Hey guys! We're back with yet another nano document for you this week, and this time we have Nano-Technicians up on deck. I would personally say that this document has the largest and most sweeping changes we've done thus far, and I really encourage everyone to take the time to browse through the work we've done and offer up their feedback.

The document itself can be found at the following link: Nano-Technician - April - 1 - 2011.zip <-- Note: This is an Excel file that's been shoved into a .zip because we ran into the same issues uploading it that we had with the Trader doc. So yeah, dirty hacks and workarounds for the win. :P

To discuss the document, our NT Professionals have set up a thread in the Nano-Technician forums for everyone to talk about and offer their feedback on the new design changes for NTs. That thread can be found here: Nano-Technician Nano Document Discussion Thread

We'll be around this weekend to answer any questions that pop up, so please enjoy reading over the document and ask any questions you may have over in the discussion thread. Have a great weekend guys! =)