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Thread: Shadowlands Suggestions (Solo and Team Instances)

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    Shadowlands Suggestions (Solo and Team Instances)

    I'm a pretty tough person to impress but I have to say that I have always been impressed with the Dark Ruins instance in Adonis. I really feel that Funcom needs to use that instance as a model (some adjustments need to be made) if they decide to revamp Shadowlands.

    Solo Instance-- What I like:
    - I can do it solo
    - I have to do it solo. No bringing in an outside alt to plow through the content. I have to beat the challenge on my own.
    - It challenges me to use my professional toolkit to beat the encounter. The first char I did it on.. I got creamed 2 or 3 times before I figured out that I better change my approach. On the second char.. I PL'd in 2 or 3 days to the range of Dark Ruins and had a lot to learn about what the profession could do and how to best approach the quests. On both characters I walked out of Dark Ruins a much better player (of that profession) than when I initially walked in.
    - The mobs in the instance.. heck the entire instance itself is appropriate for the level range(150-200).
    - Once you get past a certain part.. if you die.. the mobs are still cleared when you return.

    Solo Instance-- What I don't like:
    - I can only do the solo instance once.
    - The cultist robe you get is fairly decent, but it would be nice if there was something profession specific that you got as a reward for completing the instance.

    Solo Instance- Suggestions
    - It would be nice to have a solo version that can be repeated every 18hrs. If the xp potential is too overpowered.. use one lockout to cover both the repeatable solo instance or the repeatable team instance.
    - A solo version that gives you some sort of 'token' as a reward that can be turned in for some profession specific armor or weapon. You don't even have to reinvent the wheel here. The token description can reference the Jobe professional and add in a dialogue where you can talk to your professional, show them the token you found and exchange it for a tier 2 glyph. If this doesn't fit in with the storyline behind Dark Ruins then have the spirit drop something that you turn in to the NPC at the front (can't remember his name) and HE gives you the token for your Jobe professional.
    - Make the solo version (the first one you complete) drop something that you turn in to ergo in exchange for the ring to get into the next zone. Make this (and the pre-existing quests) the only way you can get that ring. One exception being Penumbra.. take that Ice Golem nonsense out altogether as it is not a challenge. The quest to get to Inferno from Penumbra should be changed altogether.I know this part of the suggestion isn't going to go too well.. but if we're going to have a game where people just PL their way up the line.. at least have some stopping points to insure that they know what they're doing and have earned the right to move on to tougher content.
    - Add a solo and team version instance to every SL zone.. starting with Elysium and moving up to Scheol, Adonis, Penumbra and Inferno. Since you already have team instances in Penumbra and Inferno.. make some solo versions of those (or create new ones that somehow tie in with the storyline).

    To any effect, I know this suggestion might not be that popular but wanted to post it for 'someone' to see. When Funcom does things I do not like I post.. so when they have something that works I'd like to let them know my thoughts there as well.
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    It is true that you learn quite a lot about your prof and game in general from these instances.
    I like the solo instances myself, but it is hard to balance the difficulty level of opposition.

    Some profs are very vulnerable to Spirit Dot, which is both doing dmg and nano drain.
    This is true for casters and low-hp breed/prof characters. My mage 150 doc had to try a few times,
    with hot/pnh before she made it. No fun to clear area over and over...

    (For some reason the spirit nano is almost identical all the way up to level 220+ mobs,
    but that is a subject for another thread.)
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    All good points. The DR solo instance is definitely FTW, since it is fun, interesting, different, rewarding, and absolutely doable even by somewhat gimpy support toons (maybe not so much at the bottom of the range where you can attempt it, but definitely near the top). This instance is a GOOD THING, and this game could sorely do with more of the same across all levels.

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    I totally agree. I realize that a large part of the mmo experience is grouping with others, but there needs to be me more opportunity to be able to level by yourself via a unique "quest" or mission of some sort. The daily missions somewhat accomplish this, but they lack a certain depth that makes some of the sl/rk missions lines more fun.

    Perhaps there can be several different 'branches' to progress at the same point in the instance, based on the profession. For example, casting professions (ex: doc, nt, trader etc...) would get enter a branch that uses their specific tool-set. While the defensive professions, would get another, and the offensive ones another, etc... Just so it isnt exactly the same for every profession.

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    as fun as this instance is, its totally obsolete.

    hecklors and inf mishes doesnt require to know the character and are easier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Otansaanpas View Post
    as fun as this instance is, its totally obsolete.

    hecklors and inf mishes doesnt require to know the character and are easier.
    Be happy inside that box, try thinking outside it.

    @Jill personally its the old idea of raid instances/missions just to get required class nanos and items that always annoyed me. For too long they made content that required a raid as we had public bots to arrange apf/pande runs. So now with a dying game you have to be very lucky to get db/apf nanos etc that you require just to be viable.

    So for me they can bandaid fix issues but until they have a decent amount staff to make new content I can't see it happening any time soon, as TSW with its unique skills ideas might just kill off AO if it takes off

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    i didnt think of that, just stated the obvious.
    but if you want something less inside of the box...

    Firstly, adding items or low level profession nanos to SL content wouldnt be froob-friendly.
    and every powerleveler can skip them if they aim for endgame only.

    but if dungeons would have something to do with perks, they would fit SL better and people would be sure to do them.
    not sure yet if they should increase the amount of perks instead of normal leveling or unlock perk lines.
    You hit Tarasque with nanobots for 18280 points of melee damage.
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    Solo instances at least give something for those who don't want to race to 220.

    Having to unlock perks would be interested, but I fear the mass amount of whines.

    Thanks for bumping this jill, saved me the effort of searching for it
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