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Thread: Hello Rimor

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    Hello Cora,

    I would best assume that you are a very similar size if you were in my Dimension Atlantean; Our Dimensions are very similar but also very different.

    Hello Bubbacrush,

    I fear I have been reluctant to respond to your post because I thought you were dead: When I first made contact with this dimension: RImor.
    I read your obituary; I thought my receiving data from you was a mishap of my science and that you were simply a spirit;
    ha!(reminds me when I found myself lost in the fixer grid!)

    Hello Edta,

    I can see that the main point in battle station is the center, but if we were to spin the station;
    ha! (It would be like a flying ninja star)
    -I suppose I consider it to be similar to an old toy made many many thousands of years ago called LEGO
    These building blocks are what many of our famous structures are made of on my home planet; The saturated colors are too much fun.

    There is also a concrete sense of structure the ancient LEGO structure has, but yet it is quite malleable.
    -This conflict as we know it has to change and adjust, but with a forward thinking attitude.
    I can say I do not think the resource titled: NOTUM.
    Is sufficient

    I can agree that I need to work on my solutions, but i cannot do this alone!
    I am only driven by the urgency and sake of your dimensions -Rimor

    I told you, I do not know who Xestile is!

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    The rumours of my death are a make of fiction, which I helped perpetrate.
    Towerblock, 220/30/70 Engineer
    President of Steadfast

    And way too many alts...

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    omg...deja vu !
    AO: ▐ Renamed 220/30 adv▐ Giit 200/30 NT game over setup▐ Somethiing 199/21 Confused Sold▐ Sixunder 158/21 tard ▐ Eightup 150/20 flex▐ Giitjiit 57/6 NT▐
    FFXIV: Giit Paradisian - 50 CNJ/White Mage - Hyperion server

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    well i can easy say this is rather interesting, i would love to see what you used to be able to communicate trough dimensions.
    Made me rather, curious..
    If not, then id suggest a trip to omni-reform dear.

    -Lani wannja
    Director of Omni-com

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