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Thread: Full Petition to bring back Arrival Hall

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    Full Petition to bring back Arrival Hall
    Video of the Arrival Hall

    Some peeps also want to clarify that they want arrival hall back in some way, not strictly as a starting area; though starting area would be fine, and even edited to some extent.

    Well this worked for the items dropping on nub island so here goes.

    This is from the personal experiences and speculation of me:

    I had originally found this game when searching up some free MMOs, at which point I found Anarchy Online. When I found it I was like, "wow scifi MMO kewl!!" So I went on the website, downloaded the client and waited forever for it to install. When I finally logged on I promptly rolled an agent (cause it lewked srs kewl) and ventured on to rubi-ka! And was sharply disappointed when I was greeted to, sand? grass? lizards? wut? The graphics were like a non issue at that point and I was just thinking "this is a scifi game?!"

    The only thing there that even reinforced that it was a scifi game were some people shooting reets. But I wasn't ready to just give up on this game! No sir! I tried to figure everything out... but of course because of lack of direction I had no idea wtf I was doing and inevitably ran to the left. I ran and ran and ran till I was over run by roller rats "nooezzz I dying!" I must have done that like 3 times before I realized I had to talk to talk to that brandon thorn guy. That gave me some insight into what I was supposed to do and somehow figured the rest out over the next hour or so.

    Of course this has nothing to do with guidance on IP, GUI or anything, just like location. It was so confusing when I started up that I nearly gave up on this game, and frankly that's why I think a lot of people have given up over the years. After watching some videos of arrival hall there is no doubt that just based on the setting alone, and what happens would I have a much better grounding of what was happening at the time.

    So I propose this petition to bring it back, a petition which I will be constantly updating. If you want to show your support please send a tell, pm, or post in this thread and I will add you to the petition.

    Thank you
    - Dagger

    1. Dagger
    2. Gaveup
    3. Scyper
    4. Roxbury
    5. Sykotank/sold
    6. Lainbr
    7. Taysgirl
    8. Xirayne
    9. Saetos
    10. SultryVoltron
    11. SoapTarder
    12. Aeliniyah
    13. -LL-
    14. CuisinartBlade
    15. Dummy
    16. Murskaink2
    17. Mellete
    18. Technogen
    19. Tarit
    20. Agentcora
    21. OfabRK2
    22. Mekh
    23. Hvyshadows
    24. Ayria
    25. Enforser
    26. Hardcore
    27. Dbtwohe
    28. Lordaegix
    29. Score313
    30. Drambilia
    31. Worldofalts
    32. Eyowen
    33. Backstabber
    34. Notumlord
    35. Mrfroobs
    36. Lackofgravy
    37. Gora
    38. Gorathon
    39. espilir
    40. Gridpain
    41. terkman
    42. mcnurja
    43. Faithkeeper
    44. Tralauri
    45. Edta
    46. JungleGeorgeRK2
    47. Mealwyrm
    48. Comdriver
    49. tigerengi
    50. Xatgunner
    51. hellmaker12
    52. sawtyss
    53. Voyvovoy
    54. EmSeeBee
    55. Teeko
    56. Coffay
    57. Thorneee
    58. ylienle
    59. Quee
    60. moto_islo
    61. Zeephonz
    62. Rikaria
    63. Maofex
    64. valagar82
    65. Arriviste
    66. Hannavald
    67. Cogline
    68. Troodon
    69. Eyefinity
    70. Greenwolf
    71. -Klod-
    72. MisterBishop
    73. Dollcet
    74. Maxisolja
    75. Vampirefix
    76. Moniker
    77. Ghidorah
    78. andribesti
    79. Hopeasaukko
    80. Hardonz
    81. Mongoose
    82. zzaazz
    83. byteflush
    84. Lletah
    85. Buildingguy
    86. Niak
    87. Gorranto
    88. Leileena
    89. Koizumi
    90. Xarliana
    91. Pomidor
    92. algoreith
    93. Demoder
    94. Gesichts0
    95. agentwolve
    96. dhcben
    97. RobinHoodlum
    98. Stigman
    99. Ekarona
    100. Flink
    101. Exodius
    102. Legion84
    103. Mandavel
    104. Pyroatheist
    105. Dmxmj
    106. Raggy
    107. Prosthetics
    108. Comdriver
    109. Windguaerd
    110. fixyourself
    111. omegahealer
    112. Keex
    113. Rantopha
    114. Seoin
    115. Ravenneyez
    116. Mekatronik
    117. Phobose
    118. xtasie
    119. protozo
    120. AyyRawn
    121. Dreamcypher
    122. Thecrow91
    123. Ilikedagunz2
    124. Zwelgje
    125. sundri
    126. Mrmol1
    127. Darktankin
    128. Nanomaker01
    129. Lodanya
    130. Keryth
    131. Trousers
    132. Kalezian
    133. Odov
    134. Speedytrox
    135. Surfacing
    136. Coffay
    137. Keryth
    138. fixyourself
    139. Included1
    140. Insane666
    141. sannz
    142. fortior
    143. smokex
    144. Eskarin
    145. Regarok
    146. Epikenf
    147. soca
    148. Hakuoal
    149. barlige
    150. Indecisive
    151. Sin316
    152. Razilla
    153. Cowwan
    154. vinyaya
    155. Vampirefix
    156. arkis
    157. Hydrargenum
    158. Outlawd
    159. Firasting
    160. lonewolf2k7
    161. Repopulation
    162. Yanni
    163. warmage
    164. Service
    165. Eltucker
    166. Mako
    167. lordnomad
    168. Samooryesord
    169. AlphaTrion
    170. Dudidamage
    171. Cariadast
    172. orochi3
    173. AzRednekk
    174. Nuadha
    175. Lysop
    176. Saliery
    177. pelikan
    178. Taymo
    179. Strismo
    180. DrynWhyl
    181. sonicring
    182. adeptall
    183. Novaelis
    184. Keldros
    185. Tinker
    186. Aramanu
    187. Teknologist
    188. EmperorOfMAnkind
    189. Freqflyerdnt
    190. sinsa
    191. gresh
    192. Solcv2
    193. westyfu
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    Reserved just in case
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    Ya wanna fix something - give RK mobs better xp, make RK matter again.

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    Give shades love or we will stop buffing people!!

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    and reserved again
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    Ya wanna fix something - give RK mobs better xp, make RK matter again.

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    Give shades love or we will stop buffing people!!

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    I'd love to see the arrival hall back ingame (And the ship crash!) Both were great for getting into the game and story. There's a heck of a lot more to AO than just graphics and gameplay. Get the player to feel like a part of the game and they might stay

    Maybe add it as the place you go right as you reach mainland, so players can interact and welcome new players, and they can learn more about the different cities and factions and vendors and other stuff before starting their adventures. Have the different doors lead to the different main cities similar to the teleport tower but not only one way. Would feel a lot more welcoming than getting warped to an empty city

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    Arrival Hall is awesome.

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    yes, please bring back arrival hall.
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    Yes please. I would really like to see the arrival hall back. And the nurse that automatically started a dialog with you on the island. She also used to point you towards Brandon.

    It's completely retarded that now you just pop on a beach, with no directions whatsoever. No wonder most newbs just run to the left and die. Sure, Brandon has a blue name, but last time i rolled a new toon on a clean AO install, the "show names" option was defaulted to off. Not sure if this is still the case...

    Anyway, put me on that list too.

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    Vote early, vote often!

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    and yeah i miss the shuttle sequence after you left the hall. i was kinda sad when i made a new char and just appeared on the island and the doctor lady with the scanner was gone and the sunken ship or whatever she was on top of.

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    Sign me up for this please!

    Edit: you should make a POLL about this aswell..

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    /maco sign /sign form

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