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Thread: The Fireplace Room [RP]

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    The Fireplace Room [RP]

    [GM voice:]

    The fires crackle and spark. But that is the only sound; the only movement. The couches facing them wait for Rubi-Kaans to grow weary from their adventures and come to relax, shrug their armour off and take in the atmosphere that Reet Retreat's high supression gas levels help to maintain. They await the stories, the gossip, the intrigue, the mystery and yes, even the drama that the planet's characters bring with them.

    For now, the Fireplace Room is empty.

    But for how long?
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    Going first

    Rojer Redesine appears in the doorway. He clutches his arm as he crosses to one of the couches and as he sits down new shadows are cast by the red light of a healing program. Noticing the trail of blood drops on the carpet, he looks around sheepishly in case anyone saw.
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    Waltzes in, with a bit of a stagger, bottle of Hit-the-floor-Jack in hand...
    What's wrong with you? And, may I ask, who are you? Don't think I've seen ya here before.
    Plops down on the sofa across from the fire, stifles a "hiccup!" and allows her eyes to wander round to the ground.
    Looks like... someone spilled a bit of ketchup. I always miss the Reets cookout.
    Kicks her feet around in disappointment, wiping a few strands of hair out of her eyes.
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    Okay, okay! I give up. I had an argument with a hydra. He thought that three heads are better than two. And obviosuly I had to correct this... or try to, at least. Turns out he had quite an eloquent argument.

    And um, I don't have any domestic maintenence programs.

    I'm Rojer. Or Red, whichever. You?
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    Shakes head in confusion
    When I asked what was wrong I was just wonderin' why you're here all by yourself! But, Alrighty.
    Covers her mouth for a moment as her cheeks puff up and continues...
    I'm Nuh, Nuhm, Nuhmoodeara - whichever variation suits you. Nice to meet ya, Red.
    Nuhmudiira's head bobs to the side a bit.
    I wonder what keeps those fires burning...
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    Oh right... And here I was buffing up to resist arrest.
    Grins and then looks into the fire.
    Someone once told me that the free-flowing tears of Omni-Tek made flamable by their rage fueled all fires on Rubi-Ka.

    This one might just be wood, though.
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    You needn't fear arresht around me. The armor and the label are only...
    Nuhmudiira hiccups shamefully and follows with a quick swig of Jack
    ...a pershonal memorial to what I ushed to be.
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    What did you used to be? Were you a Hit-The-Floor-Jack QA taster? If so, I can see why you might need armour and a label.
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    Nuhmudiira laughs
    I may be a bit of drunkard now...
    Trails away in thought for a moment.
    ...but I ushed to have friendsh. I ushed to work for the besht organization out there.
    Lowers her head
    They're all gone now, though. All of 'em. Now I'm jusht a drunk woman with lotsh of gunsh who hides around...
    Blinks momentarily and quickly decides to shut her blabbering mouth.
    Enough about me, though.
    Waves her hand around for no particular reason.
    What do you do? Aside from being eaten by hydras.
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    Hiding? Sorry to say it, but you're not doing a very good job. I think I found you! And I didn't even need to buff.

    I do a bit of this, a bit of that. Mostly salvage at the moment...

    Thinks for a second.
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    Salvage, you say?
    Nuhmudiira's eyes bounce lazily from left to right
    Planetside salvage? I had a team of alternative salvagers a while back, lost 'em. Almost lost my life, too.
    Loses her trace of thought
    Say, you wouldn't have happened to shee that giant leet in Borealis, did ya? Haven't seen one of them since the good old daysh...
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    Excuse me...
    Nuhmudiira stands up abruptly, legs buckling...
    My wrist communicator seems to be beeping...
    Swiftly heading for the door, she mistakenly leaves her three-quarter empty bottle behind.
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    Clicking his heels together Tom turns sideways, looks down and tilts his head as Nuhmudiira slips out of the doorway as he enters.


    Turning to his left he takes four steps into the fireplace room and looks directly at Redesine.

    You honestly just let that walk out the door?

    Chuckles with a sly smirk on his face.
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    Hmm? Oh, yes. She looked a little on the leaky side of the bottle.

    Nods towards the open bottle.

    And I've had enough stains for one day. But hey, here's an idea for you: You could try taking her bottle into the Ladies' for her. That's gentlemanly, right?
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    Approaches the bottle with an almost twinkle in his eye before picking it up.

    This is a fine vintage. It must be at least 15 or 20 days old.

    Presses his lips together as he swirls the nectar gently around in the bottle.

    Perhaps I will attend to this for her in her absence... Say, you don't mind if I smoke, do you?

    Reaches his empty hand around to the back of Omni-Armed Forces utility belt that is holding up his camo pants.

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    Nope. One more fire can't hurt. So what brings you to Rubi-Ka's true centre of culture?... Apart from the "sights"?
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    Takes a few steps backward and leans against the back of one of their chairs before he taps the soft pack of Laughing Gofle Cigarettes he removed from his belt pouch against the chair's back, pushing one up to rest comfortably outside of the pack.

    You know, mostly restraining orders. I'm really not allowed within 500 feet of most of the other clubs anymore.

    Raising the pack of cigarettes closer to his mouth he pauses briefly.

    You want one?

    tilts his pack of cigarettes in Redesine's general direction

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    Walks in through the door wearing a night gown and slippers and holding a cup full of steaming liquid in her hand.

    Hi there.

    Plopps into one of the couches and yawns terribly.

    How's it going?
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    Peers at the logo on the cigarette packet.

    Gofles, eh? Classy, but no thanks. I've developed a taste for these:

    Takes out a cylinder that says Faffel Kerfuffel: Specials on the side and then looks over to watch Ana sit down.

    Hi, is it nap time already?
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