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The Big Bundle Pack Bonanza! All Bundles 20% Off!

We're gonna need a bigger Yalm...

Looking for some new goodies to make life on Rubi-Ka a bit easier? Maybe you're on the look out for some new digs, or even trying to find that perfect fashion accessory. No matter what you're seeking odds are you can find it in one of our special Bundle Packs! And for this week only, you can take 20% off the price of ANY Bundle Pack available in the Anarchy Online Item Shop for massive savings! Wanting to know what all can you discover in our special package deals? Check out the details below!

The Homestead Bundle!

Your home away from home!

This special account wide bundle pack includes everything you might need to settle down as a new colonist on Rubi-Ka. With access to your own Portable Bank Terminal, Portable GMS Terminal, and twenty Instant Grid Beacons, you're ready to be a man/woman/atrox about town. But when you want to relax? See the sunny skies of Jobe from your balcony with the Jobe Luxury Apartment! This gorgeous apartment features full amenities, including a bed, bath, and Grid entrance, all with an amazing view of the Jobe skyline, and with account-wide access, one purchase ensures that every character made on your account will be able to enjoy a life of luxury. Make sure to pick yours up today!

Bundle includes the following:

  • Portable Bank Terminal x1
  • Portable GMS Terminal x1
  • Instant Grid Beacon x20
  • Jobe Luxury Apartment

This is an Account-Wide Bundle! All characters on an account with this bundle purchased will be able to access/claim its content!

The Best Of Bundle!

The best of the best!

Shopping around for a new look? Jealous of all the cool kids and their awesome social looks? Want to sample the best that the Anarchy Online Item Shop has to offer? Then look no further than the Best Of Bundle Pack! This pack features a hand-picked list of our top selling social gear, available together for the first time and at a deep discounted price! Outfit yourself with a pair of Angel or Devil Wings, check out the infamous Panda Mask, suit up in the replica Beast Armour set, and even try your luck at one of our Lottery Tickets! With a wide variety of awesome goodies to check out, the Best Of Bundle is bound to have something for everyone!

Bundle includes the following:

  • Happy Panda Mask
  • Angel Wings
  • Superb NipponTech "Metsuki" Sight Overlay Device
  • Manex Sound Enhancement Units
  • Devil Wings
  • The Beast Armour
  • Wicked Tights of the West
  • The Skull 'n Bones Shirt
  • Standard Lottery Ticket

The Uberleet Pack!

That's a whole lotta leet, yo.

Everyone's favourite rabbit/rodent/cute fuzzy thing is now yours to take home! The lovable, cuddleable, huggable, shootable leet in all its forms is here for you to enjoy, and all account wide! This special bundle pack gives you everything a leet fanatic could ever want, from leet transformations to social leet pets! And with the account wide feature, these amazing items will be available to every character on your account, both present and future! Don't miss out on this amazing deal!

Bundle includes the following:

  • Premium Nano Crystal (L33t Transformation)
  • Premium Nano Crystal (Pronouncement of Magnanimity)
  • Spooky Leet Pet (Halloween Leet Series 1)
  • Terrifying Leet Pet (Halloween Leet Series 2)
  • Winter Leet Pet (Holiday Leet Series 1)
  • Alien Invasion Leet Pet Key

This is an Account-Wide Bundle! All characters on an account with this bundle purchased will be able to access/claim its content!

The Notum Pack!

Get closer to The Source.

Feeling tired? A bit run down? Need a pick-me-up? Then check out the Notum Pack, here to help you get back on your feet with an awesome assortment of amazing goodies! Designed for the colonist on the go, the Notum Pack features items to help you get back in the fight quicker, with both the Premium Healing Laboratory and the Premium Nano Recharger AND all of their associated upgrades! What's that? You want more? Well, how about an "Insight into the Shadowlands" Nanocrystal, perfect for exploring all the nooks and crannies of the metaphysical realm. And as if that wasn't enough, this special package also includes ten Premium Experience Constructs, just the thing to help on those long nights of hunting. Whether you need a boost or a helping hand, the Notum Pack is right for you - Take a look in the Anarchy Online Item Shop today!

Bundle includes the following:

  • Premium Nano Crystal (Insight into the Shadowlands)
  • Premium Healing Laboratory
  • Premium Nano Regain Laboratory
  • Premium Healing Laboratory Upgrade Kit x4
  • Premium Nano Regain Upgrade Kit x4
  • Premium Experience Construct (20%) x10