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    Apf 13 28 35

    Has anyone had a problem with getting agg from the rookie, troopers, towers without even attacking them. Beofer you ask I deleted all buffs did not buff anyone in team. My doc dies as soon as the fight starts. I have petitioned this and no answers. And no I do not attack at all or have any team heals running or perks running. I could understand if I was a noob and this was my first toon but I have 17 220's and this has never happened before.
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    No healthbuffs either like Omni Med? Theres a minor heal on that one too.

    Edit: In any case if someone in team attacks him and you heal that person ofcourse it will attack you
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    You probably know it already, but there is a chance that was a problem, so im gonna ask anyway... Have you used xp pistols by any chance? Seen those making people go wtf in apf
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackyou View Post
    but I have 17 220's and this has never happened before.

    The game probably decided you needed more challenge
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    I just started farming S10 again on Monday, and the mobs there display the following behavior: after a fight is initiated in a normal manner, the mobs very often start attacking an arbitrary other player in their line of sight.

    This happens even when the player they should be attacking has knocked down half their HP, the other player that the mob goes after didn't heal the first player, and the second player is too far away from the first player for the mob to normally notice.

    S10 does share many dynamics with S42 and possibly the other sectors. So, I'll say with 99.995% certainty that this is, indeed, a bug.
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    The s10 issue from what I can tell is because people snare, run past or do other things and while they are killing something else they are building up agro (heals, hots....)with the snared mob. Snared mob gets attacked by someone new on their agro list and it goes for whoever the mob had largest agro with. Well thats the general idea I picked up. Too many training n00bs in there who only care about themselves.

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