Pistols locked and ready to rock.


Synthetic adrenaline coursing through my veins, increasing heart and metabolic rate.


My eyes are bloodshot, my breath is rapid and quick. After sending a few escaped prisoners to an early grave, my hands couldn't stop shaking. The high was exhilarating. The ultimate game of hunting and killing man, to me at least...it is something akin to art.

...And I definitely took some lead-based creative license.

My commlink sent an alert, probably a new bounty. I ignore it. Too fast...too fast, I can feel my heart beating too fast. Probably the burst of speed stims I've been taking. I make a mental note to cut back.

I draw my pistols out of their holsters for inspection. Blood on the barrel. I thoroughly clean it off, cursing myself for being so negligent. Of course the close range emptying of a few clips into my prey...scratch that...target, probably didn't help with the tiny splatter problem, but what can you do? My art is my passion, and sacrifices must be made for perfection. Even if that includes drenching myself in their blood from blasting round after round into my enemies skull at close range.

My guns thoroughly cleaned, I holster them and proceed towards newland city. I hear there are opportunities there for people with my....skills. I inject another speed burst stim, for good luck.

Wait. I was supposed to cut back on those. Oh well.