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Thread: Love or Family

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    Love or Family

    Agentcora is sat in her Rome office, the only light in the room is that creeping through the seals in the door. Her Comm. Unit and personal computer turned off she has sealed herself from the outside world. Sat motionless and silent, the peaceful serenity is broken when a disruption is heard through the door at reception…

    Female Voice: I’m sorry sir but you cannot see Miss Geers today, she has requested that she not be disturbed.
    Male Voice: I don’t care! This is the 3rd attempt at seeing her damnit she is not cancelling this again!
    Female Voice: Sir the door is sealed shut and I will not be opening it. Either leave or security will remove you.
    Male Voice: God damn you Cora. I HOPE YOU ROT IN THERE!!

    The man leaves the building, Cora hangs her head she knows she’ll regret cancelling her appointments again, but today she does not care. Today is different, today is that day. She presses a button activating her personal computer, and in a monotonous tone she speaks out.

    Agentcora: Computer, time?
    Computerized Voice: The current time is nineteen - twenty nine and 58 seconds.
    Agentcora: Then It’s time.

    Cora draws in a deep breath knowing she’s about to go under the microscope any second.

    Computerized Voice: New message, no priority set - received from, Penal Facility ZX-23A. Text only. Would you like me to display, store or delete?
    Agentcora: Display

    “To: Director Agentcora Geers, Omni-Pol Alpha Division, Rubi-Ka
    From: Warden Livingston, Omni-Tek Penal Facility ZX-23A

    Kris is out.

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    (( You said Penal. <3 ))
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    The door to Cora’s office opens up, the light floods into the room and a figure emerges through the door. It’s a extremely familiar face, an extraordinary attractive face, with make-up applied flawlessly and her uniform fitted perfectly. It’s Lidrial, Omni-Reforms newest recruit, and said to be the ‘new face of Omni-Tek’. She looks over to Cora, pursing her lips as reaches out an authorization document…

    Lidrial: Miss Geers, I have some questions for you.
    Agentcora: Please do come in…. Make yourself at home while your at it.
    Lidrial: Why thank you, although pleasantries are not needed we both know why I am here. Lets begin shall we?
    Agentcora: Of course.

    Agentcora’s mind begins racing, she takes a deep breath and prepares herself. Lidrial stares at Cora observing any slight movement and reactions. This is it.

    Lidrial: Prior to a enforced mandatory Reform session; you was married to a Clan Criminal, who aspired to join the Council of Truth, this individual proceeded to commit crimes against the corporation. You kept your relationship with the criminal secret and lied to members of Omni-Pol, Omni-Reform and Omni-InternOps. Your actions were reckless and you began to show signs of corruption. You attacked members of Omni-Reform; more specifically Marion Vein and illegally imprisoned her in one of your divisions prison facilities. After your enforced mandatory Reform session, you personally arrested your husband, 'Krisplin' and he was sentenced to serve on Omni-Tek Penal Facility ZX-23A.

    Ever since then your employment has been less stable than what we would like. However recently you went through a voluntary Reform session and since then you have undoubtedly increased your efficiency. Members of Omni-InternOps have been watching you closely Miss Geers. We know that you received a transmission from Warden Livingston, the Director of Omni-Tek Penal Facility ZX-23A; we know it informed you that Krisplin is now released and en-route back to Rubi-Ka…. How does this make you feel?

    Cora looks right into the eyes of Lidrial and answers immediately.

    Agentcora: I feel nothing. That criminal is a regrettable part of my past. My loyalties and love lie solely with the family, of course.
    Lidrial: Excellent. We will be watching you closely Miss Geers. I would also like you to attend a reform session, just to correct any false thoughts or doubts about Omni-Tek that you may be hiding. I expect it to be taken quickly, Miss Geers.
    Agentcora: Of course, ma’am. I shall book an appointment immediately.

    With that Lidrial leaves Omni-Pol Alpha Divisions Office building and Cora lets out a sigh of relief. In her mind she thinks:

    “If I go my employment will be safe, but I will loose all memories of your Kris. If only I could see you before they find out. Hurry home!”
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    Location: Omni-Trans passenger shuttle # 7723; approaching Rubi-Ka

    I sat chained with 4 other inmates in the 100-man cabin. After our release from the labour camp none of us was up for talks, we all yearning to our own thoughts. We were the only passengers of the shuttle, and i wondered if Omni-Pol had its filthy hands in this pie...

    As the shuttle performed a course correction, I looked out the window. Rubi-Ka pulled over.
    I tried to discern Athens, but the approaching terminator swallowed every sign of civilization in the dark. Little by little dots of light appeared, the major cities highlighted, but the details remained hidden.

    An announcement was made. "Passangers are advised to take a comfortable position as we will be enableing the security field in 10 seconds. We have begun our landing procedure and will be entering the atmosphere soon".
    The ironic undertone escaped none of the passengers.

    I closed my eyes and tried to imagine my beloved homeland. The harsh deserts of the northern Tir County. I did not succeed. Melancholy overcame me.


    What I have expected? In all that time I had - forced or not - no contact with anyone outside the labour camp.
    Memories passed before my eyes. West Athens ... The Cups ... Cora ...

    The shuttle descended and the turbulences increased. Within minutes we had penetrated the upper reaches of the atmosphere, and went over into the landing. I opened my eyes and looked out the window. Obviously, we are going to land at ICC in Andromeda...

    A few moments later there was a jerk, and the sound of the shuttle claws anchored on the landing platform clung though my ears. One accompanying Omni-Pol officer from the labour camp entered the cabin and told us that we were after leaving the shuttle officially no longer taken as prisoners. His voice expressed regret ... In my head rang the cries of the tortured and my own scars tingled.

    The Omni-Pol officer made a vague gesture in the direction of the terminal, and with a metallic clatter the "passengers" chains opened. I got up, rubbed my sore wrists and shouldered my bag with the few belongings that were left me. Luckily we were allowed to keep the Armory, we were wearing at the time of our imprison. The parts of my Shadowfade hit my back. My beloved X-3, however, was confiscated.

    I stepped through the airlock out onto the platform and watched the nightly ICC. It was well after midnight, and there was little traffic on landing platforms. While I was going down the stairs to the ground plane, I breathed in the air. I felt the urge to go to Old Athens to get to my appartment as well as i am in desperate need for company and not sitting alone at home.

    Once at the bottom I oriented myself. I suppressed my first impulse and walked towards grid terminal. This way to my favorite pub is the shortest...

    ((be gentle, this is my first story))
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