This week in the Anarchy Online In-Game Shop!

All Grid Beacons 20% Off!


Gotta get somewhere in a hurry? Then the Instant Grid Conversion Beacons are the item for you! Activate this beacon any time, any place, anywhere (on Rubi-Ka) to be instantly transported directly into the Grid - Perfect for when every second counts. All Grid Beacons are 20% off this week in the Anarchy Online Item Shop - Make sure you don't miss out on this special deal!

Valentine's Day Celebrations!

You say money can't buy you love? How about some free goodies instead!

This is the last week to enjoy this year's amazing new Valentine's Content, now available on the Anarchy Online Live servers, and we still want to help you celebrate the love! All during the Valentine's festivities the Anarchy Online Item Shop has free candy and more for you to enjoy - Check out your Claim Tab for your free Valentine's Day goodies!

Phasefront wants to take you on a love cruise!

And don't forget the amazing, limited-edition Phasefront Elamorado, Phasefront's brand new jumbo-luxury offer, perfect for any newlywed sweethearts! This colourful (and very bright!) offering will be vanishing from the shop next week, so make sure to drop by the Anarchy Online Item Shop to pick up yours today!