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    Question Laptop Recommendations

    I am looking to update my old desktop and replacing it with a laptop. Besides playing Anarchy Online, I want to play all the latest game releases.

    When playing Anarchy Online I often start multiple AO clients (multi-box) logging on with different accounts. I can connect up to 6-7 accounts before response is unbearable. I have heard of players with newer PCs having issue doing this and rather not have the problem.

    Other requirements include nice keyboard with numpad, 15/17 inch monitor, and reliable. I am looking to spend $1500 – $2000 but less would be better

    With this in mind, I looked around the internet and eventually took a trip to Best Buy to look at a few. He is the two laptops I am considering.

    Any thoughts or recommendations are appreciated.
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    While I never recommend gaming on laptops, so I don't know of any specific machines, I'd say the Asus. Because it's cheaper and significantly more powerful. And Asus in general just makes good stuff. You could take a look at MSI, they also make some rather powerful laptops, but they look terrible...
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    We've had Asus, and never regretted it.

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    alienware 14x i've got a few month ago...runs AO great and any recent uptodate game with no problem on high to very high graphic settings.
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    As far as gaming laptops go, I've played on 3 or 4 different Toshiba Qosmio Laptops. they definitely have the guts to play almost any game at its peak resolution/gfx level. pretty reliable all together.
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    Do yourself a favour and drop the spinning disk for a ssd. While I dont game on my 5 year old laptop it made it look like new for anything else.
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