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Thread: Friday with Means - November 18th, 2011 - Agent Document vs 1.2

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    Funcom employee Friday with Means - November 18th, 2011 - Agent Document vs 1.2

    Here is the first version of the Agent document after some alterations suggested by the professionals. Conceptually most of the toolset changes and adjustments can be seen in this version. There are still some changes to conceal being considered at this point but they are not reflected in this document and certainly not set in stone. A special "Snipe" special equal to two normal hits (instant with an independent timer, not requiring conceal, and using the AS Skill as an attack skill and having the possibility of crit hits) is also not reflected in this document. Raw numbers in this document are exactly that...Raw....and will be adjusted after the final version of the redo of the Perk document that is absolutely essential after the overhaul that all the nanos have received in the time between the previous perk document and the last profession nano document.

    Also enclosed is a Solitus Female head we received this week from the Beijing office that we are quite pleased with.

    Have a great weekend everyone

    Agent v1 Nano Document Feedback Thread
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    OMGZZ Almost first!!!

    OMGZZZZZZZZ I made it!!!!!!!!!!
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    O.o second?
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    yay and nice document
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    Something bothers me about that head. I'm not quite sure what.

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    Cool stuff, hope the document is balanced n stuff.
    Nice head

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    Also I would like to see my head please and thank you!
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    omg agents
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    Decent head, want to see more
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    first page... a first
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    first page!

    Btw, Means, you are great - Answering all those questions. Kudos to you!
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    First page?
    Seems so ^^
    Nice stuff there, Means

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    brüste wären besser als kopfe means^^ nur mal so am rande

    plz tell Waldgeist to translate "Answers from FWM November 11th, 2011 Questions" in german forum.
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    1st Page? no wai!
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    1st page

    And major kudos for the Q&A session. Puts a fair amount of worries to rest.
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    Yeah thanks for answering my question from last week, not gonna say I'm pleased with the answer tho.
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