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Thread: A stray entry in Omni-Pol archives

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    FILE #599458840F

    subject was found at location in a hostage situation in omni-admin, 5 confirmed dead. subject attempted suicide through point blank gunfire in the cranium. intercepted reclaim signal delivered subject in unstable state to omni-pol custody. during routine examination a critical malfunction in subject's unusual cybernetic extensions caused fatal notum surge and cardiac arrest. reclamation unsuccessful. subject was declared dead at 23.51 RKT february 27, 29483.
    subject's case file closed.

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    Interesting, she died almost a year and a half ago, and this just now comes out?
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    Minister Agrestus Wright stood solemnly at the balcony of No.11, looking over Newland City. His mental condition had been rapidly deteriorating since his fiancé, Milly Harrada, had disappeared during the night.

    If suffering the loss of the love of his life wasn't enough, he had been interrogated by Omni officials, harassed by rogue neutrals to step down from his position and "die", lost his closest friends through war or other means unknown, and, in the most bizarre of luck, abducted by the Kyr'Ozch outside of Newland and forced to relive all of his worst memories through a state of amnesia.

    Even the organisation that provided a home for him during his traumatic arrival on Rubi-Ka had suffered in numbers. Third Faction had failed reclaiming Borealis from the corporation, adding on to his burden as a failed General as well as a Captain. Despite his failures in Third Faction, he still had something to work for. He had worked for the Newland Council for years, and it kept him sane. It gave him purpose, until the day they took it from him.

    A message popped up with a beep on his wrist datapad. He slowly gazed towards the datapad, opening the message with hesitant fingers.

    There it was. The answer he had been dreading all this time.

    She was dead.

    He froze in place in a mixture of corrosive emotions, leaving his trembling hands as the only sign of movement. He couldn't do this anymore. Insurance wasn't foolproof, he was positive there could be a way he could manage, a way he could end it.

    Perhaps then he could finally return to the stars.
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    The Detective Sergeant's tag lay casually tossed aside on a cluttered table, amidst a large pile of electronic components and datadisks. The small Omni-Trade apartment was dimly lit by the neon blues and oranges of a brightly flickering array of holoscreens. A shortly cut red faux leather jacket, white stripes running down its sleeves, hung from the back of the comfortable chair. A reflection of the screen displays danced on the surface of Ione's visor, flaxen strands of hair blowing in the mild breeze of the numerous cooling fans keeping the hardware-filled apartment at a tolerable temperature.
    "Extraordinary talent", she huffed to herself as she ran the source encryption protocol, "I'll show them some real bloody extraordinary talent here."
    A small box in her lap gave a soft hiss as it clicked open. Stimulant vials glowing a pale blue light. Rolling up a sleeve, she injected as though she'd done it a thousand times before. It felt so natural it slightly spooked her out for the brief moment between the viralbots entering her bloodstream and the sudden feel of vertigo, the electricity-like spark rising into her brain and every nerve, making her more alert than she'd ever felt, more observant and responsive, made her fingertips tingle to break apart numbers and codes and encryptions. Her eyes shimmered a bright blue behind the visor, and she got to work.

    Some things never changed.
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    The jobe luxury appartment is so littered with discarded notes and schemas that the cleaner robot moves in circle, unable to decide which pile to process first. Bringing a glass of wine to his bother on the balcony, Paul notices how unusally calm Boltgun is. It took a few minutes for Chainsword to decide to break the silence.

    - Disapointed ?

    - Not at all, replies Boltgun, it was a good test run. I met Omni Pol, the clans, talked to a lot of people. I have a good list of contacts for my job now.

    - You are disapointed, I can see it.

    As an answer Boltgun quickly finish his wine and flick the glass out the balcony.

    - Of course I am, should Omni Pol open its file I wouldn't have run the planet for months until I can finally sniff a message from their network. The only result I can bring to Newland is a huge nothing.

    Chainsword crosses his arm, doing his best to ignore the many fines Jobe send him for objects thrown out the city. Boltgun truly cares about Agrestus' condition and is unable to find out what to do next, even if he won't admit it.

    - Perhaps you can get the body, proper burials put the living's soul at peace.

    Boltgun turns back to his brother, pondering the idea.
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    Posted for Ciyanid

    (( Agrestus was so kind to post this for me, because i do no longer have forums access^^ -Ciy ))

    Julia sips some coffee. With her other hand, she goes through gridnet sites on a small holoscreen on the kitchen table.
    ”Boring... Kyr'ozch... Kyr'ozch... Vanguards... Boring... Boring... Newland Security Minister gone missing... Bori-...” She stops and goes back a few pages. With the coffee cup in her shaking hand, she covers her mouth with the palm of her other hand, and reads the article.
    ”Oh dear no.. no no no...” She jumps up and by accident, drops the coffee mug on the floor, leaving a light brown stain on the carpet, and cutting sharp pieces of the now broken mug.
    She rushes to the door, runs back to the kitchen table to get her jacket, and back to the door. As she opens the door, she notices Gun appear near the teleporter.
    ”I'll be back home soon, okay!? Really soon! I promise!” She wipes her tear filled eyes and slams the door behind her. Even when she knew, there was nothing to be done, she had to try. She could not afford to lose one of her dearest friends now. With nothing in her mind, she runs through ICC, and enters Newland. Hours pass as she runs around, trying to find something which is no longer there to be found.
    As stubborn as Julia is, she now gives up, and walks back to the sunrise stationas a heavy rain starts to fall from the sky. There, she throws her soaking wet jacket on the floor, and walks straight up to Gun, looking at him with her red and miserable eyes.
    ”Dont ya ever dare to leave me, okay?” She sobs. ”Yer the only thing i have left anymore...”
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    = Dr. Malcom "Cormack" Ardman (University of Borealis)
    = "Paulon" McPhasefront, "Georj" Hairyson, "Johnar" Lemon & "Morninn" Starr (The Leetles)
    = "Gridfeed" (Camera Drone)
    = Director "Dartello" Marello (Black-Net)
    = DCI "Validius" Hunt (Department of Investigations)
    = DS John "Streller" (Department of Investigations)

    = Major "Jimako" Jones (OTAF)
    = Mack "Teffler" Falloway (Clan hunter/trader)

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