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Thread: A summary of suggestions from the AO community.

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    A summary of suggestions from the AO community.

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    Agree with all but the unlimited ammo. It's too funny when solds shyly ask if anyone got some spare ammo during a raid
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    There is already a rooted thread for summarizing requests.
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    what makes you think these are "easy" or "fast" changes? how do you even know they are possible?

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    -sound effect on tell message / (BS)invite
    That would be nice, and sounds not too hard to implement

    -lifts appear on map(not my idea)
    Although this is doable...why should it be done?
    Searching for that thing makes you explore the dungeon/instance.
    Some profs are able to ignore mobs, some prof's will have to fight the mobs.
    Don't change this imo.

    -remove all unique tags for items that only have 1 equip slot
    Some items have an unique flag because they aren't/weren't supposed to be masscollected. Like a hhab for example.
    One of the reasons that made this suggestion, is the FRN's unique tag.
    Some items need them removed indeed. The unique-tag is outdated on some items.

    -unlimited ammo packs(not my idea)
    Reallife wise: it's an illogical idea
    Gameplay wise: yes please!

    -extra bank for non-nodrop items for all toons of that account
    1. This is very hard to implement for fc. well for the coding that is.
    Same reason as why they can't make cross-server battlestation runs.

    2. Why? So you for example don't have to farm your goc twice?
    Then new players don't have a single chance on ever getting a team to get their nodrop items.
    So a big no to this.

    edit: nvm, i read: "bank for nodrop items"
    But as said below: there are mules for that same as for some unique items like hhabs. Xfer them to a mule char.

    -make ur own player shops location visible(not my idea)
    How can someone forget where their own shop is? Playershops ain't THAT big!
    It probably means that this person doesn't check his shop often enough.
    Implementing something like this for someone who rarely checks his shop is a waste of development time.
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    about the bank thing, forgot to say toons on same server. Sorry

    about unique tags, u could just mail it to urself and use ur inbox as inventory, with or without beaconwarping an alt back and forth.
    Its just that me and i know alot of people are sick of that hassle.
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    anyway my oppinion on these changes:

    -sound effect on tell message / (BS)invite - yes please
    -lifts appear on map(not my idea) - no
    -remove all unique tags for items that only have 1 equip slot - no (inf boots come to mind)
    -unlimited ammo packs(not my idea) - ****ing yes
    -extra bank for non-nodrop items for all toons of that account - they already have that. it's called a level 1 froob mule. i'd rather they upped the credit limit to 10~100b
    -make ur own player shops location visible(not my idea) - this is just silly.
    -to prevent tower griefing+meeping, ocenes quote "Grab that flag and apply it to avoid meeping or warping. So basically if someone in team can be attacked, nobody can meep. Problem solved." - just ban all the fixers in the game. problem solved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lektronik View Post

    There is already a rooted thread for summarizing requests.
    Why did you even troll this post? That thread's OP = "Last edited by Arrien; Feb 27th, 2009 at 17:46:37". That thread hasn't been updated in roughly 2 years, 3 months.

    Why does ONE thread have to summarize everything? Unless it's giving specific information, anything suggestion related to AO should be discussed in GAME SUGGESTIONS. THIS POST is more worthy of being rooted, and summarizing request.

    Bump for this, please read FC.
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    Add nanopacks, so we get itemization from not played content in our hands.

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    Yeah, the catalog post has gotten rather out of date. I'll really try to get in and fix it up soon.

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    Yeah, great thread agree with all, but not ammo

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    Quote Originally Posted by orochi3 View Post
    -sound effect on tell message / (BS)invite
    -options for sound effect on charm-almost-run-out/AMS/DoF/whatever, must be able to it turn on/off
    -put default pet stance on follow not guard(so they dont go crazy everytime u zone)
    -when u have autosubscribe to channel on, make it actually show the chat from that moment on from thatchannel
    -add bags in garden shops(from original summary)
    -add hide back item(mcnurja's suggestion)
    -lessen the cant-zone-on-login or increase the cast time on DB2codes/recall beacons(so it doesnt overlap)
    -make LE procs not cancel on zone(akpawnz' suggestion)
    -put some missing barriers in the grid so u no longer fall off a floor(not my idea)
    -show numbers in fgrid floors so u dont have to count(not my idea)
    -give option to save prefs of a toon at server side
    -remove all unique tags for items that only have 1 equip slot(u can use inbox to keep multiple anyway)
    -besides a shift-leftclick, also a blabla-leftclick that immediately opens tell chat with that toon, no more retyping/ctrl+c and typin /tell cntrl+v all the time
    -reduce equip times for most non-weapons to 0,1 sec
    -make nano/fight/perk/item bars moveable(Klodovik's suggestion)
    -unlimited ammo packs(not my idea)
    -GMS, when u buy let it be warped/mailed to u, running/flying to shops is a 100% anoying thing. I mean if people can be warped why not items?
    -greatly reduce the cost for low lvl armor/guns/imps in shops, / increase cred reward. newbies have it tough cred wise, it makes em leave game early
    -give a button that makes a waypoint at the toons current spot, so we can return to lift after we found it
    -make ur own player shops location visible(not my idea)
    -to prevent tower griefing+meeping, ocenes quote "Grab that flag and apply it to avoid meeping or warping. So basically if someone in team can be attacked, nobody can meep. Problem solved."
    -show mezzed eremites
    -give option to prevent accidental saving in garden ur just running trough
    -make AMS not require ncu, and whatever other essential parts of nanos
    quoted all i like, marked the ones i really like
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    never got any offical reply on wether or not they are working on the list or if they are planning to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by orochi3 View Post
    4. have autosubscribe to channel actually work for bots
    Bump for this

    It is not possible without a change to the chat protocol (which is partly shared with AoC/TSW), however the reduction in network load for the chat server would be pretty substantial.
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    Le procs are fixed when zoning btw.
    Screwed over for the last time.

    Go find a new game to play, this one no longer deserves respect.

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    This needs to be added to the current stickied thread here.. or the old one needs to be consolidated here and this one made the current sticky. that other thread was last updated in Feb 2009. And many of these suggestions make good sense.

    Do any of my friends on the Dev team care to offer some feedback on this thread?

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    Some of these (18, 31, 33, 36) have already been implemented, others (e.g. 51) are planned to implemented in the near future. Yet others still (7, 9, 26, 42, 49, 50) amg game is so hard
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    Hasn't 1 been implemented? At least for tells, in 18.5?
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    sound on tell doesnt exist yet
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    This thread needs to be rooted

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