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Thread: Anansi's L/R Hands

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    Anansi's L/R Hands

    I know for sure these guys could be killed by shades before 2006. But now, it just seems impossible for us solo. Any suggestions or does one need assistance?

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    Forget it, no chance in hell. 6-10k hits, even higher crits, blah ;x

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    Tbh you`ll have a higher chance to solo Lotv then those 2 , but thats just from my experience i cant even last more then 2min vs any of those 2 .
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    The solution would be to get some help
    Don't you just hate this kind of ppl

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    Only toon I solo'd those are my crat , by charming 2 anansi Child 234 , on shade , I go splat with like 6k def in less than 1min^^
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    They were easier back then. They made them hit way harder than they used to.

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    I think it was during the patch of adding the inferno quests (getting profession star via quest, ring of plausability, and that +10 to one stat belt as well as a few more things) that the Left and Right hands were buffed massively in damage. I remember reading a few complaints about it (though I never had a reason to do that one questline).
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    Yep, they tuned up the Anansi base template during the Inferno Quest release ... and basically doubled the damage from the Hands by doing it.

    My Doc used to solo them before I left AO (after they were upgraded), but it was a pain in the butt. My shade? I never would have even bothered to try.
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    Anansi's left and right hand are the only 2 i havent solo'd on my shade in inf
    Lotv is definately doable but I always take easy road with duallogging my crat
    I'm sure left/right hand might be doable with a crat there as well, although 2 high hits in a row without much of your healstuff up, you're screwed so it might be a matter of chance, but entirely solo by shade.. no
    Docs and crats can still solo, at least if crat can keep agg on pets

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