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Thread: Keeper Nano Document Discussion Thread

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    still waiting...?
    Rubennib [220/30 keeper]
    Darooses [220/23 crat]
    Rubedoc [220/25 doc]
    Keritan [220/25 enf]

    and a few more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maeventura View Post
    Okay, I have some concerns I'd like to share:

    Visibly, FC has planned keepers to go Melee Energy. Now, does that mean they will make the Melee Energy and Multi Melee skills green instead of dark blue? Will FC extend our shield line to be useful as complementary item? I guess we'll have to get another nanoline for buffing Melee Energy.
    Possible shield for keepers buff % Deflect Skill??? Could be interesting.
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