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    Tabula Rasa

    ((okay guys this is gonna be completely separate from Zander's dilemma and the reason will be explained about a week from now I have Eine's full backstory completely fleshed out and finished HOWEVER because he is now a wanted criminal there won't be time to put anything up related to do with his past as its explained in this journal entry everything he possessed is now gone so his past is completely destroyed or is it?))

    Journal entry 6 *corrupted data pad*

    The blood.. oh god the blood it hasn't left my hands. It has been a week and already my memories have become quite clear I was responsible for the deaths of so many. I was also responsible for espionage and yet.... as clear as my memories have become I still see somebody at the end of it. I don't know who she is but I feel as if I met her before and after that just darkness. God the darkness is the worst bit. I wandered around newland desert with tattered clothing, blood stains and my cyberdeck scrambled. All I could remember was the clarity and certainty of what my mind was telling me and the worst part is... I can almost believe it. The details were so real so unforgettable and yet it seems as if I am missing something. Something very important. I am confused and lost the worst part is I don't remember who my friends are now and I have very little knowledge of what is to come.

    I remembered my assignment I worked as a clan spy within omni-R&D. I remembered stealing valuable technology however I also remembered that my cover was blown. Omni-tek hunts me now. But its strange I remember everything about what happened in my assignment however there are little things that make me question myself. Who is the girl at the end of it and the sudden blackness? Something else is frightening to me this data journal its.... new and recent I lost my old one. Where is all my information where is my past several months of assignments? I remember everything up to what happened after my cover got blown four years ago with the 4 holes incident and yet... There are still gaps in my memory.

    Whats worse is I have absolutely nothing of proof of where I have been or any kind of evidence I have been anywhere except running and hiding about in rubi-ka for many years from omni-tek but that can't be right. I can't even remember who my friend's are and its scaring me. Something even worse is happening I no longer have any knowledge of my research its all gone. I have nothing, I know nobody and the only thing I remember is the girl at the end of my memory and the black out. I am a wanted man now. It seems almost eery I think I was a marked man at one point in my life but I can't remember. Nowhere on Rubi-Ka is truly safe now. I no longer know what to do now that I am lost. I can't remember my friend's and my established home is no longer safe sometimes I think about heading back into the shadowlands and leaving rubi-ka entirely again.

    However the technology and means I have to leave rubi-ka are likely being monitored closely by omni-tek. Nowhere is ever truly safe for me anymore. I have few options and the last few are ones I shudder to think about. I will have to kill again maybe permanently its the only solution. They will never stop looking for me. I will have to find out everything I can about this situation. I will try to remain strong.... I must remain strong I can't let Omni-tek beat me. I need leads to find out what happened. I think I may have to bait myself to get answers I will definitely need help but who can I ask? who could possibly help me if they believe I am a criminal?

    *data pad shuts off with smeared blood all over it*

    ((feedback and comments appreciated again hope you all have fun with it))

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    ((Will read in a bit. Interesting name!))
    AO - JukeJoint "Nuhmudiira" Jezebel - 208/18 Trader - Omni

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    journal entry 7 *corrupted data pad*

    I have been contacted by one of the other "fugitives" he seems lost as well and yet.... he was as paranoid as I was. I realized that we were both being tracked either that or something else much more dangerous was going on. My maps and other forms of communication are scrambled the only time that has happened is if I was being tracked or I had recently come out of a combat situation. His name was Kott's he was on the run as much as I was alongside a few other of the fugitives i had no idea who they were or even what the hell was going on... My memories of that day eclipsed everything else. Nothing else remained except the day 4 years ago when I sabotaged Omni-tek's defense grid and stealing data vital to their operations. Everything after that day is a complete blank. Nothing adds up and every question I try to ask is met with more.

    I met Nulion aka "Kenneth Age" he said he claimed he knew me but how? I don't even remember who HE is? The worst part of it is what he told me... everything he has told me seems to conflict with what I remember from 4 years ago I worked for Omni-R&D? I was a spy working undercover for them. When did I work for them? everything I was or have been able to piece together was placed within a data chip apparently I had given him this chip. I have no idea why I did though. For some very odd reason I seem to believe and trust him its scary I think he might be telling the truth but at the same time.... What is the truth to me? my memories which are pretty clear of that day that happened or what he has been decrypting from a protected data file? Something or somebody is blocking what I am trying to remember. Just when I seem to be grasping a solid memory it slips away only to be replaced with the horrific nightmares 4 years ago.

    I have not been able to gather up the courage to speak to anybody else... I can't risk it as I told Kott's somebody may be actually tracing me... If that is the case I am in danger just as much as anybody else who associates with me. The real question I suppose I gotta ask myself is how far is Omni-tek willing to go to keep on hunting me? For now I have held back what I said I was going to do on that article I will not spill any blood until Kenneth Age can provide me some answers like he claims he has. If the answers are not to my satisfaction then I will gladly wreak as much havoc as I can against Omni-Tek they have NOT got me yet they won't get me EVER.

    For now I am going to lay low and find a decent hiding spot only this time I might actually try the shadowlands nobody will find me there... not yet though I have to bypass Omni-tek they are definitely going to be monitoring the whompah's any other potential access I could use there is completely scrambled my recall beacon devices don't work. As far as reclaim goes my insurance is still based in old athen city however.... I don't know how much or how far i can trust the reclaim here it isn't as foolproof as it is in the shadowlands. I will only feel truly safe by using shadowlands based insurance technology. Such technologies are not under the prime dominion of omni-tek at least I hope they are not but to get to the shadowlands as I stated before will not be easy for now though I will lay low and wait.... only patience can win this fight.

    *journal shuts off with warning* **potential data failure replacement mandatory***

    signing off

    -callsign- Freezan

    Eine Zanders
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    Meanwhile...up in the Sunrise Station orbiting Rubi-Ka...

    "Ah...finally, looksss like it'sss done. Why would he have usssed sssuch ssstrrong encrrryption?"

    Ken took a seat in his office chair, flicking away a small flake of shed scale-skin, hissing gently to himself, glancing back at the "DECRYPT-COMPLETE" message that flashed across the holo-screen. It's about time he got to the bottom of this...

    The words of a kind of journal spread out before him on the screen, and all Ken had hoped for was a little more of an idea at what the hell was going on...

    __________________________________________________ __________________________

    I have found my old lab its in immense ruins and its in the shadowlands I have not had time to explore it. A lot of my assignments have kept me busy. I hope to at least find out what happened there. In the mean time I have decided to search for an old friend I noticed he "appeared" in the communication channels but I have yet to communicate with him I have had flashbacks and some pieces of my memory of him and yet I hope to talk to him soon he may shed some light on what may have happened to me.

    I have finally found my friend the other day "shadowpsych" he gave me my data files on who I was and slipped me a small container and whispered to me of viralbots. This is scary stuff viralbot technology is what aliens use in their everyday life some even say its what they are made of.
    After pocketing it I spent some time reminscing with shadowpsych and some other people I asked if he remembered a girl from my past and he mentioned audrin. After that we went into some discussions but audrin never left my mind.

    I had a full flashback of when I met her it was several years before the incident which landed me into a coma. She worked in omni-med while I worked as a nano scientist for omni-R&D. We both had very great futures to look forward to and things were starting to look up. I remembered proposing to her we would have been married. Fate it seems is without its ironies her job got more dangerous she got involved with a project that made her question her medical ethics. My job got more interesting as well but with it came the secrets. Our relationship was based on secrets and pretty soon it got to a point that we both couldn't cope with it.

    I chose to resign rather then risk my life any further to spend time with her. She chose to stay in omni-med regardless of the questions. Bit by bit I was losing her. soon enough the questions she left unanswered started plaguing me. The secrets she had grew worse and each time we met I saw that haunted look in her eyes it was killing me. I confronted her about it and she wanted to tell me but each time she tried she froze up in fear looking around and being wary as if she was being watched. One day she left a datapad out with one of her projects and I saw it.


    a memo is being sent out to all omni-med employees a quarantine is being issued in your sector failure to comply will have penalties up to a fine of 250,000,000 credits and possibly permanent death. the Quarantine is as follows:

    all medical assets are to be seized pending further investigation
    those infected in the quarantine are to be isolated for further study and if possible put into a habitat to accelerate the effects of their illness. If infected you must turn yourself in to the nearest medical personnel. Failure to comply with these orders will have you fined or executed for treason and being a public danger that is all and remember omni-tek is your friend.

    My god it was so cold and clinical before I could read any more of this memo Audrin came in and took it away and started screaming at me. The fights were just the beginning of the end. I had more then enough of it I told her that there were to be no secrets she had to tell me what set her off. After that happened it was the last time I saw her. The next day I found audrin dead with a syringe and some nanite encased stims. She left me with nothing else but more questions as well as guilt and grief over her death. The official story was suicide but being a man of science as well as some forms of medicine I would have recognized the effects of an overdose her death seemed far too su****ious for it.

    I sifted through her personal belongings before omni-tek had seized most of it and was able to find some clues to what she was working on but nothing solid or concrete her computer was already confiscated as it was considered property to omni-med. In the end I had to hire the help of a hacker an old friend of mine who was an expert in both computer and grid science he helped me attempt to track down vital information to what may have happened to audrin.

    The closer I got the more dangerous things seemed to be. I found various bugs and plants within my own apartment. I was being watched. It got worse someone outright told me to back off. I should have taken the advice but I was stubborn and persistant in the end those two traits nearly got me killed.

    I gained a small bit of data to a very dangerous nano-virus something capable of wiping out A LOT of people it was still in its experimental stages. Unfortunately I never got very far with this bit of information. Omni-tek stormed the place we were in. My hacker friend took the brunt of the assault and fell dead I recognized the pattern of the wounds as well as the weapons those soldiers were using, he was permanently killed. it seemed as if our attackers were of omni military alignment but I couldn't see their faces as they were hidden by masks. They were silent and grim in their determination to kill us.

    I fought back leaving a trail of destruction and bodies in my wake. it was brutal I escaped with few scratches nothing serious however emotionally and mentally I broke down. The levels of violence I used shocked and terrified me. I came very close to ending my own life permanently that day. The only thing that stopped me was my memory of audrin and everything else that mattered most. I could NOT give up hope if I died then Omni-Tek will have already won. I knew that after that level of violence omni-tek would never stop searching for me I was a marked man. I hacked into my own files and wiped out any traces of my existance to throw them off my trail.

    After I did that I severed all ties with omni-tek and joined the clans faction. I had failed audrin and my friend paid the price for it. I vowed from then on to always find the truth because to do less would make me a monster of the very same caliber as omni-tek. Sometimes violence doesn't always work and in my case it didn't solve anything I had lost any traces of proof when we were fighting the information terminal was destroyed and with it any chance of finding out what happened to audrin or what omni-tek even did.

    I was back at square one in my search of what happened but with the awareness of what my carnage did I realized that violence wasn't the only solution to problems. Sometimes you have to seek the truth out and unveil it. Sometimes you have to believe in hope or at least an idea that is much greater then your own. Once that happens your enemies will fall.

    Signing off

    Eine Zanders -callsign- Freezan
    220 Finalizer (FINALLY, after 3 years without a single ding!) Nulion, Squad Commander (And Council of Truth Clerical Staffer) of Alpha Omega

    Once upon a time, I dreamt I was a butterfly...Suddenly I awoke...Now, I do not know whether I was then
    a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming that I am a man. - Chuang Tzu

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