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Thread: Where is the weather forecast?

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    Where is the weather forecast?

    I understand that RubiKa is a dusty planet -I have only been here for a short while. But i'm finding regular task rather difficult in these storms.

    I find each time that I try to catch a tan in the desert, a storm appears out of no where.

    Where is the forecast Rubika!?

    Omnitek cannot afford a weather man??

    My towels are always sandy, rubika's storm patterns are really a beach!

    -I am not a member of Omnitek, but if Omnitek has regulated possession of the main resources of the planet I would hope they would take responsibility in the citizens that keep it alive.
    Workers are frustrated and there is STILL a strike in the subway. I cannot get around; I have to walk through this dust.
    Where is a comments and complaints box?
    Does my opinion not matter??

    This is the worst vacation I have ever received Omnitek!

    A very angry traveler
    I told you, I do not know who Xestile is!

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    Damn tourists
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    Because we said so.
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    I am unamused. I strongly suggest you don't unamuse me further
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    This nano blocks CH. This is intended.

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    Ironically, the best selling Rubi-Ka Souvenir is those little bottles of sand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leadbelly View Post
    rubika's storm patterns are really a beach!
    This is shorely the best desciption of Rubi-Ka weather I have ever read. Well done, sir, well done.

    But, yes the weather control (or lack thereof) can be highly inconvenient. One minute you can be enjoying a sandwich on your apartment balcony, the next you get sucked right off!
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