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    Change suggestions

    Hello Community, Developer, Producer, and my cute Lindelu Game Director

    atm. we can farm from different boss mobs items to build a city sauna building
    why not for all the other buildings too ?
    we have only to farm ql300 virral serum and the other parts we can buy cheap into a shop.
    every players are able to build his own 1,2,3,..."Loot City´s" with full ql300 advantages for farming endless Bots.
    we have to many farm citys.(autoattack engi /afk /pet hunt)
    every create his own org with epeen names or some problems into the org´s let them split.
    "thats stupid"

    my change suggestions:
    City CC = cloaking device to make the city invisible for alien attacks
    CRU = energy battery for the CC
    remove the CRU makes the city visible for alien attacks.
    CRU power lost every hour a few % = player have to refill the cru % into the CC
    if the cru % into the CC is to low = city visible and a randome alien attack starts.

    we have a NPC into our city hq´s / improve him.
    add items to all boss mobs.
    org members have to give the NPC into the HQ this items (same like the gauntlet buff NPC)
    more org members (bigger orgs) = more advantages
    this advantages are options to order from the Org-HQ NPC different temporary NPC´s into the city
    - a tradeskill NPC who build implans or other stuff
    - a Buff NPC for twinking
    - a shop NPC with different items like implants/cluster/ncu.....
    - a NPC for .....
    more items returning = higher NPC level with higher ql of items he offer only to org members
    up to ql250 or ql300 implants/cluster (with or without nodrop flag)

    city NPC´s are killable from the aliens
    city buildings are damageable from the aliens up to a shutdown from the advantages from the different buildings.
    city repair order buyable from the HQ-NPC.

    this way makes bigger org´s and a better community.

    Next point from my suggestion is...
    more alien attacks at Borealis, Rome, Newland, OA........
    with much more and higher level aliens as we got into the past times
    let them occupy this areas that we player have to raid them down to use this places.

    let me fight to different alien outposts and from there up to the mother planet from the aliens.

    enough for now, write what you think about it.


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    Sound like some good ideas Brampfine. I really do like the idea of a dynamic city that grows and shrinks with the org's activity and power. I would love to see the org city become more of a home and hub for the members. Giving a greater incentive for an org to get out and do things together to earn some extra bonus' back at home such as...

    - Quick travel options from the HQ to various PvM zones
    - War room with buff npc's and quick travel from HQ to any owned tower fields for quicker defence
    - Access between buildings without having to zone outside.
    - Grid access to exit into the HQ (instead of outside)
    - Access to all commonly used terminals
    - Player houses within the HQ

    I would also like to see a better way of managing invitations into the org city, such as org alliances and personal invitations to allow other players into the social areas of the cities.

    The way I see it, the orgs city should be their home, instead of being an abandoned shell that you go to for raids or to check your player shop once in a while. We all love AO's community, and I think improving this side of things within the org city would be a good step forward.


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    I like this idea but im in b4 the "nonbumpers" get here. Is there even a real point to having a real city any more besides the shop ?

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    Towers, if anyone still hits them. Nothing like a city deep in PW or EFP to mess with people.

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    The current system, although i don't fully understand the storyline mechanics, doesnt seem to make sense. The charge of the CC stays constant, and we want to keep it low to keep it hidden from aliens...

    From my understanding, the aliens are "eating" the CRU, and when there is a lot of CRU in the CC they can "smell" it. Im using analogies of course. The cloaking device "masks the smell" but only to a certain extent. I dont know if aliens would just attack a city if it didnt have any "food".

    So there are reasons I like youre idea, and reasons why it might not make sense (granted, these contradictions are more like excuses made by FC to avoid contradiction with the original method).

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    The primary problem with making the city a "gathering point for players" is that the number and level of aliens in a city raid is controlled by the number and level of org members in the area.

    If you've ever been city raiding with a team of TL 4 toons when a TL 7 goes to check his shops, you'll know the result is usually a disaster.

    Aggrevating this problem is the difficulty zoning in to the HQ. Raid goes south and you can't hit the zone point to save your life.

    So for that idea to work AT ALL there would need to be a way to enter/exit the HQ that doesn't require venturing through a combat zone, and that method needs to be available to all players regardless of level or CL score, and must be easier than the current methods.
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