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Thread: Week of Feb. 9th, 2012: SALE ENDED!

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    Funcom employee Week of Feb. 9th, 2012: SALE ENDED!

    This week in the Anarchy Online In-Game Shop!

    Valentine's Day Celebrations!

    Love is in the air on Rubi-Ka, and we want to help everyone celebrate!

    To go along with all the awesome new Valentine's-themed content hitting the servers with the 18.4.15 update, the Anarchy Online Item Shop also has some free goodies for you to enjoy! Check out your Claim Tab for free candy and more!

    Also make sure to check out the cool new Valentine's-themed social goodies for sale, including the very awesome (and very bright) Phasefront Elamorado, Phasefront's brand new jumbo-luxury offer, perfect for any newlywed sweethearts!

    IP Reset Packs 20% Off!

    Time to try something new? Now's the perfect time with all IP Reset Packages discounted at 20% off! Take advantage of this special offer while it lasts!
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