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Thread: Twists and Turns. End or Beginning?

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    The wind was embracing the trees in Newland City, making them dance and live. Behind her, she could hear someone hop on their banshee and drive off, someone talking about their trip to the Temple of three winds, someone talking to Brb.. She heard all this and even more, but she just did not care. Not now.
    Facing the whompa, She looked up at the sign.
    ”ICC...” She sighed, closed her eyes and stepped in.


    Opening her eyes again, she glances around. The beautiful ICC statue standing tall right in the middle of the great building, Clans, Omnis, Neutrals, people running around, hurrying from place to another.
    ”Such a beautiful place... But still, no one stops to even look around, just to see how mighty this is.. Why does no one respect it?”
    She starts walking towards the sunrise station. Stepping in from the door, a familiar scent of plastic and metal reach her. The building still has that new scent, even thou it had been there for sometime already. Again, she starts to walk towards the apartment doors on her left. While walking, she picks up a small keycard from the left chestpocket, and reads the keycode on the reader on one of the apartment doors.
    ”Anyone home?” She shouts while walking to the kitchen, and leaving her keycard and visor on the kitchen table.
    ”Up here! Now tell me, why are there boxes up here?” She sees Gun glance down from the second floor bedroom and grins slightly. She takes a bottle of ice cold water from the fridge and walks upstairs.
    ”I'm moving in here, i'll keep the Old Athens block as a storage space, and just in case i need to find a hiding place. And ofcourse if i'm no longer welcome here...” She smiles, opens the bottle and walks up to the boxes. ”There was craploads of stuff i needed to get rid of. Like the photos from the place with text on the walls? Ya sure ya dont know the person who wrote it? Cause they sure seemed to know a lot of me, and maybe even more...” She takes a long swig off the bottle and glances at Gun shaking his head.
    ”Alright. Looks like i'm gonna have to be happy with that answer then.” She smiles and jumps on the bed, puts the bottle on the floor, and grabs some old holodiscs from one of the boxes. While going through them, she rolls on her back and grins slightly.
    ”Ya know.. I was thinking of travelling offworld for a bit.. But there's one thing.” She throws the holodiscs back to the box one at a time.
    ”I'd want some PathFinders with me. Or.. Rather, if it was possible to PF's take me with them.” She chuckles and looks at Gun. ”Ofcourse, i can wait with it, but i wasnt able to join ya guys last time, cause of the.. Let's just leave it at that.”
    She throws another holodisc to the box full of books, old photos and holodiscs and grabs the bottle from the floor.
    ”There's only few things i need to save thou.. Like this book, a few of these.. and those two boxes, which are full of gear and clothes and weapons and so on..”
    Taking a sip of water, she looks at the boxes.
    ”I'm gonna save nothing that has something to do with my past. Absolutely nothing. From now on, i'm just gonna live and i wont care about what other people tell me. Past is past, this moment is the one that counts.” She looks at the bottle she is holding and nods.
    ”Yeah, that's what i'm gonna do!”
    She looks at Gun, tilts her head to the side and says something that does not really fit into her mouth.
    ”Um, Hun, wanna fetch me another bottle of water, i'm gonna start going through these boxes.”

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    A glass of wine on the floor, music playing quietly and fire in the fireplace. The flames lighting the front of the fireplace, separating it from the rest of the apartment. Julia gently takes the glass, and sips from it. She looks at it, and downs the rest of the wine aswell.
    "Aww bugger.. I know i promised to settle down, but is this how i want to spend the rest of my life...?" She reaches for the winebottle and pours some more wine into her glass.
    "I'm gonna become a alcoholic!" She giggles and takes another sip. "Well.. Atleast then i wouldn't get arrested or warranted all the time, 'cause i'd be home, drinking and enjoying the silence..." She sighs.
    "Awwwwh~, I'm so bored!" She downs another glass of wine, and stops.
    "What if... Just a little run around, nothing more. Besides, i'm not even drunk! Well, maybe a bit, but, that doesn't count, does it?" She looks at the glass and raises an eyebrow.
    "Am i really talking to a empty wine glass? THAT'S IT! I need to get out! NOW!" She jumps up, quickly runs up the stairs and grabs her gear.
    "I doubt Gunny will mind..."

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    "Hum du dum, da dam daaaa..." Julia was humming while prepairing dinner. With light steps, she was dancing forth and back in the kitchen, with a wide smile on her lips. The twin suns were shining brightly, casting multiple shadows on the floor and the walls.
    "Been a while since i felt like this... " She grabbed plates from the counter and with a twirl she danced to the table.
    "Yosh.. Candles, set, plates, set. everything needed for a romantic dinner, check!" She giggled and turned to face the kitchen again.

    (( <3 ))

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    Leaving, again...

    If it wasnt because of the nightmare, she would've slept the 'til morning. There she was, sitting on the big bed all alone, hugging her knees. She just couldnt fall asleep again.

    Her head was hurting more and more as she was thinking about leaving again. The job was good, and she was paid well, but still, to be away from home for so long times, it was hard on her. The PF unit she was in, was a well working group. The guys accepted Julia as one of them, and they treated her well, but still, there was something missing.

    It was serious work, not like the work they ran back then. Julia sighed.
    "I kinda hate growing up and leaving all the fun things behind me." And with a loud thud she fell laying on the bed, placing her right arm on the empty half of it.

    "Worst of all? I need to sleep all alone there." She mumbled and checked the time. There she was, laying on her back, looking at the empty half of the bed.
    "I wonder if there will be someone in my place, if..." She heard the door open and instantly, she closed her eyes, and turned to face the wall, as if she was sleeping.
    "Maybe i'm better off not knowing what future holds.." She wiped a small smile off her lips, as she heard Gun walk the stair up.

    (( These two just somehow remind me of a certain couple ;p What i mean? I mean the two main characters in the game, Caddoc and E'lara. jump to 2:15 if yer not interested in the introclip, i couldnt find any videos with only them talking ))
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    "Ready to leave, Sir!" Julia throws a steady salute at the commader walking past a long line of men and a few women ready to step to the shuttle, which will take them off Rubi'Ka again.

    Unnoticed, Julia takes a long look around the area. Familymembers sending their sons and daughters to fight other peoples wars, tears in their eyes as they shout possibly their final goodbyes to their loved ones.

    But this was going to be different from last time. The planet they were going to be sent, has a history of failing insurance systems.
    Her hands are shaking and sweating as she brings her attention back forward. This war, might even be the last one for her. She glances around again, no sign of him.
    "Maybe work turned up..." She mumbles to herself and looks at the ground with a 'child like' sad look on her face. One of the men in same unit as Julia push her shoulder gently and grins.
    "Don't worry sweet, I'm sure Boss is busy somewhere, worrying his arse off for not getting to see you before we go. That's how he is."
    Julia looks at the man and smiles. "Yeah, As long as he aint dragging some old ha-..."

    "ATTENTION! Units one through five, you will be dropped off at base Alpha! Units five through seven, you go until the last base! You will be informed during the flight! AND LISTEN CAREFULLY KIDS! THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE EASY!"
    The Commander walks through every unit, and stops at where Julia is standing.
    "Yes Sir?" She salutes again.
    "You heard of the case on Lt. Mendez?"
    "Yes Sir, i have heard. We already went to see his family as a mark of our respect towards Lt. Mendez's memory."
    "Good girl. Now then, I'll leave these boys all for you. Keep them safe, Gilliano."
    Julia salutes, and restrains herself from jumping around with pure joy.

    All the units starts to run to the shuttle as the commander gives his permission to leave.

    "All right boys, LET'S ROLL!" Julia shouts and motions the third unit to follow her on the shuttle.

    "I just hope i have a home to come to, and someone there to hear about this." She smiles as the ramp is slowly pulling back up.

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    "...And now, to our most recent news. Earlier today, we recieved information of a military ship 'SL55-0 RK1', which seems to be vanished. This ship was last seen leaving the ICC landing pad December 3rd last year. The MSCC (Military Space Control Center) has not gotten any contact in nor out, and they are fearing that the ship may be lost for good. The commanding officer, Jonathan McRichnstein has given us an exclusive interview, just for you dear listeners to hear. Let us play it.

    "Commanding Officer Jonathan McRichnstein, how bad is the situation?"
    "I am afraid that i can not answer your question truthfully, but i can say, that it is starting to look bad, little by little."

    "How could this happen? Do you believe that the Kyr'Ozch could be behind all this, and if not, what then?"
    "Ofcourse, the aliens could be the reason for all this, but thanks to our scientists, we can almost be sure that they are not part of this mess. Their ships should've left a trace for us to follow, but there was nothing that leads us to them, and besides, there were absolutely no sign of fighting. And to tell you the truth, the rest is actually pretty classified on this subject."

    "Alright then. How many men and women were are on the ship?
    "From what I know, on the ship there were from four- to sixhundred men and women.

    "Were they all soldiers? And to whom do, or should i say did, they work?
    "There were two private groups, one from Rubi-Ka, the other one from another planet. The rest were mostly Omni-units from Rubi-Ka. And yes, as far as i know, except for the ship's crew, the rest were soldiers."

    "And for last, do you have anything to say to the families waiting for their loved fathers, mothers, husbands, wives and children to come home from this trip, which seems to have ended in a bad manner?"
    "Keep believing. That is all i am going to say to every one of you. I understand this is rough to hear news like this, but we are working hard to get everyone home safely."

    "Thank you, Commanding Officer Jonathan McRichnstein. Here at MSCC Headquarters, I am Dana Wright, Rubi'Ka News.

    "This interview was made earlier today, as i mentioned, and so far, we have not recieved any word from MSCC nor anyone else regarding this case. We will be keeping the lines open for you dear listeners to take part in this conversation. But next, let's hear some Leetlets, shall we? This song is called 'Let it Leet'.

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    One last heartbeat before it ended.

    Moments before she was standing there, glancing into the space, into the vast nothingness. She had nothing to worry about, she had nothing to be scared of, if only she knew, that everything was going to change.

    Out of nowhere, alarms went off and everyone on the ship took their positions. Young and old, soldiers and civilians. They said it was Kyr'ozch and nothing to be worried of. 'Piece of cake' was the first thought in everyone's minds, those attacks had happened before, and they also ended in our victory. I run to the weapons-locker and grab my pistols and the protective gear that's handed to me. Not even two steps later, the ship takes massive hit, and everyone falls down on the ground. Soldiers have worried looks on their faces, the higher ranks try to reach the command to find out what just happened.

    This ship 'aint a small one, to make it move like that, you need big guns and power.
    I tell ya, Kyr'ozch does not have gear like that to make this ship go down. Again, the ship receives massive hit, and is forced off the flying course. Then, starts the panic. All the personell on board realize that this is nothing we can win against, and start to throw out emergency signals. Soldiers are trying to stand up, as the massive power shakes the ship back and forth.

    Then, it ends, everything stops. Feels like even the air stopped flowing. Just seconds ago, everyone was panicking, and now there is relief in their eyes, as if it was over. First rule of war and combat, never let the relief take over you, unless you know your enemy is down, gone for good.

    Silence takes over everything. Sitting there, waiting on what was going to happen, we all look at each other as to find comfort knowing that everyone's there, safe and sound, and that it was over.

    No. From somewhere on the ship's front side we hear screams. Slowly, the screams fade away and I stand up leaning against a wall right behind me. The ships structure starts to shake, getting stronger every second and at last, it receives another massive hit, but this time, it feels like nothing physical hit us, it feels more like a tension that crushes the ship little by little. Again, another hit that is stronger than the previous ones. By surprise,I am thrown to the other end of the room. I hit my head and everything seems unclear.

    Then the feeling fills the room again. Everything stops, slowly I feel like my life is drained out from me. Silence falls and only thing I can hear, is my heartbeat slowing down.

    I close my eyes and take a deep breath.

    " 'Ka, he.. l.. p..- us…"

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    (( I'm sorry about the double posts on the MoRK and my own thread, but since Gun posted those for me, i cannot touch those, and i really want these in here ;3 ))

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    *evil chuckle*
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    "GILLIANO! JULIA! For 'Ka's sake WAKE UP!"

    Screaming, noises, crashes. The time was flowing again.

    All of the above started at the same time. Children, women, men, everyone panicking and running back and forth. On top of the mindless noises, there was something familiar.

    "Abandon her! She's a goner now! First priority is to save the ship, and the people aboard!"
    "But Sir! She is not de- "
    "Leave her, that's a command!"

    One more time, the young solitus tried to wake her up, but for nothing. She was left there all alone, as all the fallen soldiers and civils that the ship was transporting.

    - -

    Meanwhile all around Rubi 'Ka, an emergency broadcast is echoing in the air.

    "...The ship has been found! The military ship SL55-0 RK1 has been found! MSCC has confirmed an emergency call from the ship, and we are still waiting for more news! This is a day of relief for many, as now we do have firm proof that the ship has been found, and there are survivors! We will keep you all listeners up to date, as well as we can!..."
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    While the ship was in "coma", the time was not flowing, everything had stopped. While in this frozen state, Julia had a dream.

    It had been some time, since her mother passed away, and her father appeared back into her life again. But this time, something was different. While in the real life Julia had very bad relationship withher father, in the dream she loved him more than anything. In her dream, it was the present day, and her father was still beside her.
    This time there was someone else, someone that made Julia feel loved, wanted and warm. The person she was dreaming about, was close to her, knew her all the way back to her dark days and stood next to her, even when the dark times were sure to come. Still, as hard as she tried, his face was blurry and unclear. This person standing next to her, holding her hands, had a very familiar scent, that Julia recognized instantly, but could not put the face to it.
    The mysterious man turned to Julia, and the warmth filled her.
    "I love you, My darling Juliet, but there is another one, the right Romeo for you..."
    Slowly the man lowers his head, plants a gentle kiss on her forehead and turns. While watching the man walk away, she could hear the voice again...
    "You just have to wake up... You have to... Please, wake up..."

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