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Thread: How can I trust these Implants??

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    How can I trust these Implants??

    I am often told that I should be invested in implants-

    But I was not born with implants, It is not right.
    How can I trust a rebellion market??

    I know a guy who had a recent brain transplant and he's not the same,
    "I need mocham" He'll say! "I can cast a higher pet" Often he'll write
    But he's desperate for buffs -he'll do anything now for them.
    He is trapped in his implanted brain!

    How can I trust Clan shops, when most of their objects are second hand.

    But I cannot purchase from an Omnitek shop, I am discriminated.

    I am apart of: The Peaceful People Movement
    But I am treated as a criminal!

    This is not right!

    I told you, I do not know who Xestile is!

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    Buy from neutral shops under good supervision of an experienced augmenter. That will ensure you get the right implants to boost those feats of your body you need most, while limiting the chance of malfunctioning equipment or just going insane.
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    No... Implants are not safe... I have seen what they do to the Biofreaks and the Eyemutants outside of Omni Entertainment. But there is a way around this. For years now I have cleaned my implants of their prior owner's filth and inserted into them only the highest quality clusters. You have to tenderize the implants to get the old clusters out. Fixers are good at tenderizing meat with their nimble fingers so adept already at picking locks.

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