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Thread: Where did your nick originate?

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    (in English this name was translated to: Dexter)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zwelgje View Post

    (in English this name was translated to: Dexter)
    I loved that one <3

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    Brianboru after Irish High King. All other toons end with "boru" as well...helps (or hurts, as the case may be) in name recognition as well.
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    It's a fancy-pants way of saying OMG n00b.

    I've used it as a handle off-and-on in FPSs and other MMORPGs for about a decade and revived it last year when I joined Something Awful. A thread on SA brought me back to AO so I took the name with me.
    Don't mind me. I'm just passin' through.
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    Lainbr - Serial Experiments Lain + br from Brazil, so ppl would see I'm brazilian and such :3 (was back in the days where I thought brazilians played this game)
    Traderbr - My most lack of imagination ever.
    Bigmage - NM Enforcer /shrug.
    Spirals - Totally from "Breedbook Mokolé" from White Wolf :3 Big Sturdy Dinosaur like metamorfs <3
    Kaoru - Dun laugh >.> A char name from Prince of Tennis (who is kinda cute :3)
    Bluedragon and Kokusho - Just decided to roll a fixer. By impulse, I did 2 xD 1 fr00b 1 sl00b. Those should be Bluedragon (from the anime with same name) and Blackdragon (cause its cool). Blackdragon was already taken, so I had to look of another black dragon and just remembered of "Kokusho - The Evening Star" >.> a magic card.
    Equinocio - I rolled this toon with a friend fix0r called Solstício. Equinócio is... equinox in portuguese and solstício is... solstice in portuguese ^^
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    "Hey. Kansas lawdog...Law don go 'round here..." ala Tombstone.
    80 is an old badge #
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    Because we said so.
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    My forums name:

    My main's name (Tanisthonus): Dragonlance. I made the character in high school, hadn't cracked one of the books since elementary school, maybe middle, and was trying to remember the main characters name. I knew "Tanis" was his nickname, and just went from there.

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    In computing, the bit bucket is jargon for where lost computerized data has gone, by any means; any data which does not end up where it is supposed to, being lost in transmission, a computer crash, or the like, is said to have gone to the bit bucket
    Bitbucket 220 neutral engineer, as played by an unemployed software engineer.
    seemed to be quite a fitting name.

    "Xyphos" (Z-eye-F-ohs) - A deliberate mis-spelling of "Xiphos" (Zif-ohs)

    is a double-edged, single-hand sword used by the ancient Greeks. It was a secondary battlefield weapon for the Greek armies after the spear or javelin. The classic blade was generally about 50–60 cm long,[1] although the Spartans supposedly started to use blades as short as 30 cm around the era of the Greco-Persian Wars.[2] The Xiphos sometimes has a midrib, or is diamond or lenticular in cross-section. It was generally hung from a baldric under the left arm.[1] The Xiphos was generally used only when the spear was discarded for close combat. Very few Xiphi seem to have survived.
    I named myself after the sword, which best describes my short double-edged personality.

    A Xiphos is also a model of electric guitar, which I used to own.

    as heard being played in my old tower PVP video:
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    My first toon was a froob MP. I loved the double entendre of heavy petting (an American term for making out with a girl/boy in case you weren't aware). After I joined my org, I was totally confused in trying to keep track of all of the alts of my orgmates who didn't have a consistent naming convention. It was incredibly helpful when people had trademark names to keep track of them (we have one member who has a whole series of "Can" names; "Canrunfast" (fixer), "Candoall" (agt), etc. So, the "Hvy" series was born. I try to keep them all to phrases that would make some sort of sense in regular speech, but it's getting harder as the years go by.

    My biggest problem right now is finding a name as good as Hvypetting for my sloob MP...
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    I have played my toon 280 days. You have played ur toon 36 days. My toon is better. Get over it.

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    Wulf/Wolf + Golf GTI
    Please, give change form. Want main be neutral. Red vs Blue are boring now.
    220 veteran player, no more complain for level alt. Do something and stop whine! (Take cry people friend with you.)
    Means: the new client to run FASTER on old hardware _________________ Faction champions.

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    About 10 years ago when I first used a computer at school, our logons always used to be your surname + first initial. High school also followed the same system, and I then started using it on websites etc as well, and as it's pretty unique I kept it and it's just become my sorta alias now.
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    Animistic, because advies shapeshift into animals and thats sort of shaman territory. Also my ancestors used to be into animism/paganism just a century ago still (north european indians, sami)

    Ziltoid well, its fun scifi metal album...

    Sonicnurse, album by Sonic Youth i was listening at the time i was sitting in character creation room thinking about a name for my doc.

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    Shareida - I don't recall.
    Bailan - Out of a book. "Quest", by Andreas Eschbach
    Villeena - See above
    Neophyte Nerf"Shareida"Batted First Order
    Freshman Jefferey"Bailan2"Ginsberg - Retired
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    it's written in the bible.
    Matthew 23:13 "and the trader hath casteth bulk trader at the young age of 14. and it was good. and so he hath an extra 260 comp lit and he hath equippeth better ncu's. and it was good too.
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    lazy (because i am) + prof

    the forum handle is from The Diary of a Hacker

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    Quote Originally Posted by Animistic View Post
    Ziltoid well, its fun scifi metal album...
    Devin Townsend is win!

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    when i first signed up i thought i'd get into a bit of rping, Anithen was some kind of attempt at a sci-fi Nathan, of course starwars' Anakin ruined it for me..

    Felix the crat should be obvious i guess, Codeine the doc..

    used to have a froob advy named Arilou, alien race from the star control games..
    The Crat


    The Doc

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    Quote Originally Posted by mzungu View Post
    used to have a froob advy named Arilou, alien race from the star control games..
    That game had epic soundtrack.

    (these evil space spiders had my favourite tune.)
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    It's a loch (lake) near where I live.
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    EDTA: Abrevation for Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid (wiki). It's a small molecule with 4 arms that can use them to grab certain atoms. --> a nanobot.

    Mounky: agent that I made to be a buffing-monkey

    Urma: middle part of "your master": a crat. I like short names and I don't want them to contain words too literally.

    Mewaku: Trox way of saying "I'll hit you very hard and it will hurt" ("Me whack you" in case you don't get it :P).
    Edta 200 NT, froob , Setup, General of NEPA, Raid Leader of TLfiveplus (Froob Raids)
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    Dagger-the thing I poke people with!
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    Give shades love or we will stop buffing people!!

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