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Thread: List of items that should be stackable

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    List of items that should be stackable

    Not sure whether this has been done before (wouldn't surprise me), but It's about time a list is created so that a bored dev who stumbles across this might actually consider it.

    I'll start off with a few items that i think should be stackable, and everyone can add to the list as they see fit. any reasonable or plausible suggestions i will add to list below with your name beside it.

    stuff that has a range of QL's probably wouldn't happen, I'm thinking.


    Full DCSD's
    Empty DCSD's
    Notum Infusers
    Fragments of the Source
    Pocket boss patterns
    Pocket boss crystals
    boxes of ammo (yeah, i know)
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    Lead Viralbots - Mireiawen
    Personal Furnace - Stigman
    Empty first aid stims and treatment kits. - Misterbishop
    Secured May Fly Throwing Grenade - Firezus
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    Saba Gems
    Perennium pieces for weapons (of same QL)
    Silver/Gold/Platinum ingots
    Uncle Bazzits things used for AI armors

    Well, pretty much anything that is used alot in tradeskill processes, as long as you can't accidentally spend a whole stack to single item.
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    Hacker ICE-Breaker Source
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    Personal Furnace

    I've only been asking for 2+ years now i think.
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    I don't see a reason for empty backpacks to stack ... but I'm for the rest.
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    Empty stims and kits for tradeskilling your own first-aid and treatment stuff. One of the stims stacks, the other stim and both kits don't. Please fix.
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    Secured May Fly Throwing Grenade, it's annoying to have 2 bps full of the 2 tradeskill componets in your inv for using it once every 20s

    Ok, maybe I'm the only one who uses them

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