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Thread: I Have Been Shot and Backstabbed

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    I am greatly saddened by the great tragedy taking part on the planet Rubi-ka.

    -As many as you may be aware, the assassination attempt to kill me was a failure.
    I wear flags to represent my people, but as hatred boils, I find it is also my life on the line as I stand for my planet with my flags wavers.

    Though I am still bloodletting I will still address my people of the planet Rubika. Though this will be a much shorter speech since I have recently been shot and backstabbed.

    -I understand the great diseases of the newengine, a terminology still in works. But the people of Rubika are not well.
    This 'Newengine' disease has dictated the lives of my many friends and colleagues. Who have not stepped outside their Jobe apartments for years since the first symptom.(reactivation)
    Since I had been shot and backstabbed this morning, I see this conflict in new light.

    I have prayed for a ever powerful means, as many have. But it seems null and void. Planet Rubika is not the planet it once was. As your president I cannot deny the change of this planet. but these changes are not progressive.

    The discovery of the shadowlands in the atmosphere has pushed us deeper into the psyche of what makes us all, Opifex, Nanomage, Solitus and Atrox alike. It has pushed us further into ourselves.

    I ask that all fractions join the peaceful people movement. We will be the first one on the moon before the Leets. Though it is certain, if a large number leave this planet, the sphere body of Rubika will be pushed further off balance.

    There is no equilibrium in a chaos stricken crazy crazy world we live on-

    What can I ask of my people of Rubika? All I can ask of you is not to rely on a ever powerful means of existence, because it does not exist.
    The 'newengine' disease IS HERE, but its symptoms are of the classic cold.
    One thing is for certain, and that is that we are all trapped on this planet. And only you can prevent the spread of the unsubscribe 'newengine' disease!

    Sincerely, Your President,
    I told you, I do not know who Xestile is!

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    Or be smart and take the first spaceship of the rock to the nearest other rock and prevent getting infected by that decease. It's what I did and so far I dont seem to be infected at all.

    Grz Chaup

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