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Thread: An open invitation to business contacts old and new.

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    An open invitation to business contacts old and new.

    This Sunday, at 2100 RKST, the crew of the merchant vessel the Why Not, will be hosting a get-together for clients old and new. This business party will be held in the VIP room of The Grind, aboard the Sunrise station, where our vessel is currently making port. Anyone involved in the import/export business on Rubi-Ka with an interest in the services we offer is welcome to come along, we have hired the room for the night, and the door staff will be sure to let you in.
    Likewise, we hope to see our regular customers there, to keep you up to date on what your investment has been getting you from our business.

    Here's to continued safe voyages and plain sailing!

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    Right up my alley, I see.

    Fancy. I'll see what I can do for ya.
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