This week in the Anarchy Online In-Game Shop!

Portable Bank & GMS Terminals 20% Off!

Keep your mind on your money, and your money on your mind!

Take your business on the road with the awesome Portable Bank and Portable Global Market Search Terminals! With a Portable GMS Terminal you can search the Rubi-Ka Global Market from anywhere you like, and the Portable Bank Terminal gives you on-the-go access for all your storage needs! Remember, the permanent Portable Bank and Portable GMS Terminals are account-wide and will be available for all characters on your account so make sure not to pass up this awesome deal!

Valentine's Day Celebrations!

You say money can't buy you love? How about some free goodies instead!

While you're out and about experiencing the fun new Valentine's Content available on the AO Live servers, the Anarchy Online Item Shop has free candy and more for you to enjoy! Check out your Claim Tab for your free Valentine's Day goodies!

Phasefront wants to take you on a love cruise!

And don't forget the amazing, limited-edition Phasefront Elamorado, Phasefront's brand new jumbo-luxury offer, perfect for any newlywed sweethearts! This colourful (and very bright!) offering won't be available long, so make sure to drop by the Anarchy Online Item Shop to pick up yours today!