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Thread: Ya wanna fix something - give RK mobs better xp, make RK matter again!

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    Ya wanna fix something - give RK mobs better xp, make RK matter again!

    Ok this is my take on leveling in this game - at this point in time leveling is very limited to certain areas in the game, mostly in the shadowlands.

    As seen in the various topics about the key quest changes, one thing is painfully obvious: Leveling in this game is a RUT, through and through, there are simply not enough options to satisfy a playerbase. So my suggestion is a simple one, one that will put AO on it's way to make it's leveling that much more enjoyable!

    Increase RK XP... all of it. From RK missions to dungeons, to outside world hunting, RK needs to give more xp. This gives us more options, and betters us to mix things up when leveling. I can't tell you how many times my suggestion to do borgs, RK missions, or IS have been shot down by people because "it doesn't give enough xp".

    Now people might think "well this gives froobs love! who wants that?!", I simply have this to say: SO WHAT? Who cares if froobs are leveling faster? Shouldn't it be gear, effectiveness and extra places to explore that entices new subscribers? Froobs very rarely get to team with fully paids, and when they do it's mostly because that fully paid is feeling "sentimental" or "wants to give it a try" then to really level.

    I hope you heavily consider this FC, this will heavily boost morale of your playerbase. This will let us have more fun.
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    Ya wanna fix something - give RK mobs better xp, make RK matter again.

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    Give shades love or we will stop buffing people!!

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    inf missions get really boring, really quickly. I'd love to see RK give more xp

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    Its sad that RK doesnt matter anymore. So many beautiful , unused, zones.
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    I totally agree with you.

    What FC did when they changed the key rewards was make it so people wouldn't be afraid to get SL keys when they could use them the most, which I guess would mean more people willing to do ado hecks, pen mishes, alappaa, anything, I don't know, but they wouldn't have to endure a run from ely.

    But then they got everyone complaining about having no way to level at tl7 besides inf mishes, and how they can't stand do grind the same thing over and over again or they'll just die (Nice example). RK has so much stuff in it, it could be a great leveling alternative to inf mishes, and of course at all other levels too.

    Froobs would be losing the incentive to upgrade and get faster leveling, but they would get to team with all the paid people, and see all their uber stuff, that THEY could have if they upgrade. And that's a nicer reason to upgrade imo, it appeals to people besides hecknoobs Along with that, froobs would hit 200 faster, and have even more reason to go paid, being right on the edge of the 'real' SL content, with 5x the skill increases they got as froobs.

    And of course, it would be easier to find teams, and more fun to level, for everyone when froobs actually have people to team with, and paid people have twice the area to level at.
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    Bump for anything RK
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    I would co-sign on this idea.
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    A cat is fine too. Desudesudesu~

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    But rather lower XP on hecklers and SL mobs to RK level.
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    it's written in the bible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shareida View Post

    But rather lower XP on hecklers and SL mobs to RK level.
    I cant co-sign on this idea. Better xp from SL is just one of the reasons you benefit from paid accounts.

    But I would not be opposed to maybe 5% xp increase from rk content. With gauntlet buff, player city, xp stims and crat, RK outdoor hunting and rk missions easily provides great xp.
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    SL mobs used to give same xp as RK mobs.. but nobody bothered because they were excessively difficult. So nobody bothered with SL... now nobody bothers with RK :S
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    RK as the main leveling playfield with decent leveling gear easily obtainable. SL with less xp per mob but better equipment. As long as difference in xp or quality of gear is not huge it will work. If the diference is to big it would create (again) funneled leveling and equipping areas. Ofc it will never happen and if it did it would be screwed up by excessive alterations.

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    I'll bump this, but only if they increase the hardness of RK mobs along with it. Sometimes I get lazy and don't upgrade equipment on my paid characters and then still go tear my way through tough RK solo mishes like a hot wax through buttery milk. The XP would be way too easy otherwise.
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    Well, obviously some adjustments would have to be made so that level 200 RK mobs don't give the same xp as 200 SL mobs, so that you get the same xp relative to the difficulty of the mob and SL doesn't become as obsolete as RK is now

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    *Signs Happily!*

    A balance is needed of some kind, granted...this does try to push for FC to make more money, this does push people to want to PAY to get better experience and better play...but I do think there should be a increase of some kind.
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    SL xp is currently one of the selling point point of expansion but you know what ? Lets have something more even, RK mobs should be better but outdoor (non hecks) SL mobs too.
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