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    Is it worth it going Nanomage just for the 5k cocoon, or go Atrox for the static HP boost (and also Wit/MR)? Is the coon the ONLY NM advantage at 220?

    I mostly play PVM, but I suspect I'll get into PVP in later levels.

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    Something else: Solitus survival grants ~7k hp over 5 minutes. NM absorb is 5k in 5 minutes. I guess absorb is best for sudden incoming attacks (alphas) and Survival would be best for longer fights?

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    Surivival needs 10 AI perks.. dunno if you have them free. Anyways, Absorb > Survival because you can also absorb different dmg types. This helps if you have more than one opponent attacking you

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    NM tends to have an easier time of it leveling due to higher nano-skills and breed locked items (shades of lucubration, De'Valos sleeves). Solitus is easiest for getting alphas in. Endgame, the NM coon probably is enough to tip it. It requires no perks, is instant, the cooldown is effected by skill lock modifier, and absorbs are better than a heal (blocks multiple damage types). It makes fights survivable in solo PvM that otherwise simply would not be.

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    Honestly, if you're using the right alphas (control in most spots), nanomage will probably be toughest to get alphas on just due to the lack of agility (~120 less than atrox/solitus at 220 base) and how much int/psy buffing we get. Without pushing int/psy, I was hitting 1600 easily. I probably could have done 1800-1900 if I really went for it. Meanwhile I BARELY got leg alpha in due to agility. I matched the requirements exactly (though without gaunt buff, though I did have boc, tnh belt, contracts, db sleeves, etc)

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    Breed absolutely makes no sparkly difference in the PVM game. I've leveled an MP of just about every title range, and found that the only difference is how you approach them.

    To say that NM have the easiest time is only true in the sense that easily recognizable and farmable items will be easier to get your hands on and equip, because it takes almost no effort. If you roll a trox you will still have quite a bit of nanoskills and can twink on high INT/PSY items with just a minute or so of extra work. That's all really. Anything level locked can be gotten on no matter what breed you choose.

    I've seen far more NM and solitus MP's into PVP however. On my trox I didn't feel terribly underpowered at all. It was just a matter of how I used what was available to me.
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    Thanks for the input everyone.

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    Don't forget notum shield for defensive setups, as well. I rerolled NM precisely because of notum shield both now (after doing a pileup on how much defense we could scrape together) and in the future based on the docs FC released.

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    Always been trox and most likely will always stay that. I would support Towerblock that its just different ways in building your toon with different kinds of breeds. Trox is a more offensive cannon able to survive a first alpha but much longer becomes harder. Whilst NM survives longer and just wears the opponent down as far as I've seen.
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