying the evil omni/neut/clan murderers. Poor guys never saw it coming. oh and bump for oceans idea too.
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    Hell yea, its nearly impossible to get enough CRU to do any city raids.

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    I miss 150 BS too! I agree no bounties however, but CRU I believe we should get back in the loot table for all mobs in all APFs, without it, as previously stated, the economy got even more screwed and also it made a whole bunch of toons a waste.

    People are starting to give up on city raids, spiralling prices even higher!

    Please fix this FC!
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    Yeah I never understood why CRU went out of the loot too

    Bounties can stay gone, but put the CRU back and imo instead of adding it on regular mobs in apf just put more of it on the bosses, so half the team isn't slacking and clicking as fast as they can to loot every body before everyone else does (what happens in s42 where there are bounties)

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    Once upon a day, people knew that RK mission bosses drop CRU. And froobs farmed them to get some cash.

    I disapprove of these threads.

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    it's written in the bible.
    Matthew 23:13 "and the trader hath casteth bulk trader at the young age of 14. and it was good. and so he hath an extra 260 comp lit and he hath equippeth better ncu's. and it was good too.
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    Whats funny is that folks stopped picking up the ICE in s10 long before it got nerfed. I would go in and loot mobs for the relay pieces and get free ICE all the time. My little MA has bags and bags of it now (cause I am a hoarding nut and pick up everything).

    But now my useless toons can get city raids - cause "no let me joinee, no CRU for you"
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    i agree with ices needing to be put back into S10. that really wasn't hurting anyone from what i could tell
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    I'm suprised the chinese CRU farmers aren't back.

    Husold and loveicema with their scripted PM team invites.
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    restore bounties, limit the number of bounties can be turned into creds (5 a day is reasonable)
    restore ice, with half the droprate it had b4.

    this shld restore 150bs too. and can fund new players without 220s without messin the economy up.

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    Bump, ICE returning would be quite nice.

    Though begs the question; If a post is made on a forum with no devs around to read it, does it make a sound?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Merit View Post
    Bump, ICE returning would be quite nice.

    Though begs the question; If a post is made on a forum with no devs around to read it, does it make a sound?
    it may not seem like it, but devs actually do read the forums. kintaii locked my engine video thread minutes after it was posted

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ocene View Post
    Prices for armor went up ridiculously.
    You must be from RK2.
    Because Race Yalm

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    Quote Originally Posted by MajorOutage View Post
    You must be from RK2.
    yes sorry. I should have qualified that sentence.. RK2 prices became nuts.... 800-900 mils for a CC.

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    how about... if they dont want to have too much makeing it into the market to add daily style missions where you can get 1 ICE a day, wouldnt be offsetting any balance since it would flow out about as fast as it would flow in.

    perhaps, the same for the rewards but tone down their price, i believe there where also rewards with a lower price for turning in which never dropped (2 or 3 mil?) perhaps make those into giving 1 mil (about the price of a good quality pearl) and make it possible to only turn one in like a doja

    people can do the missions for their daily income and ice and the playfield wouldnt get overcrowded with "specialised" characters like it used to.

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    Price go up due to the fact that dailies/arid/kite/ost don't produce any loot.
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