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    The deserts. The air was filled with sand as pure as dust, blown at incredible speeds. These sands could shape monumental statues of stone or simply erase mountains. There was no sun, no moon or stars, yet an earie light lit the moving dunes. The sky was furious, intens electromagnetic activity criss crossed the clouds of sands that formed a blanket over the desert. Every second mighty pillars of blinding lights dimmed by sand carried upon the winds cut the air all around, crashing into the ground shaking it. Yet one could not hear the crashing thunders from the heavens, as the howling winds silenced all else.

    Agnes reached out in front of her, clenching her fist in the air. Drawing her hand in front of her and turning her back into the wind. Her long sand colored cape sorounding her while its two longer ends fluttered in the winds next to her.

    She slowly opened her fist...looking down upon the sand she just cought in the wind. As she flattened her palm the sand was blown away once more, rejoining the mad race in the air.

    Hell...she tought. Why would the clans care so much for this miserable place. Straping her rifle once more, she continued her walk on the dunes, every step sinking in the sand all the way to her ankle. She adjusted her helmet and breathing apparatus. It molested her. Her vision was restricted and the air she got through the filters tasted like iron, thanks to the ionized atmosphere.

    She was doing something called special reconnaissance. This far north sattelite imagery and even arial reconnaissance was notoriously unreliable. The thick sand storm clouds covered the sky more often then not, and the electromagnetic activity in the air made most sensory equipment useless. So some brass in Omni-1 decided that she will have to go...and take a look herself personnaly. It was suspected that the Sentinels could be moving gear and men during the storms, while the eyes in the sky where blind. She was air lifted to a few dozen kilometers from a known Sentinel outpost. She was to walk there take a peak and walk back to her extraction spot in a few hours. She did not get why the Omni AF sargeant in charge of providing her gear insisted that she carry an enviormental suit and a couple of days worth of rations. The sargeant, a rugged muscular man with short cropped gray hair and a dark tan, just raised an eyebrow and shook his head when she informed him of her mission.

    Now she understood it all. She was asked to walk into hell on her own.

    Suddenly the side of the dune she was descending slid out from under her feet, and she rolled down the dune in an avalanche of sand. When she finaly reached the bottom and slowly managed to stand up again, she atempted to localize herself again via her global positioning system. But the damn gizmo decided to stop working, flashing a No Signal sign. With a sigh she turned around. The she noticed. Blinking blue and red lights in distance. She could not distinguish anything but the lights. Shouldering her rifle she looked through the termal scope. Nothing besides the heat emanated by the lights. She slowly began walking towards the lights with her rifle shouldered.

    Slowly she could distinguish the shape of small sandstone buildings and communication equipment. She found her objective. Diving into the sand, she began slowly scaning the camp through her scope. No activity. After nearly half an hour of observation she decided to approach the camp. She was about to begin crawling towards it when she suddenly noticed under the flash of a lightning a figure exiting one of the buildings. The figure was clad in dark brown cape with a hood. He was carrying something in its arms. She have taken aim. She was prepared to open fire if the figure noticed her...

    ...a sharp pain and burning sensation set her back on fire. She let go of her rifle letting lose the loudest scream she could...yet even she could only hear the howling of the winds. Suddenly losing strenght and feeling her body go cold she sank her face in the sand. Unable to move.

    Moments have passed. Each moment an eternity. Questions, doubts, pain. Then she felt as a gentle arm rolled her over. A man was kneeling over her... an assault rifle strapped to his chest and wearing a deep brown enviormental suit. The man took off his helmet... and looked down upon her. He was young... his face marked by tattoes and scars she often seen on the faces of clanners in grid feeds. The man slowly taken her mask off...istantly her nose and mouth where filled with sand, mixing with blood...the sand even got into her eyes making her almost unable to see...the man pulled a glove off one of his hands, she could feel the dry rough hand caressing her cheeck...darkness fell. In the last moment she understood... the man was following her probably for a while now. She understood, that she did not belong in that desert...she understood...

    Moments... moments of sharp pain, cold and dampness. As she opened her eyes she was blinded by the brightness. She felt like she never used her eyes before. After a while of blinking and slowly trying to move her arms and legs she could finaly begin to make out figures around her... she was in a white room...on one side there was an OT medic making adjustments to some medical equipment apparently ignoring her...then an old rugged, muscular man, with short cropped white hair and tanned skin stepped into her field of vision...she recognised the sargeant who equiped her for her trip north...

    The man had a wide smile on his face. Then he asked in a playful tone.

    -Well girl? What have you found in the north?
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    The ship shaked and creaked as it exited FTL. The bridge crew rallied to their posts and stern captain was giving out calm routine orders while sipping coffe.

    Ships usually exited FTL far away from the outer rims of any destination solar system in order to reduce chances of collision and to take their bearings for the final approach and deceleration process. In the Rubi-ka system this was further complicated by the alien presence.

    The ships electronic sensors and telemetry equipment sprang to life, and screens all across the bridge where flooded with data and charts. The navigation system began syncronising with the new telemetry. The ships position was determined in minutes.

    The captain ordered the adequate course adjustments and the ships sub light engines lit up beginning to decelerate the ship. After some careful adjustments the ship has taken an elliptical decaying orbit around the sun at the edge of the solar system.

    The engines where shut off, leaving the rest to thrusters and gravity alone. Within days the ship will intercept Rubi-ka’s planetary orbit. The reasons for the slower, more indirect approach where to fold.

    One on hand they where cutting heat and electromagnetic emissions in hope to avoid any unwanted alien attention, on the other hand Smith needed time. Earth is far away from Rubi-ka and he has been out of touch with recent events for a while now. Just as the ship needed to take its bearings, he now needed to take his.

    As soon as the ship had a clear direct line of sight to Rubi-ka, he used a direct laser transmission to send a request for updated information from an automated communication satellite belonging to Omni Tek, but which was also used by his partners as a private communications station. While information encoded in laser transmissions had the advantage of making interception improbable, it suffered from the disadvantage of being rather cumbersome and limiting communications to packages of encrypted data.

    Smith looked up from the com terminal, noticing the ships captain look down upon him from his padded command chair, still sipping coffe.

    -Yes captain? Is there something on your mind?
    -Mr. Smith, all this is highly unusual. Trying to slip past the alien blockade instead of simply waiting and joining one of the ICC convoys headed to Rubi-ka…this is a unnecessary risk.
    -Captain, I am paying you and your man, more then adequately for the risks you are assuming. Further more, it is not up to you to determine what is necessary or not, as long as you are being paid enough. Am I correct?
    -Of course, of course. I am merely curious.

    With that the captain turned his command chair towards the opposite side of the bride, apparently studying the three dimensional charts displayed by holographic projectors.

    A few days have passed since they entered the Rubi-ka system. Finaly they where entering the final phase of the approach to the planet.

    Smith closed down his projector and removed the tiny green disk from the reader unit. The information package he requested arrived only hours before. There was a lot of information to go through and assimilate.

    Standing up he slid into his long black coat and slowly buttoned it up, finally slipping the green disk into his pocket. Then he left his quarters and headed towards the bridge.

    As soon as he stepped on the bridge, it was like falling into a hornets nest. People shouting back and forth, barely or completely unintelligible mix of military and naval jargon.

    He moved next to the captain’s chair putting a hand over the chair’s back for a firm hold.

    -What is going on Captain?

    The captain replied without looking up from the information pads he was studying.

    -We have entered the final approach phase. But we have ran into a problem.
    -An entire alien battle group is engaging the Battle Stations over the planet. Also the Unicorns have apparently mounted a counter attack. They are using assault shuttles to board the alien ships and unload commando units. We are going to have to fly through all that. Once we are in low orbit we should be relatively safe.
    -And do we have a plan to achieve all this?
    -Yes we do. As soon as we are in radio com link, we will identify ourselves with the planetary defenses. Then light up all the engines and try to gain as much speed as possible to reach the planet as quickly as possible. Once in high orbit we will use the engines and a atmospheric breaking manoeuvre to try to slow down once again and land.
    -Will this work?
    -In theory. Return to your quarters Mr. Smith and strap yourself in for the ride.

    Smith walked back to his quarters and done as asked strapping himself in the secure chair he had bolted to one of the chambers room. Almost as soon as he done that, the ship shook itself alive and he could feel the acceleration provided by the main engines.

    As the ship entered the battle space, quick alien and human automated drone fighters zoomed past it and around, like flies dancing a deadly dance around a light. Beams of light where spit out by the arms of the Goliath stations, the lights crashing into the sides of larger alien ship, simply passing through their hulls, tearing huge chunks of the alien ships.

    The small but quick civilian ship entered and exited the battle in seconds, its engines emitting a blinding light as they spit out ions to accelerate the ship.

    Suddenly Smith could feel as the entire ship jolted and he was pushed against the belts of his seat, as the ship began to decelerate with full power once more. Then the shaking started.

    As the ship approached the planet’s shimmering atmosphere at an angle, it dived into it, immediately lighting its hull up, first colouring the heat shields red and then turning the whole ship into a ball of fire.

    Yet instead of descending much further the ship began to gain altitude after a short while and soon it once more emerged from the atmosphere. The ball of fire disappeared, but the heat shields continued to shimmer bright red for a few more seconds until the cold of space turned the hull black once more.

    In the short few minutes it taken to achieve this, the ship circled the entire orbit of Rubi-ka once, and now it was a direct intercept course to the Morning Star Space Station.

    The captain’s voice filled Smith’s quarters.

    -Ladies and Gentlemen, we are in orbit over Rubi-ka, under the cover of the planetary defenses. We are approaching the Morning Star Space Station and we will be docking within the hour. Thank you. Bridge out.

    Smith strapped himself out of his chair and stood up, it was time to begin the final preparations.

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    High above the city, almost atop of one of the highest buildings there was a small terrace. The terrace looked down towards the city center. Lacking safety barriers standing upon it’s edge would create a frightening experience as one suddenly felt lost between the abyss and the sky.

    The only thing upon the terrace was a gray metallic bench, perfectly matching the concrete in colour. As she exited the elevator and looked upon the dark gray sky drops of rain fell upon her face, sending cold shivers down her spine. She could see a bald gray skinned dark suited, slightly over weight man sitting upon the bench with his back to her.

    She waited to be given instructions. After a while standing in the rain in silence she decided to approach the man. She slowly walked around the bench standing attention in front of the man.

    He looked up and his face immediately moved into a big fatherly smile. Still she could not help being frightened by the mans dark green eyes which looked upon her, looking into his eyes felt like looking into the space beyond the edge of the solar system, seeing nothing but endless darkness.

    -Sit please. He tapped the open space next to him. –I hope you don’t mind the rain. I like to have these chats here…in this city one can hardly find a place where there aren’t a dozen cameras and two dozen informants eavesdropping.

    She laughed nervously. It was an odd joke from this man. The Omni Intern Ops insignia marking the black suits buttoned up neck and sleeves.

    -Agnes…Can I call you Agnes? He just continued without giving her time to answer. I must inform you that your performance on your first OP was rather…disappointing. There has been talk about ditching you. A desk job. Or maybe a transfer to Omni Pol.

    He looked deep into her eye. The rain began to fall with even greater intensity, the accumulated water from her hair running down her cheeks. She shivered. But it was not because of the rain, it was because she felt like the man was looking deep into her skull, beyond her eyes, into her brain. She gathered herself enough to reply.

    -I understand that my failure could have put the department into an uncomfortable position. But I promise sir that…
    -Your failure is your own. You where not the only asset on the ground, we have the information we been looking for. We would never put everything on one card my young friend. He interrupted her.
    -I see. I understand. – The fact that she was completely on her own dawned upon her, although she also felt relief knowing that the department wont need to a scape goat to blame a fiasco upon.

    The man looked away once more, looking down upon the city. He slowly smiled to himself and continued.

    -Not all is lost. I believe you still have potential. So I got you a second chance. A last chance. He looked upon her once more- Will you take it?
    -Yes sir! Anything sir. I will not fail again.
    -I am sure you wont. Don’t expect anything glorious. It is better then a desk job. And it is a way back into the Departments graces.
    -I will make the best of it sir.
    -Very well. –He draw a small green disc from his pocket and handed it to her. – Here are you orders. You will be moving to Borealis and joining our small unit there. Keep your eyes and ears open. Borealis is a hotpot of whiny discontent neutrals and claners looking to pick a fight, to find a shady deal or anything of the sorts. Catch me a couple of agitators, a few nasty rebels out to do their worst and you will be back in Omni 1 before you can think of it.

    He stood up and stepped to the edge of the terrace, with his hands behind his back, looking down the city.

    -But keep your head low. ICC has its lapdogs all over the place. The clans come and go as they please. We are standing on a fine line there. We are a police force. And an occupation force. Altought it is rightfully ours, others will deny our right. So we must keep a close vigil. Enough petty village governaments of Newland sorts and we sure as hell don’t need a nother clan piss pot.

    He looked over his shoulder.
    -Go now. We have already assigned you a flat in Borealis and packed up your things in your flat and moved it. I expect you to report to your unit commander by tonight.

    She stood up. Gave the man a nod and began walking back to the elevator. The heavy rain fall turned into a storm. As the elevator doors opened she turned around and shouted a question over the noise made by the city and the storm.

    -How did you know I will accept?

    He shouted back without looking at her, yet his voice carried over the storm.

    -I am not in the habit of taking no for an answer my dear.

    She could almost imagine his smug smile as she stepped into the elevator and the doors shut behind her.

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    2 Years ago.

    A group of Omni Pol troopers clad in black armour ran out of a side street, making their way through the crowd that was trying to escape the square. As they approached the Whom-pah terminals to reinforce the few Omni AF troopers the roar of gunfire increased from the street leading to the Grid terminal.

    A small group of colourfully dressed but heavily armed clanners ran under the cover of the walls from corner to corner, pursued by a group of Unicorn Company and Omni AF troopers. As they ran cover from cover, they occasionally halted and the rear cover of the group which was made up of a couple of Atrox and Solitus soldiers carrying heavy weapons stopped, turned and laid down a rain of fire on the pursuing group of OT soldiers.

    The Omni Pol and Omni AF troopers around the Whom pah’s attempted to create a defensive perimeter while the square slowly emptied of civilians. As they where attempting to organise themselves, two Shades simply stepped out of thin air and with a series of fluid dance like movements they mutilated several of the troopers breaking the forming line and creating a distance between the Whom pah’s and the retreating OT soldiers and officers.

    As the main group of clanners reached the last cover on the corner of the square and the main street before entering the square they split up to the two sides of the street and began firing upon their pursuers.

    The OT security forces ducked for cover. In the same time a massive walking military mech stepped out of the Whom pah leading to the ICC hub and opened fire on the dispersed OT soldiers around the terminal, forcing the soldiers to take cover around the different public stands and statues in the square increasing the open area around the Whom pah. Meanwhile the Shades ducked for cover behind the mech’s pillar like armoured legs.

    As soon as this happened the main clan group broke from cover and continued their run towards the Whom pah, occasionally turning to lay down cover fire or to fire upon the dispersed OT soldiers covering around the square. Suddenly several rocket propelled grenades roared through the air impacting the mech frontally. The huge machine shaked under the detonations, but remained standing. It turned towards the source of the fire and unleashed all of its weapons in the general direction.

    As the clanners finally reached the Whom pah they began rallying around a tall gray bearded Atrox sporting a shotgun the size of a normal human being.

    -Is everyone okey? Are we all here? - The Atrox demanded to know with a roar.

    Shouts of aye, yeah, present were the answer as people accounted for their presence.

    -My brother is missing Jack. I don’t see him! One of the female shades covered head to toe in tattoos and wearing little else but the tattoos shouted.
    -I can’t take this crap much longer! – a mechanical voice came from the giant mech towering over the small group.
    -Where the hell is he? Did anyone see Aktria’s brother?
    -I think I have. –the mechanical voice from the mech replied.
    -Where? –the shade shouted?
    -East alley.

    As the heads turned towards the alley a dark haired tattooed faced soldier ran out of the mentioned a street in the aforementioned direction, his assault rifle strapped across his back and in his arms hugging a giant public trash can.

    -Give him some cover fire!

    The clanners opened fire on every direction while trying to take cover themselves around corners and the behind the mech. The young man ran through the square hugging his trash can, his active Total Mirror Shield flickering under the hail of impacting projectiles.

    As he reached the mech he managed to duck behind it, just the second his TMS dissipated into thin air.

    -What the hell do you think YOU are doing? Roared the Atrox with his head turning tomato red as blood ran into his cheeks.
    -I got myself a little souvenir chief. It’s not like I come to Trade District every day. I figured I get myself something to remember the occasion by.- the young man answered with a laugh.
    -You little... This is not a damn sight seeing trip you moron!

    The Atrox turned around and shouted…

    -Move out! Let’s get the hell out of here. I think we already over stayed our welcome!

    Just as he managed to say that a large group of OT mercenaries sporting top end gear and a backed by several Unicorn Specialists entered the square spraying their cover positions, with bullets, plasma, harmful nanites and a rain of chemical and radioactive fire.

    Several other rockets impacted the mech. The machine fell on its side with a massive thump and one of his shoulder mounted cannons just exploded. The Opifex driving the machine climbed out trough the cracked cockpit and jumped behind the wreck of his machine. The clanners began slipping through the Whom pah leading to ICC HQ, while the soldiers of the group laid down cover fire. As the final few stepped trough the soldiers also jumped into the blue light of the open Whom pah.

    The man with the trash can was amongst the last out, firing his weapon with one hand as he held his trash can filled with bullet holes in the other.

    As the last of the group arrived at ICC HQ they simply collapsed on the ground exhausted. The man with the trash can was sitting with his back to the Whom pah, laughing full heartedly, with his trash can laying on the floor just next to him.

    The female shade stepped up to him, with launched a massive kick into the mans stretched out legs.

    -Moron!-she shouted, then turned her attention to one of her wounded companions.

    A small group of onlookers formed around the group and several ICC peacekeepers taken up positions to secure both the Whom pah’s and the group itself.

    -Who is in charge here?- an ICC officer demanded to know.
    -I am. – the Atrox stepped up and confronted the officer.
    -OT channels are filled with your little stunt. Omni Pol and Intern Ops will be here shortly, and they will be demanding us to hand you over. I suggest you be all somewhere else by then. I am not in the mood of a jurisdiction pissing contest today!
    -Gottcha. Thanks man.
    -I am not doing this for you. I am just trying to save myself the trouble. Now get the hell out of here, or ill throw you all trough the Whom pah back into Omni Trade.
    -You heard the man! Move out folks! Move it, move it! –the Atrox shouted at his men.

    Slowly the group began slipping through the Whom pah leading to Tir.

    A few minutes after the last clanner left ICC HQ. A group of several OT officials escorted by heavily armed OTAF and Unicorn Company troopers arrived trough the Whom pah into ICC HQ.

    The ICC officer stepped up to meet the groups leader.

    -Welcome to ICC HQ. Anything I can do for you today?- He asked while glancing at the large armed group.
    -I have an arrest warrant for a group of terrorist whom just minutes ago raided Trade District. They are accused of terrorist activities, murder, use of illegal weaponry, damage to OT and public property and theft of public property. – The OT official handed a green holo sheet to the ICC officer listing the offenses committed and the official warrant.

    As the officer ran trough the list, he noticed at the very end of the list-


    -he could not help himself but to burst into laughter.

    -Do you find this amusing Sir?- the OT official asked with a stern expression.
    -I do. I am sorry, but I really do. A trash can? Really?
    -A crime is a crime. And theft is theft.
    -Indeed. This will be remembered as the Great Trash Can Raid! A crime that will enter the history books.

    The OT official blushed with anger and ripped the holo tablet from the officers hand.
    -Your superiors will hear about your refusal to collaborate!- with that he turned around and marched back trough the Whom pah leading to Omni Trade, followed by his escorts, while the ICC officer continued to laugh, and shake his head amused.

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    ((As it happens....I have one of those very trash cans in the kitchen of my apt. ))
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    The city was covered in clouds of smoke from burning piles of trash and tear gas. If one looked from above he could see a long and tightly packed line of crowd from the Grid Terminal and Jobe Whom pah all the way through the main street leading to the Whom Pah's on the other side of the city.

    The crowd was waving signs announcing "Free Borealis","Death to Omni Tek!", "Omni Scum" and other messages of similar tone.

    A thight packed cordon, several lines deep of Omni Pol riot control troopers was holding the high ground at an elevation of main street leading to the Whom Pah's. On both sides of the street the roof tops where filled with Omni Pol sharpshooters, while the sky was criss crossed by Omni Pol dropships that pointed they powerful searchlights at the crowds.

    In the square where the Whom Pah's where, the large open space was used as a landing area for the shuttles and dropships bringing in additional Omni Pol reinforcements and OTAF mechanized units.

    A small group of Unicorn Company and OTAF troopers formed a checkpoint around the Whom pah's themselves preventing protesters to cross and bypass the Omni Pol cordon.

    Agnes was standing on top of the building housing the Fair Trade commercial complex, from her position she could see trough her scope, all the way back to the Grid Terminal. She was there to keep an eye on the crowd, spot potential OT employees mixed with the protesters, and to atempt to spot and tag the Neutral leaders amongst the crowd, so Omni Reform, Omni Pol or Omni Intern Ops could pay them a visit later.

    The noise was defening as the crowd kept chanting slogans. She opened up a sweet chocolate bar to help her with the wierd sensations coming from her stomach.

    -What a pile of crap- she said to herself and threw the wraper into the crowd. Stepping onto the very edge of the building she watched the wraper glide down the air currents into the crowd. Suddenly something drew her atention. A familiar face. Her attention focused on a man wearing a long black cloak that did not fully hide the bulging armor underneath. The dark hair, facial tattoes it reminded her of someone, but she could not place the face.

    She attempted to run a facial recognition program, but suddenly a massive detonation draw her attention. Omni Pol decided to detonate an air burst crowd control bomb over the crowd near the Grid.

    The shockwave knocked most of the crowd of their feets, scrambled their NCU's and caused temporary sensory disorientation. In the same moment a large unit of Omni Pol troopers came in through the grid. Wielding riot shields and stun batons they formed a line around the grid and then started advancing towards the crowd clearing a landing zone for a shuttle. The shuttle brough aditional reinforcements and was to serve as a forward command post where they could retreat if needed and where they could gather those arrested.

    In the same time the cordon near the Whom pahs opened up allowing the military mechs to walk into the crowd. The sharpshooters along the street on top of the building started droping canisters of tear gas into the crowd.

    -This will be over soon- she tought. She atempted to locate the man she spoted before once more, but it was impossible as the crowd was swept by thick smoke.

    A large number of Omni Pol troopers in riot gear charged into the crowd from the direction of the Whom pah.

    She sat down , rested her rifle across her legs and opened up a nother chocolate bar. Hoping this wont take too long.

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    (( and u call it "omni-tek refridgerator? ;p ))
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    ((No, I call it PBFs future home. Now stop highjacking this rockin thread.))
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    15 years ago.

    ICC ships streaked over the sky, as smaller drop ships landed amongst the ruins, picking up the scattered survivors or dropping off medical teams.

    The war was over. It turned most of the planet into a ruined, radioactive dust ball, but it was over. Nobody gave a damn about such a remote, isolated mining colony. So when the rebellion started against the company, off world mercenaries where brought in to “remove” the problematic population.

    When the rebels dug in, and the company could not progress into the cities, they simply levelled them. It was then, that finally news of the death camps and the nuclear bombings got out. Forced by public pressure, ICC stepped up and ended the war.

    While the company was forced to submit to sanctions and most of its board had to resign, it too survived the war. The planet was to be reorganised as a penal mining colony, with a permanent ICC oversight. For those rebels who did not wish to stay ICC offered the chance to get off world.

    With the ICC peacekeepers, came a large contingent of Omni Med personnel. Their medical technology did wanders and achieved miracles. But not even they could save Lukacs’s wife. The radiation, biological and chemical contamination, combined with starvation taken its toll on her. And she died days after the end of the war, on the bed of a OT field hospital. Leaving Lukacs with 2 young kids to raise.

    Finally an OT recruiter approached Lukacs with a flier and a contract. OT always needs experienced engineers, who know their way around mining. The recruiter told Lukacs about Rubi-ka, a chance to start anew. Free housing, a guaranteed employment, affordable health care and a decent pay. Lukacs knew little about OT or Rubi-ka, the planet wide information block out the company ran for centuries did a good job in keeping the population ignorant. All Lukacs knew was that Rubi-ka was literally on the other side of the galaxy, and it was the only known source of Notum.

    He did not wish to raise his children on this irradiated hell hole, filled with bad memories and the scum of the galaxy. So he signed the contract, and in days he found himself and his daughter and son, aboard a ship in route to their new home. Rubi-ka.
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