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Thread: [Neutral] (but not passsive) The Empire is recruiting

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    Cool [Neutral] (but not passsive) The Empire is recruiting

    The Empire is now recruiting new members!

    Ready to enjoy some of the many benefits of being neutral?

    Are you new and looking to join a good guild/organization?

    Experienced but wanting to try a new group to have some fun?

    Want a more active and loyal group?

    Want a group that is fair but also strong enough to hold its ground when others try to not be fair to us?

    We formed from the merger of members that left a few distinctly different styles of organizations/guilds because they wanted something more-- something better. The result is amazing!—we PvP, we quest, we twink, we grind, we trade, we craft, we joke around and we make new friends; we do it all and respect that it is your choice regarding what content you wish to participate in, but it is all avaliable to you here in The Empire.

    The Empire is here!
    We are now looking for dedicated, friendly, helpful and loyal people to expand our ranks. We are very strong, one of the best guilds in this game, and members enjoy the benefits of being part of such a good group--we can help you advance and you then in turn can help us become even better! If you are as excited about contributing to advancing your org mates as you are about getting help from them, you may be very happy in The Empire.

    We are experienced players who enjoy all phases of the game!
    -Scheduled end-game raids and events
    -Most members have twinks at various levels for PvP
    -We have tradeskillers / crafters
    -Many members are very knowledgeable about quests and other PvM content
    -We will always strive to have PvP tower sites
    -A completely self sufficient group that can do everything in game without non-org assistance
    -Very open and tolerant of every play style
    -Mostly adult members who understand Real Life time restriction and responsibilities come first

    Our members enjoy:
    -Help, Guidance, Friendship
    -Every profession and twinking buff ever needed
    -Org Raids, Events, and PVP is welcome but not required
    -Ventrilo Voice chat hosted at a data center
    -Org City with player shops
    -Tower bonus when possible
    -A guild culture based upon strength, a never back down attitude, the understanding that everyone has different ideas and goals, and loyalty (you will notice we screen and remove people that do not support these features that make us great—be happy knowing we constantly try to make this the best group possible).

    *Come be a part of something Extraordinary*

    In the past we only reviewed specifically selected applicants that members had individually met and invited. We now have new procedures in place that allow us to accept applications from anyone. These steps can be found in the follow thread (click this link if interested ).

    If interested please read the org rules, say hello, and introduce yourself with a brief post. After review of your post we will contact you if more information is needed and you will be welcomed into guest chat.

    Thanks and Best Wishes,
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    -- THE EMPIRE --
    Rimor's "4th Faction"

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    Jan 1st, 2011
    Our website is temporarily down for some maintenance.
    Things should be back up and running in a few days.
    I will update here when we are back up.
    -- THE EMPIRE --
    Rimor's "4th Faction"

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    looks like we are already back up. I would not have even posted if I knew it would go that fast
    -- THE EMPIRE --
    Rimor's "4th Faction"

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    awesome turn out so far with many good new recruits. Come add to it-- we are happy to continue to grow.
    -- THE EMPIRE --
    Rimor's "4th Faction"

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    Still doing it all! come on down the price is right.
    -- THE EMPIRE --
    Rimor's "4th Faction"

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    come on down and let us get to know you
    -- THE EMPIRE --
    Rimor's "4th Faction"

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    Bump for The Empire

    Omni,Clan,Neut - doesn't matter....

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    Shame-less BUMP
    The Empire

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