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  • #1. Leave as it is today.

    50 21.46%
  • #2. Set damage to average of minimum and maximum.

    49 21.03%
  • #3. Set damage a little lower than in option #2, but with a critical chance, doing the same average as in #2.

    134 57.51%
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Thread: How do you want MA special attacks to work?

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    Question How do you want MA special attacks to work?

    We want to know how you want Martial Arts special attacks work in the future. We have three options for you, after having checked what can be done with no big code changes:

    1. Leave it as it is today, where most attacks have varying damage. The downside of this is that armor will, at high levels, make you often deal minimum damage only. The upside is the lack of predictability (at lower levels, at least).

    E.g.: Bird of Prey, QL 200, have a damage range of 50-600.

    2. Make all attacks do a set amount of damage, equal to the average of minimum and maximum damage the attacks have today. The upside is a nice damage boost. The downside is the lack of uncertainty (which usually gives a thrill).

    E.g.: Bird of Prey, QL 200, will get a damage of 325.

    3. Make all attacks do a set damage, slightly less than the damage in option #2 above, but a flat (non-buffable) chance of a critical. The critical damage will be scaled so that the average damage will be the same as in option #2.

    E.g.: Bird of Prey, QL 200, will get a damage of 275, a crit chance of 20%, and a crit damage of 250 (for a total of 525).

    Let us know what you want, and we'll use that. If you choose option #3, I'll get back with a new poll on what critical chance we should put on it (and scale the critical damage accordingly).
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    Well, I would have preferred an option 4. Let MA special attacks ignore AC.

    That would have give the same average damage as option 2 with the "thrill" of random damage. It makes some RP sense as well, a carefully executed attack that completely penetrates opponents AC.

    If that is too much code work, then option #3 for me.

    edit: My bad, Cz posted too-much-code in the "official thread". I should learn to read first and post later.
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    Hm, you shouldn't be able to post in this forum...

    /me runs to check the settings

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    Ok, I guess we see the trend.

    Closing, and feeding the results to the designers.

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